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五年中考 三年模拟 外研七年级英语第十二模块练习题 Module 12 and Module Test

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Module 12 and Module Test

1. lively:_________

2. ____=popular

3. pron.两个,两者:_____

4. Is this___Strauss ___Mozart.这是施特劳斯还是莫扎特创作的?

5. I’m___ ___ ___rock music.我是个摇滚乐迷

6. Give us___ ______.让我们清净会吧。

7. She has a sweet______(声音) and she sings well.

8. My sister doesn’t like pop music, does she?_____

9. A.Yes,she does B.No,she doesn’t C.Yes,she doesn’t D.No,she does

10. We hear the_____of the running water.We feel relaxed.

A.noise B.voice C.sound D.shout

11. 丽萨喜欢游泳不是吗?Lisa likes swimming,______ ___?

12. 别再烦我了,我在写作业呢!___ ___ ___ ___I’m doing my


13. 把下列反意疑问句补充完整

They like pop music,,_____ ______.

My sister went to the zoo,,_____ ______?

Lisa has been to Nanjing,,_____ ____?

They have never visited the Great Wall,____ ______?

We bought a birthday cake for him,_____ ______?

Mr brown will take you there,_____ ______?

The man wants a larger sweater,____ _______?

Few people like him,______ ________?

14. 欧洲的_________

15. hundreds of_________________

16. This is my _______(old) brother and he is two years older than me.

17. Mozart was a famous________(compose)

18. He is my______brother and he is _____than me.

A. elder,elder B.older,older C.elder,older D.older,elder

19. Lisa plays the piano____better than her sister.

A. very B.quite C.pretty D.even

20. Every year the Vienna New Year’s concert____ _______on 1st January.


21. B_____Lily and lucy like classical music.

22. The boy often tells lies.As a result,nobody b______him.

23. This is a song____Jay Chou.

24. Not only my sister but also I______crazy about rock music.

25. A.am B.is C.are D.be

26. An orchestra is a large group of musicians _____ _____classical music.

27. 对划线部分提问)

_____ _____ _____ ______does Amy like?

28.A conductor leads the orchestra.(改为被动语态)

The orchestra _____ _____ ______a conductor。

28. 我确信我能通过考试。I_____ ______that I can pass the exam.

29. ______excited the mother was when she heard her son’s voice from the space station.

A. how B.what C.what a D.what an

30. Have you done your school report yet?No,I’ll finish in_____ten minutes.

A. another B.other C.more D.less

31._____good advice the teacher gave me.

A.how B.what C.what a D.how a

32.Meat isn’t really dangerous,is it?Oh!____!It’s not good for our health at all.

33.What____can you play?I can play the guitar?

A.color B.music C.language D.instrument

34.She never arrives late for class,does she?______.She is always the first one to arrive,

A.Yes,she doesB.No,she doesn’t C.Yes,she doesn’t D.No,she does

35.Who is the song_____?I think Jay Chou wrote it.

A.for B.by C.to D.out

36.The music CD belongs to____.

A.I B.my C.me D.myself

37.What_______(traditional) do you have at Spring Festival?

38.昨晚你究竟做什么了?What____ _____did you do last night?

39.What are you looking forward___?

A.to do B.doing C.to doing D.do

40.Five_____students are having a sport meeting on the playground.

A.thousand B.thousands C.thousand of D.thousands of

41.What do you think of your English teacher?

She is very strict___us____our English.

A.with,with B.with,in C.in,with D.in,in

42.If you want to know the meaning of the word,you can____in the dictionary.

A.look for it B.look it for C.look up itD.look it up

______ ______ _________was Lin born?

44.Li didn’t划线部分提问)


45.Building that railroad was very difficult.(同义句)

_____ _______very difficult_____ ______that railroad.

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