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Unit4 Language in use

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Unit4 Language in use

Revision Part A : Phonetics Part B : Grammar

1.在早春 2.在五月的一开始 3.足够暖和 4.往…里移动 5.对… …痴狂 6.非常值得 7.鲜花盛开 8.一个非凡的景象
in the spring at the beginning of May warm enough move into be crazy about worth every penny in full bloom a sight to see

Part A Phonetics

一、找出下列单词中发音不一样的单词。 。

1.face cake sheep rain 2.grape plane name coat 3.time tape train snake

1.ship mine ice-cream mouse 2.cloud sit tie eye 3.write small tennis kite

1.soil hear coin cold 2. rabbit bed boy noise 3. tea enjoy toy milk

Part B Grammar: Adverbs of frequency( 频度副词)
定义:usually/ sometimes/always/often等词 在英文中被称为“频度副词”,是用来 表示动 作频率的,但程度上有别。常见频度副词按频率 大小排列如下: always > usually >often>sometimes>seldom> never 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0% 总是 通常 经常 有时 很少 从不




three times

注意:在记忆时,我们只要 记住once(一次)和twice(二次) 就可以了。其他发生次数 只要用“数字+times”来表达 就可以了。

everyday 每天 once a week 一周一次 twice a month 一月两次 four times a year 一年四次 once two weeks 两周一次 twice three months 三月两次 Example: I drink milk and eat vegetables every day. I exercise once a week. I eat McDonald’s twice a month. I visit my grandmother four times a year.

Do you know?
1.频度副词在句中的位置 频度副词通常放在be动词、助动词之后,实 义动词之前(often有时可放在句尾sometimes 有时也可放在句首或句尾)。 2.如何对频度副词提问(how often) 对划线部分提问: We go to the cinema sometimes. How often do you go to the cinema?

Activity 3
Language points: stand. V.忍受.表示“忍受令人生厌的事”,常可与 bear 通用,但如果用词确切,stand 总包含着 “不退让”、“不畏缩”的“忍受”。 e.g.He can stand more pain than anyone else I know. 他比我认识的任何人都更能忍受痛苦。 He stood the test of war. 他经受住了战争的考验。 bear v.忍受,表示“对强加的任何东西的忍受”, 侧重于表示“忍受沉重或难办的事”。 e.g.In the end,I could not bear it. 最后,我受不了啦。

Group works: Lisa’s week

Example: A: How often does Lisa go to the library.? B: She goes to the library everyday.

【能力升级】 I. 选择填空。 1. — _______ does your father write to you? — Once a month. A. How long B. How often C. How much D. How many 2. — Do you ________ walk to school? — No, ________. I live too far away. A. often; never B. usually; often C. seldom; always D. always; usual


3. — Lily sings very well. Does she go to a music class? — No. Her mother teaches her every day. She _______ goes to any music classes. A. usually B. often C. never D. always 4. — I think meat may make me become fat, so I ________ eat it. — But you need meat to keep you strong. A. always B. usually C. often D. seldom 5. — Miss Pan is a popular teacher in our school. — Yes. Her classes are _______interesting. A. always B. never C. seldom D. sometimes

II. 按要求改写句子, 每空一词。 1. They play basketball on the playground after school. (改为否定句) don’t play They _____ _____ basketball on the playground after school. 2. The Greens seldom eat out. (对划线部分 ______ 提问) ____ _____ ____ the Greens eatout? How often do

5. —— 萨姆和苏珊多久去看一次电影? —— 一个月一次。 How often do — ____ ____ ___ Sam and Susan go to the movies? Once a month — ____ __ ______. 6. 苏珊总是在上午休息时间读书。 Susan _______ reads books always ______ the morning break during ___ _______ _______.

Finish exercises on Page30-33 of the work book.

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