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Unit 10 If you go to the party,

you’ll have a great time !


you are happy, what will you do?

*If you become sad,

what will you do

1.知识目标: 熟练掌握并能正确运用以下词汇: organize, upset, advice, worried, unless, experience, mistake, careless, normal let sb in , wear jeans to the party, study for the test , watch a video at the party , go to college , be famous as /for , half the class , travel around the world , get an education , be afraid to do, keep doing, cut... in half 熟练掌握句型: ① If you…, you’ll… ② Unless we talk to someone, we’ll certainly feel worse. ③ It’s best not to do… 2.技能目标: 熟练运用“will+动词原形”表示将来的语言结构。 学会运用“if引导的条件状语从句+will”结构来谈论因果关系

1. 玩得开心 得到教育 告诉某人做某事 待在家里 一名足球运动员 太..而不能做某事 乘公共汽车 3.保守秘密 害怕做某事 明天晚上 与某人交谈 给某人某物 一半的同学 因某事生气 5. 劝告某人做某事 举行班级聚会 最后 最好不要做某事 做些食物 犯错误 需要做某事 2. 在聚会上 在将来 让某人进 订购食物 逃避、、、 一直做某事 生某人的气 4.第一步 给某人提一些建议 把…一分为二 环游世界 解决问题 上大学 要求某人做某事 赚许多钱 去参加聚会

1. if 条件状语从句中,主句用一般将来 时,从句用___________表示将来。 一般现在时 ________原则。 主将从现 例如:We will go to the park if it _______ ______ (rain) tomorrow. doesn’t rain

2. if 条件状语从句中,如果主句有 must,can,may 等情态动词,从 一般现在时 句用___________。

例如:You must stop if the traffic
light ____ (be) red. is

3. if 条件状语从句中,主句是祈使句, 一般现在时 从句用____________表示将来。 _________原则。 主祈从现 例如:Don’ t wait for me if I _____ (be) late. am

She is going to walk to school.

She will be late.

will be If she walks to school, she _____ ___late. _____

It is going to rain tomorrow.

I will stay at home.

rains will stay If it _____ tomorrow, I _____ _____ at home.

It will be sunny tomorrow.

They will have a trip tomorrow.

is will If it ____ sunny tomorrow, they _____ ______ a trip. have

He won’t study hard.

He will fail in the exam.

“If he _______ study hard. He ____ doesn’t will _____ in the exam.” fail

B 1.If it rains tomorrow, we _____to visit the museum. A don’t do B won’t go C aren’t go D didn’t go. C 2 Will you go to the park if it ____ fine? A will be B was C is D / B 3 If you _____ to school late, your teacher _____ angry with you. A come; are B come, will be C will come; are D will come; will be D 4 If you _____ hard, you will ___ successful. A work, are B works, is C to work, be D work, be 5 If I ____ too much TV, my mother will

_______. C A watch, angry B watched, be angry C watch, be angry D will watch, be angry

用括号内所给单词的正确形式填空。 have 1. I’ll buy a computer if I _______ (have) enough money. have 2. Put up your hands if you _____ (have) any questions. 3. You ___________ (not get) nervous if you _____ won’t get do
(do ) enough exercise.
4. If she finishes (finish ) work early, she _______

will go ______ (go) home.
5. If it rains _____(rain), we ________ (stay) at will stay home.

Game time(游戏时间)
Game: Make a funny story in your group.


Write a story with your group on a piece of paper. The first person begins the story with “I think I will…” The others add some sentences with “if”. Pass the paper around twice. Then read the story.

Game: Make a funny story in your group.

.I think I am going to be an actor
an actor, I will be famous. I will be rich.

If I become If I am famous,

If I am rich, I will …

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