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Unit 13 Rainy days
make me sad.

Self Check

Advertising: pros and cons

Advantage: _____________ __________ __________

Disadvantage _______________ _______________ _______________

Last month ,I read an ad in the newspaper. It’s about a cream called…

Look, read, write and say:
List, lead, compare, keep out, taste
keep 1, I meed a mew jacket. This one doesn’t _____out the cold. tastes 2, Customers say the food at the restaurant_______ terrible. listed 3, When prices are ______, you can go to the store with the lowest price . lead 4, Eorking hard at english can _____ to a good job . 5, Wait before you buy that watch. Let’s ______ prices compare in another store.

Listen and read:
Dear diary, I thought today was going to be really bad. To start with, it was Raining, and rainy days made me sad. And it was my birthday,but When I got up , no one was at home, and mom and hadn’t left me a Note. I walk to school with my best friend, Gu. She didn’t say anyThing either. This let me a little angry. After all, I remembered her Birthday last month. In class, the teacher ask me for my homework, but as I was so tense when I left home, I had forgotten to bring it with me. That made me annoyed with myself. But things got better. Gu invited me for lunch. I was so surprised. Mom and Dad and all My friends wrer there. I had a wonderful surprise birthday lunch. That made me VERY happy.

sad angry annoyed surprised Early morning midmorning Latemorning Lunch time

Homework: 1.Make sentences with the words in Activity I in your exercise books. 2.Then finish off the exercises in the workbook.

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