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8A Unit 8 Grammar课件

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break vi. 损坏;打破

(过)broke (形)broken The door is broken. Who broke it?
break down 出故障;坏掉 My car broke down on the way because of the too low temperature. 由于,后接短语

Do you remember?

Look at the red parts.
? What was Timmy doing when the earthquake started? ? He was sleeping. ? What were people doing while pieces of glass and bricks were falling down? ? People were running in all directions. ? What was Timmy doing when he suddenly heard some noise above him? ? He was trying to find his way out.

What were you doing at 7 o’clock last night?

I was mopping up the floor.

I was having dinner with my family.

What were you doing between 7 o’clock and 9 o’clock yesterday? I was doing my homework.

I was watching TV.

What was your father doing when you came back home yesterday? He was cooking. What was your brother doing when you saw him half an hour ago?
He was playing computer games.

What were they doing How about them? at that time last week?

They were shopping.

They were having a picnic.

Past continuous tense
1. 过去进行时主要表示: ? 在过去某一时刻正在进行的动作 (a) They were eating breakfast at 7:00 am yesterday. (b) I was writing a letter at this time yesterday. (c) Five minutes ago, Danny was looking out of the window and Suzy was reading a book.

Past continuous tense ? 在过去某段时间一直在进行的动作 (a) From 1983 to 1998, he was teaching at Yale. (b) They were building a dam last winter.

2. 过去进行时的句式

(1) 基本结构:was / were + verb-ing I was doing some shopping. People were running wildly.
(2) 否定式:was / were not + verb-ing was not = wasn’t were not = weren’t I was not reading. People were not running wildly.

(3) 疑问句:将 was / were 调到主语前 结构为:Was/Were+主语+verb-ing? 回答:Yes, 主语+was/were. No, 主语+ was not/wasn’t. were not/weren’t. Was he running? Yes, he was. / No, he wasn’t.
Were they running? Yes, they were. / No, they weren’t.

Read the following sentences and pay attention to the times.
1.What was the girl doing at 7 am yesterday morning? She was running at 7 am yesterday morning . 2.What was the boy doing this time yesterday? He was jumping this time yesterday. 3.What was the bear doing from 3 pm to 4 pm last Sunday? It was skiing from 3 pm to 4 pm last Sunday.

A snowstorm hit Sunshine Town It was snowing this morning. Do you know what Sandy was doing early this morning? What happened to her? Complete the conversation below.

Mr. Wu: What a terrible snowstorm! It started at about seven this morning. I ______________ was reading (read) the newspaper then. were doing What ______ you ______ (do), Simon? was having Simon: I _____________ (have) breakfast. Mr. Wu: What about you, Millie?

was walking Millie: I ____________ (walk) to the bus stop. Sandy, I saw you and your parents standing on the side of the road. ________ you We

re waiting ________ (wait) for a taxi? Sandy: Yes. My dad’s car broke down because of the cold weather. He _____________ (ring) someone to was ringing come and help when you saw us.

Read the following sentences!
1.The students were talking loudly when Mr Wu came into the classroom.
2. I was reading while my mother was cooking in the kitchen. 3. As it started to rain, Hobo was sleeping.

Past continuous tense with ‘while’ , ‘when’ and ‘as’

Look at the following sentences carefully. Pay attention to the colored parts.
1. I was sleeping when it started to rain. 2. I was sleeping when the earthquake started.

3. Outside, people were running in all directions while pieces of glass and

bricks were falling down.
4. Hours later, as I was trying to find

way out, I suddenly heard some noise
above me.

Past continuous tense with ‘while’ , ‘when’ and ‘as’ 1. when, while 和 as 这三个词都有
“当……时候”的意思。 There were fewer sandstorms when

my grandparents were young.

While Mille was watching TV, her mum was sleeping. 米莉在看电视时,妈妈在睡觉。

I saw a traffic accident as I was riding to
school this morning.


2.when 和 as 既可以指某一点时间, 也可以指某一段时间,其从句谓语动 词表示的动作既可以是瞬间性的,也 可以是延续性的;while指一段时间, 从句中的谓语动词必须是延续性的。 即:指一段时间时when, while 和as都 可用;指一点时间时,只能用when或 as,不能用while。


1. When/As he woke up, it was eight
o’clock. o’clock.

√ ×

2. While he woke up, it was eight 3. When/While/As I was waiting for a
bus, I met her.


3. 当 while , when 和 as 放在句首时, 两个句子应用逗号隔开。 When the teacher came in, we were talking. While the pig was dancing, the rabbit was jumping. As the two men were leaving, a message arrived.

Playing in the snow Look at the picture on page 98, and

describe what the students were
doing when Simon arrived. Use the

words in brackets to help you.

1. ______ Simon ________ (arrive), Amy When arrived ____________ (get) some snow from the was getting ground. 2. _______________ Suzy and Kitty When/While/As _____________(build) a snowman, were building Millie ____________(take) photos. was taking 3. Daniel ____ (fall) over when/while/as ____________ fell he ____________ (make) a big snowball. was making

4. Peter _____________(hide) behind was hiding
a tree ______ a snowball hit ___ when (hit) him. When/While/As 5. ________________ Millie and her

were playing classmates _____________ (play) in
the snow, Andy _____ (run) towards ran


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I. Multiple choice.
1. --- What were you doing this time yesterday? --- I _____ on the grass and drawing a picture. [2011北京] A. sit B. sat C. am sitting D. was sitting

2. When I came back yesterday evening, my brother _____ his homework. [2011长沙] A. is doing B. has done C. was doing 3. --- I called you at 4:00 yesterday afternoon, but no one answered. --- Sorry, I _____ with my friends at that time. [2011河南] A. swim B. swam C. will swim D. was swimming

4. --- Amy, I called you yesterday evening, but nobody answered the phone. --- Oh, I ____ a walk with my mother at that time. [2011宁波] A. take B. took C. am taking D. was taking 5. He _____ when the UFO arrived. He didn’t wake until the UFO disappeared. [2011枣庄] A. slept B. was sleeping C. was doing homework D. was singing

II. Fill in the blanks. ? Peoplewere running (run) wildly while ___________ were falling pieces of bricks __________ (fall) down. ? We should prevent hunters from catching ___________ (catch) wild animals. ? Natural disasters may ________ (cause) cause by bad weather. ? Our maths teacher warned us not to copy _________ (not copy) other’s answers. ? The temperature _______ (drop) a lot drops today.

1. 过去进行时主要表示: ? 在过去某一时刻正在进行的动作 ? 在过去某段时间一直在进行的动作 2. 过去进行时的句式 (1) 基本结构:was / were + verb-ing (2) 否定式:was / were not + verb-ing (3) 疑问句:将 was / were 调到主语前 3. 连词 while, when and as 与过去进行时

Translation 1. 地震开始的时候,很多人正在床上 睡觉。 2. 我昨天这个时候正在搜索因特网。 3.老师进教室时,一些学生正在小声 说话。 4. 当他们在一家咖啡店里闲聊时,突 然听到一声像打雷似的巨响。

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