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Unit 4 sweethome_

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BY John Howard Payne

? Enjoying the music ? Sing the song ? Appreciation

Enjoying the song!插入歌曲

Focus on music!
? The song will be played for the first time. Enjoy it and think about how the mood of the singer would be like. a. Exciting b. Grievous c. Homesick d. Depressed

Focus on comprehension
? 1. Listen to the song again and tick out the statement that could best illustrate the theme of the song. a. The song tells us something happened in the singer’s homeland. b. The song is mainly about the beautiful scenery around the singer’s house. c. The song conveys the singer’s longing for his homeland. d. The song expresses the singer’s love for the cottage.

? 2. The singer mentions some images and things in the song. Listen carefully and tick out the one that hasn’t been mentioned. a. clear and bright moon b. the fragrant wood-bine c. the meandering brook d the humble cottage ? 3. Listen carefully and decide whether each statement of the following is true or false. a. Home is a humble place. ( ) b. The wood-bine has never cheered me up. ( ) c. My mother often thinks of her child as she looks on the moon from our cottage door. ( ) d. The singer would like living in the homeland cottage rather than the city faraway. ( )

4. Listen and guess the meaning of the word “hallow” from the following choices? ? a. attract the attention of ? b. make holy, honour as holy ? c. stop, halt ? d. imagine one is seeing or hearing something when no such thing ? is present 5. Who does the “exile” refer to? ? a. a homeless person b. the mother ? c. a beggar d. the singer

6. Fill in the blanks with proper words. ? Oh, give me any lowly _______ cottage again, ? The birds singing ____, ? That came at my ____. ? Give me them and that ____ of mind, ? Dearer than all. 7. Thro’ the wood-bine whose fragrance shall cheer me no more. ? = Through the wood-bine whose fragrance shall _____ cheer me up _____ _____.

Let’s discuss!
? Which sentence in the song can replace the saying “East or west, home is best.” And do you agree with the saying? Why or why not? Discuss with your partner on that.

? In the song, the singer describes his home as “sweet”, and how about your home? Following there are many words and phrases that are used to describe our home, please make use of them and try to describe your home to your partner. a beautiful and worriless paradise a restful place a comfortable hotel a harmonious land the safest harbour a place full of love, care and happiness a place where one can display his true self

Let’s sing!


? Home
? Home is a place where a person lives, perhaps spends much of the time, or where a person is comfortable to be. While a house (or other residential dwelling) is often referred to as a home, the concept of "home" is broader than a physical dwelling. Home is often a place of refuge and safety, where worldly cares fade, with things

and people one loves becoming the focus. ? It can be the place of one's birth, where you grew up, or maybe your first apartment or house. ? The word "home" is used for various residential institutions which aspire to create a home-like atmosphere, such as a retirement home, a nursing home, a 'group home' (an orphanage for children or a retirement home for adults), a foster home, etc.

Sayings about a home include: "Home is where you hang your hat." "Home follows the family." "Home is where the heart is." "Love makes a house a home." "There's no place like home." (from the song "Home, Sweet Home", by John Howard Payne and later quoted by Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz) "You can't go home again." (Thomas Wolfe) "An Englishman's home is his castle" "Home is where the hurt is" (from the song "dark nights with momma" by White Hotel) "I'm only at home when I’m away" "Everybody wants to go home.” “Gives a dog a home.”

Let’s write!
? Based on the above discussion, write about your understanding of home or what happens in your family.

See you !

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