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英 语 试 题 卷



Ⅰ. 听句子,选字母或单词(每小题1分,共5分)

( ) 1. A. h B. o C. v

( ) 2. A. color B. first C. brother

( ) 3. A. tidy B. mine C. family

( ) 4. A. Good afternoon B. his name C. her schoolbag

( ) 5. A. Thank you B. under the chair C. his yellow pen

Ⅱ. 听小对话,选图片(每小题1分,共5分)

( ) 6. What is purple?


( ) 7. What is Li Lei’

s telephone number?

322-4584 322-4538 342-4583


( ) 8. Where is the girl’s sister?

七年级英语期中试题卷 第 1 页,共 7 页


( ) 9. Anna’

s family photo is ______?


( ) 10. What can you see?

I can see a ________.

A B C Ⅲ. 听小对话,回答问题(每小题1分,共5分)

( ) 11. What color is the hat?

A. purple B. black C. green

( ) 12. Whose(谁的) baseball is it?

A. Nick’s B. Dale’s C. Jim’s

( ) 13. Where are the pens?

A. In the bookcase. B. On the desk. C. In the schoolbag.

( ) 14. What’s the boy’s last name?

A. Bob B. Helen C. Smith

( ) 15. Mike lost his ___________.

A. ID card B. school ID card C. phone

Ⅳ. 听短文,回答问题(每小题1分,共5分)

( ) 16. Where is Dale’s schoolbag?

七年级英语期中试题卷 第 2 页,共 7 页

A. on the table B. on the sofa C. under the bed

( ) 17. What can you see under the chair?

A. Dale’s pen B. Dale’s hat C. Dale’s dog

( ) 18. What’s the color of Dale’s brother’s jacket?

A. Black B. White C. Brown

( ) 19. Who is the girl?

A. Dale’s sister B. Dale’s friend C. Dale’s classmate

( ) 20. What’s Gigi?

A. A dog B. A pen C. A room


Ⅴ. 单项选择(每小题1分,共15分)

( ) 21. 请选出划线部分发音不同的一项。 ( ) 22. 请选出划线部分发音为/?/的一项。 ( ) 23. There is “f” in the word (单词)“father”.

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( ) 24. ---

--- It’s a ruler.

A. How are you? B. Good morning. C. What’s this? D. Thank you.

( ) 25. --- is it?

--- It’s green.

A. What B. Who C. What color D. What’s color

( ) 26. This is key. key is black.

A. the; A B. a; The C. a; A D. a; An

( ) 27. is my friend and name is Eric.

A. He; her B. She; his C. She; her D. He; his

( ) 28. --- --- She’s my mother.

A. Who’s she B. What’s she C. How’s she D. Is she your mother

( ) 29. --- Is he Jack?

--- .

A. Yes, he is B. No, I’m not C. Yes, she is D. No, she isn’t

( ) 30. This my sister and those my brothers.

A. is; is B. is; are C. are; is D. are; are

( ) 31. --- Are these your friends?

--- 七年级英语期中试题卷 第 3 页,共 7 页

A. Yes, he is B. No, they aren’t C. Yes, it is D. No, she isn’t

( ) 32. Is that bike ?

A. she’s B. his C. her D. he’s

( ) 33. --- Excuse me, is this iPad mini?

--- No, it isn’t. is at home.

A. your; Mine B. your; My C. yours; My D. yours; Mine

( ) 34. You can ask the policeman help.

A. for B. at C. in D. /

( ) 35. --- Where are the books?

--- on the sofa.

A. It’s B. They’re C. There are D. These are

Ⅵ. 完形填空(每小题1分,共10分)

Good morning! My name is Miller. Helen is my name. Miller is my family name. This is a What’s the color of it? It’s . Three pencils, two and a ruler are in it. And what’s that English? It is a schoolbag. It’s blue. A pink notebook is in it. But it my schoolbag. I it in the library. Is it schoolbag? My telephone number is 426-3768. Please me. Then I can give it back to you(还给你).

( ) 36. A. Helen B. Dale C. Smith D. Brown

( ) 37. A. one B. first C. last D. color

( ) 38. A. notebook B. sharpener C. pencil box D. set of keys

( ) 39. A. good B. yellow C. nice D. OK

( ) 40. A. erasers B. desks C. baseballs D. books

( ) 41. A. at B. of C. in D. on

( ) 42. A. is B. isn’t C. are D. aren’t

( ) 43. A. lost B. found C. look D. help

( ) 44. A. your B. his C. her D. my

( ) 45. A. excuse B. come C. thank D. call

Ⅶ. 阅读理解(共15小题;第46-50题每小题1分,第51-60题每小题2分,共25分)


七年级英语期中试题卷 第 4 页,共 7 页

A. 3988-3860 B. 3675-4663 C. 3556-7990 D. 3455-6866

( ) 47. ________ lost a watch.

A. Kate B. John C. Mary D. Lily

( ) 48. Mary found __________.

A. a schoolbag B. a hat C. a set of keys D. a school ID card

( ) 49. The pencil box is _________.

A. red B. blue C. black D. brown

( ) 50. We can see _________ Founds on the board.

A. five B. four C. three D. two


Hello, I am Bob King. I’m 14. I’m from London, but now I am in Hong Kong, China. I have a big family. My mother is Chinese. And my father is English, but he can speak(说) Chinese well. My parents are teachers in a middle school in Hong Kong. I have a brother and two sisters in my family. My brother is Sam, and my two sisters are Jessie and Carmen. We are students in the same(相同的) school, but we are not in the same grade(年级). My classmates are to me. I can’t speak Chinese well, and they often help me with it.

( ) 51. What is Bob’s last name?

A. Bob B. King C. Bob King D. BK

( ) 52. How many people are there(有) in the family?

A. Three B. Four C. Five D. Six

( ) 53. Who can speak Chinese well?

A. Bob B. Bob’s mother C. Bob’s father D. B and C

( ) 54. What does the underlined(划线的) word(单词) “friendly” mean(意思) in Chinese?

A. 友好的 B. 嫉妒的 C. 疏远的 D. 亲密的

( ) 55. Which is WRONG(错误的)?

A. Bob’s family are in China now.

B. Bob’s parents are teachers.

C. Bob, his sisters and his brother are classmates.

D. Bob can’t speak Chinese well.

七年级英语期中试题卷 第 5

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Dear Eric,

How are you? This is my room. You can see a nice radio on my desk. It is my birthday present(生日礼物) from my uncle. A tape player is next to (紧挨着) the radio, and some tapes are on the radio. My schoolbag is on the chair. My pencil box and two books are in the schoolbag. And you can see a set of keys in the schoolbag, too. My bed is blue, and my brown hat is on it. Under the bed, you can see a baseball, and I can play it well. My books are in the bookcase, and my white model plane is in it, too. My room is tidy, isn’t it?

What’s in your room? Please write to me soon.

Yours, Liu Peng

( ) 56. Who is the radio from(来自于)?

A. Liu Peng’s father B. Liu Peng’s uncle C. Eric’s uncle D. Eric’s father

( ) 57. What is on the radio?

A. A tape player. B. A baseball C. Some tapes D. Some books

( ) 58. What isn’t in the schoolbag?

A. A notebook B. A pencil box C. Two books D. A set of keys

( ) 59. Which of the following is TRUE(正确的)?

A. The tape player is on the radio. B. The schoolbag is under the chair.

C. The bed is green. D. A baseball is under the bed.

( ) 60.What is the article (文章) about(关于)?

A. Eric’s room. B. Liu Peng’s room. C. Eric’s family. D. Liu Peng’s family. Ⅷ. 词汇运用(每小题1分,共15分)

A. 根据句意及所给单词的首字母,填写单词(词,不写首字母的不得分)

61. --- What’of the dog?

--- Wangwang.


63. The boys are my uncle’.

your pencil box?

--- It is black.

jacket is my sister’s. She likes the color.

B. 根据句意及汉语提示,填写单词。

66. I don’t 知道).

67. The 被子) is on the bed.

68. How do you (拼写) it?

69. Those are old 词典).

70. Bob 总是) helps me.

C. 根据短文内容,用方框中所给单词的每词限用一次。七年级英语期中试题卷 第 6 页,共 7 页

Hi, boys and girls! This is a photo my room.

First, you can see a desk. On the desk, there is a game. Next to the desk, you can see a sofa. A schoolbag is on the bed. My books are in the bookcase. Oh, you can see a pencil box, too. It’s not ’s my brother’s. Well, there are two . One is mine, the other is my father’s. But they are old.

Ⅸ. 句型转换(每空0.5分,共5分)

(1). These are my grandparents. (改成一般疑问句)

these grandparents?

(2). Are those her pens? (作肯定回答) are.


the tape player?

(4). This is her jacket. (改成同义句)

This jacket (5). They are erasers. (把复数改成单数)

is eraser.

Ⅹ. 书面表达(满分10分)


七年级英语期中试题卷 第 7

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英 语 听 力 材 料

Ⅰ. 听句子,选字母或单词(读一遍)

1. What’s this? It’s V.

2. Jeff is the boy’s first name.

3. The dictionary isn’t mine.

4. It is her schoolbag.

5 I can see a key under the chair.

Ⅱ. 听小对话,选图片(读二遍)

6. M: Mary, is that purple clock yours?

W: No, it is Tim’s. My clock is green.

7. W: Hi, Li Lei. What’s your telephone number?

M: Hi, Jane. My telephone number is 322-4538

8. W: Where is my sister?

M: Oh, my god! She’s in the box.

9. M: Anna, is that your family photo?

W: Yes. Those are my parents, my brother and my sister. Look! The baby is me!

10. M: What can you see?

W: I can see a watch.

Ⅲ. 听小对话,回答问题(读二遍)

11. M: Is that black hat yours?

W: Yes, it is.

12. W: Hi, Jim, is this Dale’s baseball?

M: No, it isn’t. Dale’s baseball is in his schoolbag. I think it’s Nick’s.

13. M: Excuse me, Linda, where are my pens?

W: Look, they are on the desk.

14. M: Hi, my name is Bob Smith.

W: Hi, Bob, I am Helen.

15. W: How are you, Mike?

M: I’m not OK. I lost my school ID card.

W: Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.

Ⅳ. 听短文,回答问题(读二遍)

Hi, my name is Dale. Look! This is a photo of mine. This is my schoolbag. It’s on the table. My tapes are on the sofa. That’s my model plane. It’s on my desk. What’s that under the chair? Oh, it’s my red hat. Can you see a boy? He is my brother. He is a student. He’s in a white jacket. The girl next to him is my friend, Mary. I have a dog. Its name is Gigi. Look, it’s under the bed.

七年级英语期中试题卷 第 8 页,共 7 页


英 语 答 题 卷



61. 62. 63. 64. 65.

66. 67. 68. 69. 70.

71. 72. 73. 74. 75.

Ⅸ. 句型转换(每空0.5分,共5分)

76. 77. 78. 79. 80.

81. 82. 83. 84. 85.

Ⅹ. 书面表达(满分10分)

七年级英语期中试题卷 第 9 页,共 7 页


英 语 答 题 卷



Ⅴ. 单项选择(每小题1分,共15分)

七年级英语期中试题卷 第 10 页,共 7 页

61. 62. 63. 64. 65.

66. 67. 68. 69. 70.

71. 72. 73. 74. 75. Ⅸ. 句型转换(每空0.5分,共5分)

76. 77. 78. 79. 80.

81. 82. 83. 84. 85. Ⅹ. 书面表达(满分10分)

七年级英语期中试题卷 第 11

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