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岭集中学七年级下 unit2-3 试卷

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岭集中学七年级下 unit2-3 试卷

一 单项选择(20)

( )1. Millie will show us ___________ this big city.

A. off

B. to visit

C. at

D. around

( )2. — Lucy, do people in England celebrate Thanksgiving Day like Americans? — No, we don’t. It is festival, not A. their; ours B. theirs; ours C. theirs; our D. their; our

( )3. — Look at the trainers, Andy. They look like yours.— No. Mine

A. is

B. has C. have D. are ( )4. Miss Chen teaches __________ Beijing opera.

A. we B. our C. ours D. us ( )5. ___________ meat do you want?

A. How many B. How much

C. What

D. How ( )6. — It’s late now. We must go back to the — Yes. I really need a good sleep.

A. hospital

B. restaurant

C. theatre

D. hotel

( )7. Xu Beihong is for his horse paintings.

A. fresh B. famous C. interesting D. important

( )8. We could hear birds _________ in my hometown in the past, but now we can 't. A. to sing B. singing C. to singing D. sing ( )9. — Don’t do it like that! — Sorry, I __________. A. don’t

B. didn’t

C. wasn’t

D. won’t

( )10. We are ___________ meeting our parents. We miss them very much.

A. planning to B. getting ready to

C. waiting to

D. looking forward to

( )11.I think Yancheng is a good place________ a holiday.

A. spending B. spends C. to spend D. spend to ( )12.That boy is Simon. And the girl next to ________ is Amy.

A. he B. his C. him D. hers ( )13. There’s no bus. He has to ___________ there ___________ his bicycle. A. go to, by B. go, by C. go to, on D. go, on ( )14. She has ___________ CDs, but her sister has ___________ one. A. many, no B. many, more C. much, more D. much, no ( )15. — We’re going to a party for the exchange students this afternoon. — . And say hello to them for me.

A. You’re welcome B. Have fun C. Best wishes D. Good idea ( )16The wall is ________.It is a _______wall. A. five metre long; five metres long B. five-metres long; five-metre long

C. five metres long; five-metres-long D. five metres long; five-metre-long ( )17.Our teachers often ask us _____ water in our life.

A save B saving C to save D saves

( )18. It's very dark and cold. It _______rain.

A. will B. shall C. is going to

D. are going to ( )19 His elder brother often makes him _______.

A cry B crying C to cry

D cries

( )20.It takes half an hour his homework. A her do B him do C him to do D him doing

二、补全对话 (每题1分 共5分)

Millie: Hi. Sandy. Would you like to go to the park with me this Saturday?

Sandy: (21) I'll have to go shopping with my mother. Millie: Really? Can I go with you?

Sandy: OK. What are you going to buy? Sandy: Me too. My mother also wants to buy a bag. Sandy: You can come to my house at 7:30 a.m. Sandy: No problem.

三 完型填空 (30) A

Welcome to Golden Street. It is a very busy street. It's also my favorite place to have . On both , you can see many new buildings. Many shops are in this street after nine o'clock . People can buy all kinds of things there. If you too long and you feel tired, you can go to the bar (酒吧many there. You can a lot of nice food. If you want to find a big. supermarket, go the street and turn right. You can see a big one, and there are kinds of things in it.

( )26 A. happy B. funny C. nice D. fun ( )27. A. street B. shop C. house D. bridge ( )28. A. closed B. close C. open D. opens

( )29 A. in the morning B. in the afternoon C. at noon D. in the evening ( )30. A. say B, walk C. run D. visit ( )31 A. pay B. turn C. enjoy D. hope ( )32.A. gardens B. parks C. banks D. restaurants ( )33. A. watch B. enjoy C. look D. like ( )34. A. on B. at C. down D. behind ( )35. A. much B. a lot C. many D, any B

I’ll go on a travel to the capital of our country next week. I want to travel I will arrive Beijing Sunday, the May. I’m going to have a free day first, because I’ll be tired ’ll buy some gifts

the members of my family. I will go to the Great Wall on Then I’ll visit the Summer Palace on Thursday, the day I’ll pay a visit to the Space Museum. It will take me one day to visit the Palace Museum .Finally, I will come back on .Because I must go to work on Monday. Do you think the one-week visiting sounds ?

( )36. A. on B. by C. with D. in ( )37. A. in B. to C. at D. on ( )38 A. in B. at C. to D. on ( )39. A. seventeen B. seventieth C. seventh D. seven ( )40. A. after B. before C. if D. when ( )41. A. to B. in C. on D. for ( )42. A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday D. Friday ( )43. A. eleventh B. twelfth C. ninth D. thirteenth ( )44. A. Tuesday B. Saturday C. Sunday D. Friday ( )45. A. well B. great C. beautifully D. happily 四 阅读理解(40)


American schools begin in September after a long summer holiday. There are two terms in a school

year. The first term is from September to January, and the second is from February to June. Most American children begin to go to school when they are five years old. Most students are seventeen or eighteen years old when they finish high school.

High school students take only four or five subjects each term. They usually go to the same classes

every day, and they have homework for every class. After class they do many interesting things.

After high school, many students go to college. They can go to a small one or a large one. They

usually have to give a lot of money. So many college students work after class to get the money for their studies.

( )46. How long is each term?

A. Two months. B. Three months C. Four months. D. Five months. ( )47. How old are the students when they graduate(毕业) from high school?

A. Five years old. B. Seven or eight years old. C. Seventeen or eighteen years old. D. Twenty years old. ( )48. How many subjects do the high school students have each term?

A. Three or four. B. Five or six. C. Six or seven. D. Four or five.

( ) 49. What do many of the high school students do after they graduate according to(根据) this


A. Many of them stay at home B. Many of them go to work. C. Many of them go to college. D. We don't know. ( )50. What do many college students do after class in America?

A. Many of them read books after class.

B. Many of them go to work to get money for their studies. C. Many of them go to parties.

D. Many of them go out with their friends.


There are seven days in a week. They are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Most children go to school from Monday to Friday. Most people don’t work on Saturday or Sunday. In England most shops are closed on Saturday and Sunday. But in China shops are open every day. In England some people go to church(去做礼拜). The time between Friday evening and Monday morning is the weekend. It is the time for rest. We can’t work all the time. We have to work from time to time. We rest over the weekend.

( )51. Most children don’t go to school on and Sunday.

A. Saturday B. Monday C. Wednesday D. Tuesday ( )52.In China shops are open .

A. on Tuesday B. every day C. Thursday D. from Monday to Friday ( )53.We have ________ at weekends.

A. to work B. a good rest C. lessons D. a look ( )54. Most children have _______ days’ holiday(假日).

A. two B. one C. three D. four

( )55. There are ______ people in most shops in England on Sunday.

A. some B. many C. no D. any C Dear Jenny,

How are you? Thanks for your last letter.

I like English and Maths, too. I think they're interesting and useful(有用的). Our school is over at 3:40 p. m. every day and I can get home at 4 o'clock, but I don't go home at once(立刻).

On Monday afternoon, I have a violin lesson from 4:00 to 5:00. I like sports, and I'm in the school basketball team with our P. E. teacher on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday afternoon, I go shopping with my parents. We buy a lot of food and fruits, and I like eating them very much. On Thursday, I often watch TV at home after school. I like Sports World very much

On Saturday we don't have classes. I often sing in an art school. I like singing and I can sing better now. I usually go to the park or have a rest at home on Sunday. I'm busy every day, but I'm very happy because I have fun in my life.

Yours, Alice

56. Alice likes_______.

A. Chinese and Maths B. English and ChineseC. English and Maths D. English and Biology 57. Alice's school is over at_______ in the afternoon every day.

__·_·_·_·_·_·_·_·_·_·_·_·_·_·_·_号··学线 · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · 题·名··姓答·· · · 要· · ·· 不 订 内·· · · · 线· · · · 订· · · · 装·级··班·· · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · ·· 装 · ·校··学············

A. 3:40 B. 4:00 C. 4:40 D. 5:00

58. Alice has a violin lesson for_______ on Monday afternoon

A. half an hour B. an hour C. two hours D. three hours 59. What does Alice do on Tuesday afternoon?

A. She plays basketball at school. B. She plays the violin at school. C. She goes shopping with her parents. D. She watches TV at home. 50. What does Alice often do on Saturday?

A. She often plays the violin B. She often goes to the park.

C. She often has a rest at home. D. She often sings in an art school. D

Suzhou is an old city with a long history. The city is very clean and has fresh air. There are a lot of nice gardens in Suzhou and Suzhou gardens are famous in the world. When you enjoy the beauty in the gardens, you will feel very peaceful (平静的) and happy. Besides (除……之外) the gardens, Suzhou silk is also very famous. On the streets, you can see many silk shops. You should buy some beautiful silk scarves because they are really beautiful. Suzhou food is so sweet and some people may not like it. But you can have different kinds of foods here. Suzhou is close to Shanghai. It takes about only one hour from Suzhou to Shanghai by bus. The traffic is very convenient (方便的) here. Welcome to Suzhou! You will have a good time here.

61. How will you feel when walking in the gardens? A. Bored. B. Excited. C. Happy and peaceful. D. A little funny. 62. Suzhou is famous for its ______ in the world. A. silk and streets B. gardens and silk C. silk and food D. streets and gardens 63. What may some people not like in Suzhou? A. Suzhou food B. Suzhou traffic. C. Suzhou silk. D. Suzhou gardens. 64. How far is it from Suzhou to Shanghai? A. Two hours’ bus ride. B. Two hours’ ride on the train. C. One hour’s bus ride. D. One hour’s ride on the underground. 65. What does the writer want to do? A. To tell about the long history of Suzhou. B. To tell about the beauty of Suzhou gardens. C. To tell about the Suzhou food and Suzhou silk. D. To attract (吸引) visitors to Suzhou. 五 词汇(5)

66.Who will you ____________(邀请) to your birthday party this Friday?

67.Mr Brown doesn’t have ____________(足够的) money to buy the expensive TV. 68. I meet an old friend of___________ (my) in the street

69. I hear most people like coffee in the _____________ (west) countries. 70. Hurry up, or you'll ___________ (错过) the train for London. 六 书面表达 (20分)

以My dream home为题写一篇70字左右的短文。短文中必须包含以下内容: 1、住在南京市中心的一个公寓里,第五层;




My dream home

______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

三 完型填空


四 阅读理解(40)

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