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unit 1

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Australia the United Kingdom
Japan Canada

the United States


1. Canada 2. France 3. Japan 4. the United States 5. Australia 6. Singapore 7. the United Kingdom 8. China

Japan(日本) Tokyo (东京)

Singapore(新加坡) Singapore

the United Kingdom (简称UK)(英国)


France(法国) Paris(巴黎)

Australia(澳大利亚) Sydney(悉尼)

the United States


New York(纽约)

Canada (加拿大) Toronto(多伦多)

2a Where are the cities? Complete the chart below.
Australia City Country

The United States
Canada France Japan

Sydney New York Paris

Australia The United States France



A: Where are you from? B: I’m from China.

I have a pen pal. He is from Singapore.

A: Where is ... from? B: He / She is from ...


Australia the United Kingdom



the United States

--- Where’s … from? --- He’s/She’s from …

--- Where does he/she live? --- He/She lives in …

John Tokyo

New York Paris
Toronto Beijing Sydney London Singapore City

the United States

Tim Bob Tom Jim your pen pal

Canada China Australia the United Kingdom Singapore

Listen and circle the cities and countries in 2a you hear.

Australia the United States Canada France Japan China the United Kingdom

City Sydney New York Paris Toronto Tokyo London Beijing

Country Australia
the United States

France Canada Japan
the United Kingdom


Paris, Paris, it’s in France. Tokyo, Tokyo, it’s in Japan. Toronto, Toronto, it’s in Canada. Sydney, Sydney, it’s in Australia. London, London, it’s in the UK. New York, New York, it’s in the USA.

Gina Bob


Country: UK City: Country: City: Country: Australia City: Country: City: Paris


A: Where is your pen pal from? B: He/She is from… A: Where does he/she live? B: He/She lives in…
Country: City: Tokyo

Different countries, different languages.

the United Kingdom (UK) England France China Japan

Canada USA the United States (US)

Singapore Australia

Singapore Australia The United States The United Kingdom China

Chinese Chinese and English English

--- Where is he from?

--- Where does he live?

--- He is from France. --- He lives in Paris. --- He speaks French.

--- What language does he speak?

the United Kingdom


Where is he from?

Where does he live?
What language does he speak?

the United States New York English

Where is he from? Where does he live? What language does he speak?

Singapore Chinese and English

Where is she from? What language does he speak?

Student’s name Pen pal’s Age name Country City Hobby (爱好) Other things

Dear Student, My name is Bob. I live in Toronto, Canada, and I want a pen pal in China. I think China is a very interesting country. I’m 14 years old and my birthday is in Nove

mber. I can speak English and a little French. I have a brother, Paul, and a sister, Sarah. They have pen pals in the United Kingdom and Australia. I like going to the movies with my friends and playing sports. My favorite subject in school is P.E. It’s fun. But I don’t like math. It’s too difficult! Can you write to me soon? 1. Where is Bob from? 2. What does he want? 3. What languages does he speak? 4. What does he like?

Bob’s Card City (live in): ___________ Toronto Country (from): _________ Canada 14 (years old) Age: _________________ November Birthday: _____________ Language:English and a little French __________________ Favorite subject: _____________ P.E. Family: ________(Paul) : ________(pen pal) brother England sister ________(Sarah):________(pen pal) Australia

name years My _______ is Tom King. I’m 14 ______ old English and I’m from Australia I speak _________. I have ________. sister soccer a brother, Sam, and a ______, Lisa. I play ______ on weekends. It’s my favorite sport. I like music ______ at school. It’s fun! My favorite movie is The Long ______ Weekend. Do you know it? It’s an action movie. Please write and tell me about yourself.

Chinese name: Zhou Jielun
English name: Jay Birthday: January 18th Age: 26 Country: China



Language: Chinese a little English Favorite collection: cap Favorite sport: basketball

Chinese name: Zhou Xingchi
English name: Stephen Chow Birthday: June 22nd Age: 33 Country: China

City: Hong Kong
Language: Chinese a little English Favorite color: green Favorite sport: swimming

Hobby: singing


Make an information card.

First Name: Last Name: Age:

Then write an e-mail about yourself.


Favorite Sport:
Favorite Subject Favorite Movie: Family:

My name is Mary. I am an African girl. I live in a small village in Kenya. It is in Africa. It is very hot here. There are many trees and flowers. I have a dog and a cat. I like toys, but I don’t have one. We even do not have a classroom in my school. We have our classes under a big tree. Sometimes we do sports. Many boys love swimming or playing football. What is your favorite sport? We do not have computers. Do you have computers? I help my mother look after my little sisters and brothers after school. What do you usually do? Would you like to be my pen friend? Please write to me. Love, Mary

Dear Mary, __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ Love, __________________________________ ______________ When you write, you should write

what you can and use the words and sentences you know.

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