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冀教版英语九年级下Lesson 22

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Lesson 22

The knowledge points :

I. receive and “accept”

receive sth from sb (收到)

accept : (接受)

eg: We received some flowers , but we did not accept them .

II.though=although , 前边用了though ,although 后边不用but

Eg : Though he is in poor health , he works hard .

He passed the examination though he had been prevented by illness from studying . III. What you do is more important than what you say .

IV. praise 称赞,赞扬

1. praise (v) praise sb /sth for (doing )sth

Eg : He praised his team for their performance .

The teacher praised him for cleaning the classroom .

2.praise(n) in praise of …称赞,赞美

Eg : He gave a speech in praise of the school .

V.be wrong with … 出问题,有毛病

What’s wrong with your bike ?

Something is wrong with my pen .

Exx :

1.He ________ a good education at school .

A. received B. accepted C. get D. accept

2.I’ve ________ a gift from Jim , but I’m not going to _________ it .

A. accepted , receive B. accept ,received

C. received, accept D. receive, accepted

3.________ she was in a hurry ,________ she stopped to talk .

A. Though ,but B.Although , but C. Though ,/ D./,/


4.________ they are poor ,yet they are very happy .

5._________ proves that my advice is right .

A. It will happen that B. That has happened

C. What has happened D. What it happens

6.He was praised________ his good works .

A.in B. for C. of D. to


Wang Fang hasn’t come yet . ____________________ her ?

8.It was great to meet Bruce face ________ face .

9.They had some trouble __________ Chinese customs.

10.He gave me a box of peppermints ________ a gift .

11.______ the end of the street , you can see a supermarket.

12.Her mother praised her _______ her bravery as she saved a little boy .

A. of B. for C. about D. with

13.It is _______ to point to others with your finger.

A. polite B. pleasant C. rude D. nice

14.-I won’t come to the party unless Peter ________ .

-You mean if Peter comes , you’ll come .

A. invites B. is invited C. will invite

15.-Mom , I’m leaving for Beijing tomorrow morning .

-Oh, good .But be sure to phone me _________ you get to Beijing ,please .

A. when B. while C. because D. if

16.Whether the answer is right or wrong ________ been proved .

A. hasn’t B. haven’t C. don’t D. doesn’t


That’s ___________ _____________ I wanted to say.


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