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牛津译林版八上《Unit7 Seasons》(Integrated skills)

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Integrated skills

Sing a song

A: What’s your favourite season? B: My favourite season is …
I like … best.



blow wind

The temperature is 34 degrees.

There will be a few showers(阵雨) today,

but it will be warm, with daytime temperatures around 18 or 19 degrees.
但是很快会暖和起来,白天气温大约会是18℃或19℃(度数) .



It will be a beautiful, hot day again today, with temperatures in the thirties. Sunshine (阳光) and blue skies will stay with us for the rest(其余的部分) of the week.
一周里剩下的几天都将是阳光和蓝天陪伴我们 今天将会又是一个美好而炎热的一天,气温将会是30℃


It will be mainly dry and sunny today, but
it will turn more cloudy in the evening.
但是晚上将会转为多云 今天主要是干燥和晴朗的天气

The temperature will be around(大约) 9℃ during the day and 4℃at night.


Snowstorms from the north will
arrive in the late afternoon.

The wind will be stronger and the temperature will drop below zero, to-10℃



Important phrases
drop to
降至 温度在30℃

temperatures in the thirties turn more cloudy

the rest of

below zero

around nine degrees

ten below zero \

minus 10 degrees /


Please listen to the weather report, answer the questions: How’s the weather in Beijing?

It’s snowstorm.
It’s 3 degrees.

What’s the highest temperature in London?

Listen to the weather report again and complete the table below.
Place Temperature Temperature (highest) (lowest) Beijing snowstorm -2℃ 2. -9℃ 1. sunny New 3. York London cloudy 5. 9℃ 4. Weather

-1℃ 21℃ 8.

6. 3℃
26℃ 7.

Sydney showers

A3: Annie is writing about the weather in different places in her diary entry. Listen to her conversation with Simon.

Write down the correct answers on page88 first, please try!

Listen to Annie’s conversation with Simon and complete the diary entry.
Today I learnt more about weather. It can be so different in different places. There will be a snowstorm in Beijing tomorrow. __________ The lowest temperature will be -9℃. It will be sunny ________ in New York and cloudy in London. _______ The temperature in New York will stay above 9℃ zero, between_____ and 5℃, but it will be colder in London. The lowest temperature will be below -1℃ zero, at ______.

It is always so snowy and cold in Beijing during this time of year, but Sydney is quite different. When it is winter in China, summer it is ________ in Australia. Tomorrow showers there will be ________ in Sydney and the temperature will26℃ be between ______ and 21℃.

Listen to a

beautiful song.

What’s the name of the song? It’s ‘How is the weather?’

How is the weather? It’s rainy. It’s sunny.

It’s windy. It’s cloudy.
It’s snowy.

Speak up: How’s the weather in Nanjing? Daniel is talking about the weather on the phone with his aunt in Nanjing. Listen to their conversation and finish the exercise.

How is the weather in Nanjing? It’s a bit cold and dry.

How is the weather in Beijing?
It’s really cold. There was a strong snowstorms in Beijing yesterday.

Talk about the weather
Some useful expressions: How is the weather today? 今天天气怎么样? It’s nice today. 今天天气很好。 It’s quite cold today. 今天真冷。

What’s the temperature today? 今天几度? The lowest temperature is -9℃ . 最低气温是零下9度。 It’s so snowy and cold during this time of year. 每年的这个时候总是又冷有多雪。 What will the weather be like tomorrow? 明天天气会如何? Tomorrow there will be showers. 明天有阵雨。 It’s going to snow tomorrow. 明天会下雪。 The wind is blowing hard. 风正刮得猛烈。


宿 迁


No matter what kind of season , no matter what kind of weather, you can enjoy yourselves if you want. Love life ,love yourselves!

Write weather reports for different days in Suqian.

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