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【最新(2013秋)】新目标人教版八年级英语上册Unit 10 单元测试题(答案暂无)

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八年级上unit 10 单元测试题


( )1.You will have fun if you _________ tomorrow.

A. go hiking B. will go hiking C. went hiking D. are go hiking

( )2. ---- Can we bring food to the cinema?

----I ______ so. If you do that, they won’t let you in.

A. think B. don’t think C. hope D.

don’t hope

( )3. If you bring a pet dog to the party, the teacher will______

A. take a pet dog away B. take away them

C. take it away D. take away it

( )4. The old man ______ a pair of glasses is a scientist.

A. with B. has C. wears D. at ( )5.How do you ______ your spare time?

A. take B. spend C. pay D. cost ( )6.You are late again. Why ______ a little earlier?

A. not you come B. do you come C. don’t you come D.you

don’t come

( )7. ----Who carried water for Grandma Li ?

----Li ping and Zhang Li _____.

A. do B. did C. will D.


( )8.-----Mike and John ,did you enjoy _____ on Children’s Day?

A. myself B. yourselves C. ourselves D.


( )9. If I have no ticket, the man won’t _____.

A. let me into B. let me in C. allow me in D.

allow me into

( )10. What _____ if they ______ to the class late?

A. will happen, go B. will happen, will go

C. will be happening, will go D. will be happened ,go ( )11.When is ______ to have our sports meeting?

A. good time B. good a time C. a time good D. a good time

( )12.______ you study English hard, you will speak English well.

A. But if B. And if C. If D. Before ( )13.______ of them like playing golf.________like playing table tennis.

A. Some, Others B. Some, The other C. Few, Other D. Many, The other

( )14. Don’t________jeans to the party.

A.put on B.wear C.wearing D.dress

( )15. They didn’t go to bed________ they finished their homework.

A. until B. because C. when D. if ( )16. We shouldn’t ________their mistakes.

A. to laugh B. laugh at C. laugh D. to laugh at

( )17. ----I don’t know if my mother ________tomorrow.

----If she________, I’ll meet her at the train station.

A. will come; comes B.comes; will come

C. will come; will come D. comes; comes

( )18. ----Listen! Somebody is coming.

----No, _____ is coming. I can’t hear_____.

A. somebody, anybody B. anybody, somebody

C. nobody, anything D. somebody, somebody

( )19. The teacher told her students ________so late on weekends.

A. not get up B. don’t get up C. to not get up D. not - 1 -

to get up

( )20. The good news will ________.

A. make you happy B. make you happily

C. make you be happy D. make happy to you


There is something about New Year’s Eve. In Scotland the last day of the year is the 56 important holiday of the winter, more important than 57 . On New Year’s Eve friends and neighbors go about from house to house drinking to each other and wishing good luck, 58 New Year’s Day all shops and factories are closed and no 59 is done. Families meet 60 for a big meal and a family party.

In England New Year’s Day is not 61 holiday and people go to work as 62 . But on New Year’s Eve most people sit up till 63 to see the New Year in or they 64 to parties and dances. Most of the big London hotels 65 a New Year’s Eve dance.

( )21、A、more B、most C、much D、such

( )22、A、summer holiday B、Sunday C、Spring Festival D、Christmas

( )23、A、In B、To C、On D、For

( )24、A、study B、exam C、work D、reading

( )25、A、gathering B、together C、get-together D、with

( )26、A、a B、an C、the D、one

( )27、A、always B、usually C、sometimes D、usual

( )28、A、midnight B、afternoon C、noon D、morning

( )29、A、run B、jump C、go D、fush

( )30、A、take B、bring C、have D、held



Last Sunday the Greens went to the movies. They got home very late. Father opened the front door and went into the house. It was very dark, so mother turned on the light. On the way to their bedroom, mother said, “Listen, John! I can hear someone in the bedroom. ” They all stood quietly outside the bedroom. They could hear some voices in the room.

“You are right. ” father said, “There are two men in it. They are talking. ” Then he shouted, “Who’s there?” But no one answered. Father opened the door quickly and turned on the light. The room was empty. Then father found something and laughed. “The TV is still on. I forgot to turn it off this morning!” father said.


( ) 31. The Greens got home very early.

( ) 32. On the way to their bedroom, mother heard someone in the bedroom.

( ) 33. They all stood quietly in the bedroom.

( ) 34. There were really two men talking in the room.

( ) 35. Father opened the door slowly and turned on the light.

( B )

Most people who work in the office have a boss (老板). So do I (我也是). But my boss is a little unusual. What's unusual about him? It's a big dig. Many men have - 2 -

dogs, but few men bring their dogs to the office every day. My boss's dog. Robinson, is big and brown. My boss brings him to work every day. He takes the dog to meetings and he takes the dog to lunch. When there is telephone call for my boss, I always know if he is in the office. I only look under his desk. If I see something brown and hairy (毛绒绒的) under it, I know my boss is somewhere in the office. If there is no dog , I know my boss is out.

36. People _________bring dogs to the office.

A. usually B. often

C. seldom (几乎不) D. sometimes

37. My boss is Robinson's ________.

A. boss B. master

C. classmate D. teacher

38. Robinson goes to meetings _________ my boss.

A. for B. without

C. instead of (代替) D. with

39. Robinson is always under the desk if the boss is _________.

A. in the office B. at meetings [来源:学,科,网Z,X,X,K]

C. out of the office D. out of work

40. The passage tells us the boss _________ the dog very much.

A. looks like B. hates (恨)

C. likes D. trust(信任)


It was Jimmy's birthday, and he was five years old. He got a lot of nice birthday presents from his family, and one of them was a beautiful drum(鼓).

"Who gave him that thing?" Jimmy's father said when he saw it. "His grandfather did," answered Jimmy's mother.

Jimmy liked his drum very much. He made a terrible(可怕的) noise with it, but his father didn't mind(介意). He was working during the day and Jimmy was already in bed when he got home in the evening, so he couldn't hear the noise.

But one of the neighbors(邻居) didn't like the noise at all, so a few days later, she took a sharp(锋利的) knife and went to Jimmy's house while he was hitting his drum. She said to him, "Hello, Jimmy, there is something very nice inside your drum. Here is a knife. Open the drum and let's find it."


( ) 41. Jimmy got a lot of nice presents from his ________.

A. classmates B. friends C. teachers D. family

( ) 42. Who gave Jimmy the drum?________.

A. His father B. His mother C. His neighbor D. His grandfather

( ) 43. Why didn't Jimmy's father stop him from making noise with the drum? Because________.

A. he liked Jimmy very much B. he didn't hear it

C. Jimmy was in bed D. Jimmy only played in the evening

- 3 -

( ) 44. One of the neighbors________.

A. liked Jimmy very much B. enjoyed listening to the sound of the drum

C. wanted to show Jimmy a sharp knife D. didn't like the noise at all

( ) 45. What did Jimmy's neighbor really want him to do? To________.

A. stop him making noises B. make a noise on his drum with a knife

C. show him how to hit the drum D. find something nice in his



“Dreams may be more important than sleep. We all need to dream.” Some scientists say. Dreams take up about one quarter of our sleeping time. People have several dreams each night. Dreams are like short movies. They are usually on color. Some dreams are like old movies. They come to us over and over again. That may be because the dreamer is worrying about something. Dreaming may be aware of trying to find an answer.[来源:学&科&网Z&X&X&K]

Some people get new ideas about their work from dreams. They may think about their work all day. Thesr ideas can carry over onto dreams.

Sometimes we wake up with a good feeling from a dream. But often we can’t remember the dream. The dreams can go away quickly from memory.

Too much dreaming can be harmful. The more we sleep, the longer we dream. The mind is hard at working when we dream. That’s why we may have a long sleep and still wake up tired.


46、Do we have several dreams each night?

47、Are dreams and movies usually in color?

48、Why do people often dream about their work?[来源:学&科&网]

49、Do people always remember their dreams clearly?

50、What does the story mainly tell us?


51、--I think I’m going to walk to work.

--If you do, 52、--

--If you do,

53、----If you do, 54、--I think I’m going to study for the Chinese test.

--If you do,

- 4 -

55、--I think I’m going to play football in the street.

--If you do,


56、You can’t run at the party.(改为祈使句)

at the party.

57、She will travel around the world.(改为否定句)

She around the world.

58、Mr Smith did much work to help others.(改为同义句)

Mr Smith did work to help others.

59、People will follow you everywhere.(改为一般疑问句)

people you everywhere.

60、They ate going to finish the homework tomorrow morning.(对画线部分提问) they going to tomorrow morning.


1. 如果你穿牛仔去参加聚会,老师将不让你进。

If you ______ ______to the party.the teacher won’t______you _______.[来源:中.考.资.源.网]


If you have problems, you shouldn’t _______it _______ _________.


If you become a lion,you will _______ ________ _________ __________.


She is ______lazy ______ _______anything.

5. 除非我们向别人倾诉,否则我们会感觉更糟糕。

________ we talk to someone,we’ll certainly _______ _______.


job. If you become a professional athlete, you’ll be able to make a living 2 something

you love. If you become famous, people all over the world will know you. Many 3 give money to school and charities, and do a lot of 4 to help people. This is a great chance that many people do not have.

5 , professional athletes can also have many problems. If you are famous, people will watch you all the time and 6 you everywhere. This can make life difficult.

If you play sports for a 7 , your job will sometimes be very dangerous. Many professional athletes get 8 .And if you become rich, you will have a difficult time 9 who your real friends are. In fact, many famous people complain that they are not happy. They say they were 10 before they became rich and famous.

1._________ 2._________ 3.__________ 4.___________ 5._________

6._________ 7._________ 8.__________ 9.___________ 10._________


- 5 -


If we don’t have classes tomorrow, I will _______________________________________



- 6 -

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