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恒王培辅英语80破100专项辅导 求知到恒王,学习好简单!



( )1. I want____homework now.

A. doing B. to do C. to do my D. do my ( )2. ____you____the blackboard? Yes, I am. A. Can, clean B.Are,cleaning C. Do, clean ( )3. ______go and help her.

A. Let's me B. Let's us C. Let's D. Let's to ( )4. What are they doing? They are______things away. A. put B. putting C. putting D. carry ( )5. Do they have a new car? Yes,_____.

A. they are B. they have C. they don't D. they do ( )6. He often _________ supper at 6:00 in the evening. A. have B. has C. is having D. is eating ( )7. It’s 6 o’clock in the morning. He ___________. A. get up B. gets up C. is geting up D. is getting up ( )8. We _____________ any Chinese classes on Friday. A. are having B. aren’t having C. don’t have D. are have ( )9. Tom _____an English class now.

A. is having B. has C. having D. have

辅导基地:沙市朝阳路石油大院恒王学习培辅中心 ( )10. Are you playing basketball? No, we ___________. A. isn’t B. aren’t C. not D. don’t ( )11. Listen! The girl _____ in the room.

A. sings B. singing C. is singing D. is sing ( )12. I’m ___________ a book in the room .

A. watching B. seeing C. reading D. looking ( )13. Where _________ he _________ from?

A. is, come B. do, come C. does, come D. is , from ( )14. What language do you _______ ?

A. say B. speak C. talk D. tell ( )15. Is she____something?

A. eat B. eating C. eatting D. eats ( )16. Look,They are swimming in the river. I want_____you. A. to go with B. go with C. helping D. help ( )17. They______TV at home.They are doing their homework.

A. are watching B. aren't watching C. don't watch D.don't watching 用动词的适当形式填空

1. She ______________ (go) to school at eight o’clock. 2. It’s six o’clock. They are _____________ supper. (eat) 3. He usually __________up at 17:00.(get ) 4. She __________(live) in Beijing

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恒王培辅英语80破100专项辅导 求知到恒王,学习好简单! 5. Look! Some people________________(lie) on the beach. 6. Listen! What _____ he ____________ (sing) in the next room? 7. In this photo, my little brother _________________(eat) ice cream. 8. The bad children ______________(not do) their homework every day. 9. Don’t talk. I’m____________ (do) my homework. 10 . What is he doing? He _______________(write) a letter. 11. Lisa with her friends _______________(do) homework now. 12. She enjoys ____________(play) the violin. 13. She often___________( talk) about that book. 14. I like _____________(watch) TV in the evening. 15. Stop _______________(talk). The teacher comes in. 16. Thank you for _______________ (help)me with my English.

17. There _____(be) many people here on vacation. Some _____________ (take) photos. Others_______________(lie) on the beach. Look at this group of people _____________(play) beach volleyball. 18. Qingdao is a good city___________(have ) fun. 19.The girl_____________ (sing) is Lucy.

20. I often go _______________(shop) on weekends. 21. He wants ________________(be) an English teacher. 22. Let’s _________(go) and _________(play) football. 23.Can I ____________(go) and see you. 24. Please______ (be) quiet. Mother is sleeping.

25. What ______ you __________ (do)? I_______________ (study) maths.

辅导基地:沙市朝阳路石油大院恒王学习培辅中心 26. ______your sister _________( get) up early every morning? 27. Don’t go outside. It is ___________(rain). 28. It is a __________(snow) day.

29. Let the boy __________(visit) the beautiful garden. 30. Li Lei loves_____________ (tell) jokes.


1.We are in the same grade.(改为否定句) We _________ in the same grade. 2.I can borrow those books from our school.(改为否定句) I __________ borrow those books from our school.

3.They have nice kites.(改为否定句) They ______ ________ nice kites. 就划线部分提问) 就划线部分提问)

_____________ ________the children playing games?

6. She is closing the door now.(改成否定句) She_______ closing the door now. 7. Kate is helping her mother with housework.(改成一般疑问句) _______ Kate ______________ her mother with housework? 8.They can stay at home for two days.(改成一般疑问句) __________ they____________ at home for two days? 9. at five o’clock. (划线部分提问) __________ _________ she ________ at five o’clock? 划线部分提问)

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