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2013版人教版英语八年级上单元测试题Unit3 I’m more outgoing than my sister

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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than sister.

一、 用所给单词的适当形式填空

1. The old woman wants her son ________ (work) hard.

2. You had better brush your teeth _______ (two) a day.

3. The woman is ___________ (health) because she doesn’t like to exercise.

4. The game is over. Who is the ________ (win)?

5. When he grows up, he wants to be a _________ (write).

6. He is ________ (fun) than his sister.

7. Kate danced _______ (good) than Sam.

8. Who is _________________ (outgoing), Lucy or Julie?

9. Bob listens to the teacher as ___________ ( careful) as Jim.

10. The girl is _________ (talent). She can sing, dance, draw well.

二、 单项选择

( ) 1. – Can you give me ______ help? -- Sure.

A. any B. some C. no ( A. little B. a little C. few ( ) 3. The dress is ________ , you can buy it.

A. beautiful enough C. beautifully enough (

A. his B. her D. their

( A. heavyer C. more heavy D. much heavy

( ) 6. Tom is my friend. He’ A. much c. a little much D. a little more

( A. thin C. fat D. fater


B. Does C. Is D. Are

( A. in B. at C. for D. with

( ) 10. He was afraid ______ alone at night.

A. to go out B. goes out C. going out D. of go out

( ) 11. – How many birds can you see in the tree? -- _____________.

A. None B. No one C. Nothing D. A few

( ) 12. Mary likes ______ the magazine.

A. look B. read C. watch D. see

( ) 13. The problem is ______ difficult. I can’t work it out.

A. much B. even C. a lot D. very

( ) 14. What color do you like ______, blue or green?

A. good B. well C. better D. best

( ) 15. My T-shirt is much older than _____.

A. hers B. her C. she D. she’s

( ) 16. The man made his son _____ after he told him some jokes.

A. laugh B. to laugh C. laughed D. laughing

( ) 17. Mary is similar ____ her father. They both have big eyes.

A. with B. like C. to D. for

( ) 18. _____ they are good friends, _____ they have different interests.

A. Though, but B. Though, / C. Because, so D. Because, /

( ) 19. Who is ______ old people, you or she?

A. better at B. better with C. better in D. best with

( ) 20. My school is different ____ yours.

A. in B. by C. of D. from

( ) 21. – ______ is heavier, the horse or the elephant? -- The elephant is.

A. Which B. How C. Who D. What

( ) 22. We should do sports to keep _____.

A. healthy B. health C. unhealthy ( ) 23. Did you meet _______ on your way home?

A. interesting something C. nothing interesting ( ) 24. Don’t go out now! It’ A. hardly B. heavy ( A. reading B. read D. of reading

( A. bring out, in C. break out, in D. breaks out, of

( ’s work.

A. tired C. delicious D. interesting

( ) 28. They’ C. surprise D. hope

( B. has C. with D. of

( A. to B. of C. with D. in

( ) 31. Tom and his best friend are _____ smart.

A. all B. both C. either D. same

( ) 32. Are you ______ your mother?

A. similar to B. same as C. the similar as D. the same to

( ) 33. A good book _____ a good friend.

A. is like B. likes C. like D. as

( ) 34. Anna is ______ popular than Mary.

A. much less B. less much C. rather D. more much

( ) 35. She ____ sings more loudly than Tara.

A. also B. too C. either D. as well

三 完形填空


Till breakfast time you don’food for your work in the morning.

One good breakfast may be rice, bread, an egg and a glass of milk or fruit juice. A good you to smile more easily. It helps you to be

fun you enjoy a good breakfast.

( ) 1. A. meal B. breakfast C. lunch D. supper

( ) 2. A. easily B. easy C. easier D. more easy

( ) 3. A. anything B. everything C. something D. nothing

( ) 4. A. has B. needs C. keeps D. finds

( ) 5. A. milk B. cheese C. drinking ( ) 6. A. keep B. make C. keeps ( ) 7. A. enough early B. early enough ( ) 8. A. helps B. lets D. makes

( ) 9. A. sadder B. happily D. wonderful


D. And

Do singers going shopping. Sknow their song Super have another ’t want to grow up. I think many boys and girls have this idea. They don’t like to grow up. They always have the dream of growing up.

( )1. A. to B. at C. from D. under

( )2. A. books B. names C. classes D. songs

( )3. A. enjoys B. thinks C. comes D. says

( )4. A. gives B. means C. sends D. joins

( )5. A. running B. making C. playing D. walking

( )6. A. and B. but C. or D. too

( )7. A. looks B. sees C. does D. goes

( )8. A. good B. well C. better D. best

( )9. A. difficult B. Same C. popular D. Boring

( )10. A. sometimes B. Always C. never D. often

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