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Lyu Yanqin,
from Laiyang

Fuqian Middle School

Past forms (过去式)

Regular Verbs(规则动词)
talk learn show milk visit pick hope live talked learned showed milked visited picked hoped lived stopped nodded studied worried


清后读/t/, 浊、元/d/, /t/,/d/后 读/Id/

以重读闭音节结尾, stop 且末尾只有一个辅 nod 音字母 study 以辅音字母+y结尾 worry

Past forms

Irregular Verbs(不规则动词) am/is--------------was are --------------were have --------------had do --------------did go ---------------went see ---------------saw ride ---------------rode feed ---------------fed take --------------took eat ---------------ate

What did you learn?

go -----went ride ----rode ride milk ---milked feed ----fed talk ----talked take----took

went for a walk rode a horse milked a cow fed some chickens talked with a farmer took some photos did her homework

do -----did

What did you remember?

What did you hear?

did her homework ╳ She didn’t do her homework. rode a horse ╳ She didn’t ride a horse. milked a cow √
Carol milked a cow.

fed some chickens╳ She didn’t feed any chickens.

√ took some photos She took some photos.

╳ She didn’t take any photos. She went for a walk.

√ went for a walk

√ talked with a farmer She talked with a farmer.

Pairwork Hi, Carol! Did you No,dodidn’t.homework I her did your ride a horse rode

homework ?

No, I didn’t.

Yes, I did. milked a cow √ milk fed any feed some chickens ╳ Yes, I did. took some take any photos √ Yes, I did. ╳ No,I didn’t. go went for a walk √ Yes, I did. talk talked with a farmer √Yes, I did.

What did you choose?

1.The farmer showed Carol around the farm.
2.Carol learned a lot about farming.



3.The farmers grow strawberries from T December to June. 4.The farmers don’t grow apples.


5.Carol picked some strawberries and took them home. 6.Carol ate some strawberries.



What did you get?

Carol had a _______ school trip great yesterday. She went to a _______. She farm ride ______ _______ a horse, but she didn’t milked _______ a cow. She saw some chickens didn’t feed went but ______ ______ them. She _____ for a walk and talked with a farmer. The _____ showed farmer _______ them around the farm. Carol _______ a lot about farming. Carol learned picked _______ some strawberries and ______ took some home. They were ________. delicious

Groupwork How was your trip/ Sunday/ weekend/ vacation……? What did you do? Did you……? Names How What

In our group, *** had a ____ trip/Sunday…… He/She …… He/She didn’t ......

What did you do?

Rules for group work

每个小组四位同学。 第一位提问,其余同学回答; 第二位将回答简要记录在表格中; 第三位准备汇报; 第四位监督大家说英语,并在必要 的时候纠正错误。

Did you have a great past ?

珍惜过去 即使痛苦也是甜蜜!

What can yo

u do?


1.Role-play the conversation in 2d with your partner. 2.If you can,make and role-play a better conversation of yours with your partner.

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