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Module3 Unit2 We weren’t very rich,but we were happy课件1

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Unit 2
We weren’t very rich, but we were


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Try to Remember
年龄最大的 已婚的 (从…)跌落 结婚


fall off
get married

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Activity 1
Look at the woman in the photo. How do you think life has changed for her? Think about: family health life in Beijing

marriage the role of women work
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Read the passage and write notes about

Mrs. Li’s answers to the ideas in Activity
1. Family: bigger family,

less money
Health: …

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Sample answers:
health: healthier, live longer, eat better life in Beijing: much better, more buildings, so much more traffic, walk less and take the bus more. marriage: in the past, parents choose partners for their children; now, children choose partners for themselves.
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Read the first paragraph and answer the following questions. 1.Where did Mrs. Li’s family live? In a small house beside a restaurant. 2. What did she think of her family? They weren’t very rich but they were happy.
3. When did her eldest sister leave school? At the age of 12.
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4. What does she think of the family in the past and today? In the past, families were much bigger. Most people had lots of children. Today most people only have one child and the families are small.

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Language points of 1st paragraph
the eldest child老大 old 有两种比较级和最高级: older, oldest; elder, eldest 说明: elder, eldest虽然是old的一种比 较级和最高级形式,但一般只用作定 语,表示兄弟姐妹的长幼关系,elder 不能与than连用表示比较。 (Use PPT to make a flash)
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Read paragraph 2 and fill in the blanks. 12 Mrs. Li’s father went out to work for ____ ________
hours a day. He neverchanged his job in his _______ life. But now people change their jobs much more often _______________. Mrs. Li’s mum was a teacher ________ before she met Mrs. Li’s father. stay After marrying, she had to _____ at home to look after _________ the children. Today it is ________ normal to go out for many married women _________ to work. But in the past, it was _____________. less common
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Language points of 2nd paragraph
1. a full-time job 全职工作 反义词: a part-time job 兼职工作 2. normal 正常的 3. less common 不常见 说明:这也是一种比较级,如果表达A方 不如B方可用三种句式: 1) A+谓语的否定式+形容词(或副词) 比较级+than + B
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This room isn’t bigger than mine. He doesn’t run faster than his brother. 2) A+谓语+less+形容词(或副词)的 原形+than+B I am less tall th

an he. He does his homework less carefully than his brother. 3) A+谓语的否定句+so(as)+形容词(或 副词)的原级+as+B
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Mrs. Brown is not so / as old as she looks. It doesn’t rain so/ as often in Xi’an as in Wuhan.

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Read paragraph3 and complete the table:
Food at home
Three times a day Eat enough Freshly cooked Much better

Things to do at home
Played games Read a lot Helped the younger brother with his homework in the evenings
Have television Watch TV in the evenings

In the past today
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Buy readymade food

Language points of 3rd paragraph
1. enough adj. 足够的 通常放在名词前修 饰名词。如: He has enough money to buy this book. adv. 足够地 通常放在被修饰词的后面。如: The room is big enough to hold 100 people. 2. freshly cooked 新做的,现做的 3. ready-made food 现成的食物,预先制 成的食物
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Paragraph 4
1. Mrs. Li first met her husband ___ years ago. (50, 60) 2. Mrs. Li’s husband helped her carry the ____when she fell off the bike. (books, bags ) 3. Mrs. Li’s parents thought her husband came from a ___ family. (good, rich ) 4. Mrs. Li married her husband at the age of ____. (19. 20) 5. Now most couples meet ___ (at work, in the street).

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Language points of the 4th paragraph 1. fall off 从…摔下来 He fell off the bike and hurt his leg yesterday. 2. get married 结婚 3. couple 夫妻

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Read Paragraph 5 and judge the statement is true or false. Mrs. Li often walks and takes the bus less to keep healthy. ( F )
Language point: 1. lots more / much more 形容词(或 副词)的比较级可用much, lots, a little, even, still等词修饰。
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Read the last paragraph and choose the best answer. Mrs. Li thinks life is better today because ____________________. A. She is not poor any longer. B. She has more free time. C. She is healthier and lives longer. D. She walks less and takes the bus more.
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Language point
One day I’ll be talking to your own grandchildren. 有一天我会正与你的儿孙交谈呢!

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1. My sister … left school when she was
only 12… a) The school leaving age was lower in the past. b) My sister no longer wanted to go

to school.
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Pair work
2. Looking after us was a full-time job, so she stayed at home.

a )It wasn’t necessary for the mother to

b )Married women were too busy at
home to continue working.
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3. …my mother never bought

ready-made food as people do today. a) The food we eat today isn’t as
healthy as it was.

b) There

wasn’t any fast food in the
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4. My parents liked him, and thought he
came from a good family… a) Parents usually decide who their children married.

b) People from good families were
always kind.
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ready-made food carry heavy box fall off

捡起; 接

pick up
get married

…的数量 我想
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the number of
I suppose

Let’s have a try!
1. 自从我离开,我的家乡已经改变了很多。 My hometown has ____________ since I left. changed a lot 2. 过去我妈妈从不买现在人们经常买的速 食食品。 In the past, my mother never bought _______________ as people do today.

ready-made food
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