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Unit 3
What were you doing when the UFO arrived?


1)掌握重点单词,词组及句子。 2)掌握过去进行时用法


11.厨房 12.经历;体验 13.奇怪的;陌生的

17.事故 20.破坏

18.现代的 21.意思

19.关闭 22.英雄

Task 2:写出下列动词的过去式:
1.buy_______ 2.get ________ 3. ride ________

4.run _______ 5.become ________6.meet ______
7.hear_______ 8.ring ________9. tell ________ 10.fly _________

1.在…前面___________ 2.起飞/脱__________ 3逃跑___________ 4.听从某人的建议_________ 5.寂静地_____________ 6.发生____________ 7.对…有意义___________ 8.听说_________/________ 9. 报警____________ 10.理发店____________ 11. 洗完澡出来__________ 12.理发____________ 13. 起飞______________ 14.沿着街走____________ 15.睡过头____________ 16.赢得金牌_____________ 17. 一个非常不寻常的经历________________ 18.在2004 奥运会上________19.日常活动_________ 20.玩得愉快________ 21.要求我们停止_________ 22.沉默____________ 23.发生______________ 24.在月球上行走________ 25.绕地球飞行 _______ 26.一位民族英雄_______ 27.世界贸易中心_________ 28.最重大的事件之一______________

1.飞碟到达时他正在睡懒觉。 He was________ when the UFO ________ . .

2.当外星人正在买纪念品是,这个女孩报了警。 ________ the alien was buying a souvenir, the girl ________ ________ ________ .

3.她未考虑到车站外看看。 She didn’t ________ __________ looking outside the station.
4、 那是当代美国历史上最重大的事件之一。 This was________ ________the ________ ________ events in modern American history. 5、那天学校放假,Robert和他的朋友一起沉默地走回家。 School closed for the day, and Robert and his friends walked home together ________ ________. 6、 并非历史上所有的事件都这样可怕。 ______ _______ ________ in history are ______ ________ ______ this.

任务四、根据提示结对编造对话: Where were you at 6:00 yesterday evening? What were you doing ? 1 in a river swimming 2 in a park playing basketball 3 in a shop doing some shopping 4 at home cooking 5 at home doing my homework

你可以这样开始对话: A: Where were you at 6:00 yesterday evening? B:I was in/at…… A: What were you doing ? B: I was……

任务五、复习过去进行时用法并做下列练习题: 用所给动词的适当形式填空。 1.We ___________ (play) football when it began to rain heavily. 2.You should tell what you __________ (do) at eight yesterday. 3.They __________ (talk) loudly when the teacher came in. 4.Last night we __________ (do) our lessons when the light suddenly _________ (go) out.

用“while” or

“when”填空: 1.____ May was talking on the phone, her sister walked in. 2.____ Rita bought her new dog, it was wearing a little coat. 3._____ I saw Carlos, he was wearing a green shirt. 4._____ I was dancing, he was singing loudly. 5. _____ Linda finally saw Davy , he was jumping with a dog . 6. I was cleaning my room ________ the fire broke out .

1. We were having a PE class at four yesterday afternoon.(改为否定句) We ______ ______ a PE class at four yesterday afternoon. 2. Kate was reviewing her lessons at eight last night. (改为一般疑问句,并做肯、否定回答) ________ Kate _______her lessons at eight last night? ________ , she ________. ________ , she _______ . 3. He ran in the park.(用at this time yesterday改写) He _______ ________in the park at this time yesterday.

4. They were playing computer games at nine last night.(对划线部分提问) ________ ________ they _______ at nine last night?


What have you learned this class?

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