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Background Knowledge
Gloria Estefan is a five-time Grammy Award-winning singer-

songwriter-author. She is known
as the “Queen of Latin Pop” . She is one of the most recogniz -ed music artists in the world. Over 70 million albums are sold worldwide. She is the single most successful crossover performer in Latin music history.

1. What do you think are the most important factors for people to realize their dreams ? Discuss with your partner,then tick(√) the ones which you both choose.
?encouragement ?opportunity ?diligence(勤奋) ?perseverance(毅力) ?ability ?confidence(信心) ?time ?money

2. From the title "Reach", can you guess what this song is mainly about? Then circle it.
the Olympic spirit world peace equal rights friendship

3. What is the motto of the Olympic Games?

Enjoying the song
Focus on music
Listen to the song and answer the question below. What do you think is the mood of the singer? a. Very sad b. Cheerful c. Blue d. Discouraged(沮丧的)

Focus on comprehension
1. The words in capital letters are misspelled. Listen to the song and correct them.
Some dreams live on in time REFOREV._____ forever Those dreams, you want with all your heart. whatever And I'll do ATWHEEVR it takes,_________ promise Follow through with the OPRIMES I made._____ Put it all on the line. What i hoped for at last would be mine. higher If I could reach, IGEHRH._____ touch Just for one moment OTUHC the sky.____ ...

2. Work out the following words with your partner. Then use them to make sentences.

live on, promise, reach, spirit, be meant to, go the distance
e.g. live on: continue to exist. Alice's memory will live on.

3. Listen to the song again and answer the questions below.
b 1) "I will do whatever it takes" means__. a. I will do whatever i like to do. b. No matter how hard it's going to be, I will try my best to realize my dreams. c. I don't know what it will take before I win. 2) "I'd put my spirit to the test." Here "I'd " a refer to__. a. I would b. I had c. I could

4.Group discussion
1). What does "reach" mean in the song? Then try to translate it into Chinese. 2). Have you ever dreamed of becoming an athelete? 3). How do you feel when you are watching your favorite sports games?

Let's sing
Step 1
Pay attention to the pronunciation skills such as liaison(︶连读) and incomplete plosion (↓不完全爆破).

↓ ↓ ?Those dreams, you want with all your heart. ︶ ?Put it all on the line. ︶↓︶ ↓ ↓ ?What I hoped for at last would be mine. ↓ ↓︶ ↓ ?I'd put my spirit to the test.

Step 2
Sing with the Mp3 one or more times. And try to imitate the pronunciation and memorize the lyrics.

Step 3

Step 4

Now sing the song to your partner without looking at the lyrics. Let's see who can do it better. Pick out one or two pairs to sing the song together to the class.

Write a composition about your favorite song related to sports games. You can write from this a

spects: A. How did you find that song? B. Why do you like it? And what can you learn from it?

Further enjoyment
The Olympic Games (II)
Every four years, the best athletes from countries around the world come together in the spirit of peace and friendship to compete in the Olympic Games. With the lighting of the Olympic flame the games begin — the Olympic spirit kept alive. That flame has been brought many thousands of miles by relay runners all the way from Olympia, in Western Greece, where the ceremony began 2700 years ago.

This simple ceremony, and the lighting of the torch, is the spark that renews the Olympic flame wherever the games are played. The games symbolized the early Greeks' ideal of man's unity, their vision of peace, and of human perfection. Let us hope that this living experience of peace and friendship between all the peoples of the world that began in Olympia, in ancient Greece, will continue for many centuries to come.

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