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Lesson 72 A car called bluebird

一.New words

1. racing① n.竞赛

race cn.速度竞赛

a horse-race

a car race汽车比赛


a race for the championship冠军之战

lose a presidential race 在总统选举出败北

a race against time 赶工


eg: In the story a rabbit raced with a tortoise.

eg: Thirty cars will race for the prize.


the race problem种族问题

2.per prep.每,每一(用已表示比率,价格,时间,长度等)

per 后接无冠词的单数名词

per hour每小时 per day每天 per cent百分率

as per instruction依照指示

3. burst

(1)vi. 爆炸,爆裂:

eg: A tyre burst during the second run.在第二段赛程中一只轮胎爆了。

eg: The balloon burst.气球爆了。

(2)vt.,vi. 突然打开:

While I was reading, the door burst open and John came in.


eg: We burst the door open.我们猛然把门撞开。


1.The great racing driver, Sir Malcolm Campbell, was the first man to drive at over 300 miles per hour. 杰出的赛车选车马尔 科姆·坎贝尔爵士是第一个以每小时超过300英里的速度驾车的人。

(1)to引导的不定式短语为 the first man的定语。类似的可用于 这种句型的词语有the second, the next/the last以及表示最高级的如 the best, the most intelligent等。这些词语后面可以 接名词或one(s),也可以不接:

eg: She's always the first to arrive and the last to leave.她总是第一个来到,最后一个离开。 eg: You're the best person to advise me about buying a house.你是我买房子的最好顾问。 the only后必须接一个名词或 one(s):

eg: You're the only person/one to complain.你是惟一抱怨的人。

(2)per表示“每一”、“每”,通常用于商业及技术用语,日常用语大 多用 a/an:

You can stay at the hotel at£ 10 per person per night.


You must have been driving at seventy miles an/per hour.


2.…he had great difficulty in controlling the car because a tyre burst during the first run.……他很难把汽车控制住,因为在 开始的行程中爆了一只轮胎。

have difficulty (in) doing sth.做……有困难

(1)difficulty 表示“难”、“困难”时为不可数名词。表示做某事有 困难时可以用 have difficulty(in)doing sth. 结构, in通常可省

eg: Gary has grown a beard and I had difficulty (in) recognizing him.



The next run is forty miles.


3. After his attempt, Campbell was disappointed to learn that his average speed had been 299 miles per hour. However, a few days later, he was told that a mistake had been made. disappoint vt.使失望

The answer must have disappointed him.这个答案一定令他失望。



I was disappointed to learn that the fee would be only fifteen pounds.

disappointment n.失望

to sb’s disappointment 令某人失望的是

4. Following in his father's footsteps…踏着父亲的足迹…… follow in sb.'s footsteps为固定短语,表示“步某人的后尘”、“仿 效某人”或“继承某人的事业”:

eg: He intends to follow in his father'/ uncle's footsteps and to become a dentist.


eg: Japan’s success with this technology has encouraged other countries to follow in its footsteps. eg: He intends to follow in his father’s footsteps and to become a dentist.

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