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Unit 3 Topic 2 Section B

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Discuss in groups.

Who is your favorite singer? Why?

I love/like/enjoy … I am fond of … I am interested in …

I don’t mind it.

Just so-so.

I don’t like … at all.

I hate …

What kind of music do you like?

It’s hard to say.


Look, watch and answer.


Now watch the flash of 1a, then find out .

What kind of music does Jane like? And what about Li Ming?


Listen, read 1a and fill in the table .


Like Name Used to Li Ming Jane
pop music

Dislike Now
folk music jazz
classical music

Reason for dislike
serious noisy

country music

rock music

1. It’s hard to say .

2. I don’t like it at all. 我一点也不喜欢(古典音乐)。 not … at all 一点也不; 根本不 Eg: 我一点也不爱吃鸡蛋。 I don’t like to eat eggs at all. Not at all . 没关系。


Read 1a and make conversations with your partner to describe your feelings about different kinds of music. The following expressions may help you.


(Just so-so)

(Dislike )
I don’t like this
kind of music. I hate listening to rock music.

It’s great ! I It’s not my love it ! favorite, but I It’s good music. don’t mind it. How exciting ! What sweet music !

Let’s learn more about different kinds of music.

Answer the questions below according to 1a.
How many kinds of music are mentioned in 1a ? What are they ?
pop music


folk music

classical music

country music

pop music

rock music



folk music

classical music


What feature does each kind of music have ?

Read the passage and fill in the blanks with the help of the first letters. Then try to retell the passage with the key words.

Key words help us understand important details. Circle key words, and use them when you retell the passage.

Some Types of Music Classical music is s_______ erious music. People usually e_____ it njoy

at a concert or in a theater.
Beethoven and Mozart wrote

great classical music.

Pop music often comes and g____ oes
quickly. It is usually about l____ and ove

everyday life. Country music, rock music
and jazz are all pop music. They are very p_______ with young people. opular come and go quickly 来去匆匆 be popular with sb. 受到某人的欢迎
电脑游戏受到许多年轻人的欢迎。 are popular with Computer games _______________

many young people.

Folk music is special. It is a

part of the working people’s
songs. Guo Lanying, Song Zuying and Tengri are f______ amous for their folk songs. be famous for sth. 以…… 而著名

be famous as

Underline the useful expressions in 2.

at a concert in a theater come and go quickly

everyday life
be famous for


Read the pairs of words and pay attention to the difference 录音3a-P66 among /e/, /I/ and /?/.

/ e / - / I / : lesson — listen

well — will

hell — hill

/ e /- / ? /: lend — land

said — sad

bed — bad


Listen and pay attention to the assimilation, st

ress and liaison. Then read after the tape and imitate. 录音3b-P66

1.A: ’Listen ! ’What ’sweet music !
Do you ’like it ? B: ’Yes, I ’do.

2.A: Do you like ’classical ’music ?
B: ’No, I ’don’(t) like it at all. It’s too ’serious. ’How about ’you ? A: Well, it is ’not my ’favorite, but I ’don’t mind it. I ’hate listening to ’rock music
Stress is important to express your message in speaking.

Ask and answer with your partner according to 2.

What kind of music do you like? Why?

I like … because …

Choose the best answer.
1. Hip–Hop music is very popular ___ young people. They think Hip–Hop music is very exciting.

A. in

B. on

C. with

D. between

2. China is famous ____ the Great Wall. Many visitors all over the world come to visit it . A. as B. of C. to D. for

3. Liu Dehua is famous ____ a singer. A lot of people like listening to his songs. A. as B. of C. to D. for

I can express

I know about
types of music.

likes and dislikes.

I learn some useful expressions.

1.Talk with your classmates about your favorite music and singer.

2.Write down your conversation and present it in front of the class.

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