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unit 4 topic 2 同课异构SectionA

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Unit 4 Having Fun Topic 2 Section A
Would you like to go for a picnic?

锡市六中: 张晓杰

A: Are you free this Sunday? B:Yes, What’s up? A: Would you like to …. B:Yes, I ‘d like /love to.

make a snowman do some shopping
A: Are you free this Sunday? B:Yes, What’s up? A: Would you like to ….

have a snowball fight have a picnic / go for a picnic

B:Yes, I ‘d like /love to.

What would they like to do? They would like to go for a picnic.

Listen to 1a and fill in the blanks.
this Sunday Time:____________________

West Hill Place:———————————
Kangkang, Jane and Maria People:_______________________ a guitar Don’t forget to bring___________


Look, listen and follow

Who (people) When (time) Where (place) What (activities)

__________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

J: Hello! This is K: Hello, Jane! ____ ____ Kangkang. J: Hi, Kangkang! free K : Are you______ this Sunday? J: Yes. ______________ What’s up? go to K : Would you like to ___ ____the West for Hill _____ a _____picnic _______? J: Oh, I’d love to. about K: Please _____ Maria_______ it. tell call J: Sure. I’ll _____ her. K: See you then. J: See you.

Maria: Hello! Jane: Hi, Maria! This is Jane (speaking). ___________________ Are you free this Sunday? Marie: Sure. __________ What’s up? Jane: Would you like to go to West Hill for a picnic? Yes. / Oh, I’d love to. Maria:____________________ Jane: See you then. Maria: _________ See you.

Picnic Plan
Time Food

Place People

Drinks Other things


Let’s act it out


Hello, Xi Yangyang! This is Xiao Huihui.
Are you free…..

Yes,What’s up?
Would you like to…..? Oh, I’d love to. Please tell… about it.

go for a picnic

Birthday Party Plan Time Place People Food Drinks Other things


Let’s act it out

have a birthday party

W'd like to go to _____ for a picnic with_____. I want to take some _____ and _____. A wants to take some _____ and _____. B wants to take some _____ and _____. We are very happy.

(1) 打电话 ①—Hello! This is —Hello, Jane! ________(我是)Kangkang. ② I’ll________(打电话) her. call (2) 约定 —Are you _____ (有空)this Sunday? free What’s up? —Yes._________ (什么事?) (3) 邀请 for a picnic go to —Would you like to ____ ___West Hill___ ___ ____(去野餐)? —Oh, I’d love to. (4) 提醒 tell about Please _____ Maria______ it.

2. Exercise Book: Unit4 Topic2 SectionA. 3. Oral English Exercise: Topic2 Setences19-23 4. Preview Section B.

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