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M1U3-4 revision课件

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Unit 3

I. Words:
1.日记, 杂志 _____________ journal 2.运送, 运输 _____________ transport finally 3.最后, 终于 _____________ persuade 4.说服, 劝说 _____________ stubborn 5.顽固的 _____________ 6. 坚持 7.适当地 _____________ insist properly _____________

determine 8.下定决心 _____________

valley 9.山谷, 流域 ____________
attitude 10.态度, 看法 ____________ shorts 11.短裤 ____________

camp 12.营地, 扎营 ____________ 13.记录, 录音 ____________ record
14.话题, 主题 ____________ topic


____________ familiar
_____________ brave

Ⅱ. 重点短语
1.梦想做某事 dream of doing sth 2.毕业于(某大学) graduate from persuade sb to do / 3.说服某人做某事 into doing sth 4.使某人对某事感兴趣做 get sb interested in sth 5.坚决要求做某事 insist on / upon doing sth 6.坚持要求某人做某事 insist that sb (should) do sth

7.改变主意 change one’s mind


at an altitude of

9.下定决心做某事 be determined to do sth 10.向某人屈服 give in to sb 11.穿过深谷 through deep valleys 12.像往常一样 as usual

13.鼓励某人做某事 encourage sb to do sth
14.扎营 make camp hardly wait to do

15.搭帐篷 put up tents

17.首先…, 其次… For one thing…for another
18.对熟悉 be familiar with


be familiar to

20.一种对……的态度 have an attitude to

21.期末考试 the final-term examination 22.公交车费 bus fare 23.详细地 in detail 24.河的源头 the source of a river stay awake 25.醒着 26.为……作准备 prepare for 27.列出详单 make a list of details

III. Sentences:

1. 他们坚持不完工就不休息。(insist)
____________________________________ They insist that they should not rest until they finish the work. ____________________________________ 2. 一旦你下了决心就不该轻易改变主意。 (make up one’s mind) Once you have made up your mind, ____________________________________ ____________________________________ you should not change your mind easily.

3.说服我去参加运动会的是我的好朋友。 (强调句)( persuade sb. to do) It was my good friend who persuaded __________________________________ __________________________________ me to take part in the sports meeting 4.我认为我们不该让步,毕竟这不是我们的错。 (give in) I don’t think we should give in. ___________________________________ ___________________________________ After all, it’s not our fault. 5.父母所关心的是孩子的未来。(care about) What parents care about is the future ___________________________________ ___________________________________ of their children.

Book1 Unit 4
I. Words: judge honour 1.法官, 判断 __________ 2.荣誉, 尊敬_________ fresh Europe 3.新鲜的 ___________ 4.欧洲 ____________ mine 5.埋葬 ___________ 6. 矿山 ___________ bury 7.地震 ____________ 8.休克, 震惊_________

quake shock 9.营救 __________ 10.毁坏 __________ rescue destroy injure 11.电, 电流__________ 12.损害____________ electricity 13.池塘 ________ 14.蒸气 ____________ pond steam smelly burst 15.发臭的 __________ 16.爆发 ____________

Ⅱ. 重点短语
1.握手 shake hands with 2.水管 water pipe 3.自然灾害 natural disaster 4.立刻, 马上 right away / right now / at once 5.新鲜的空气 fresh air 6.百分之二十 20 per cent of … 7.三分之二 two thirds 8.数以万计的 tens of thousands of 9.成千的 thousands of 10.作为…而闻名 be famous /well-known as

11.破败不堪, 一片废墟 in ruins 12.太……而不能…… too…to… 13.发出臭的气体 give out a smelly gas 14.为……作准备 prepare for 15.代替, 而不是 instead of 16.为纪念…, 为庆祝… in honor of 17.为……而自豪 be proud of / take pride in 18.从……来判断 judging from / by 19.超过, 不仅仅 more than 20.举手 raise / put up one’s hand

21.结束, 终结 at an end

22.挖掘, 发现 dig out
23.为幸存者搭建避身处 build shelters for survivors 24.煤矿 coal mines 25.组织一个晚会 organize an evening party

26.营救某人脱离危险 rescue sb from danger
27.毁坏一个城市 destroy a city 28.弄伤一支胳膊 injure an arm burst into laughter / 29.突然大笑起来 out laughing

Ⅲ. Translation:
1. 动物们紧张得不吃东西。 The animals were too nervous to eat. ______________________________________ 2. 老鼠从地里跑出来找地方躲。 Mice ran out of the fields looking ______________________________________ for places to hide. ______________________________________ 3. 世界似乎到了末日。 ______________________________________ It seemed that the world was at an end! 4. 也不是所有的希望都没有了。 All hope was not lost. ______________________________________

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