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2013新外研版七年级英语下Module 7 Unit 1课件i

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Unit 1 I was born in a small village.

Objectives: 1. To understand conversations containing past simple “be”. 2. To get information about someone’s past life from the listening and reading materials. 3. To talk about one’s past life.

Words and phrases: be born, primary, primary school, town, friendly, US, village, naughty, nice, good, difficult
Key structures: Where were you born? I was born in a small village. My first teacher was----. Were you-----? Yes, I was./No, I wasn’t.

Words and expressions

/ b ?: n / born(bear过去分词)出生 /str? kt/ strict严格的;严厉的 /frendli/ friendly友好的 ‘pra?m ri/ primary初等的;初级 小学 primary school /t a? n/ town城镇;市镇 /,ju:’es/ US美国 /he? / hey喂;嘿 /’v?l ? d? / village 村庄

/n a?s/ nice友好的;亲切的 /g? d/ good乖的;守规矩的 /’d ?fiklt/ difficult难对付的

A free talk

1. I am a teacher now. I was a student three years ago.

She is a doctor now. She was a teacher last year.

Yao Ming Shanghai 1980 When was he born ? He was born in 1980 Where was he born ?

He was born in Shanghai.

Zhou Bichan Guangdong 1985 When was she born ? was born She ____ ____in 1985 Where was she born ? was born She ____ ____ in Guangdong

Twins Taiwan 1999
When were they born? They were born in 1999 were they born? Where_______________ were born in Taiwan They________________.

Let’s talk about our past(过

去的) life.
When were you born? I was born in 19_ _.
Where were you born? I was born in ____.

Li Yaya

2005 .4.2 Hangzhou

Mrs White February,1963 Canada

Mr wang

May 10th,1958 Australia

Yao Ming basketball player Shanghai,China September 12th, 1980

Olympic Champion (冠军) born:1983 上海

A: When/Where was Liu Xiang born? B: He was born …

Miss Guo



I was born in a small village.

I was born in April 1982.
Where were you born? --- I was born ...

? 关于提问某人是何时出生的用法 ? When were you born? 你是什么时候出生的? I was born in 1992. I was born on Oct.11th,1992. (注意:介词 in 和 on 的区别)

A: When were you born? B: I was born … A: Where were you born? B: I was born … A: When was she born? B: She was born …

A: Where were they born? B: They were born …

Where was Lingling born?
--- Lingling was born in a small

village in Shanxi Province.

Activity 1 Listen and number the
questions as you hear them.

3 b) What was your first school like ? 2 c) Where were you born ? 1 d) Was she strict? 4

a). Who was your first teacher?

Now answer the questions. Use the words and expressions from the box.

1. Ms Smith.
2.It wasn’t a big school and it was very friendly.

3.I was born in Quincy ,a small town in the US. 4.Yes, she was, but she was also very nice.

Activity 2 Listen again and check(√ ) the true



1.Betty was born in the US. 2.Betty was born in a small town. 3.Betty’s first school was a big school.

4.There were twenty-two students in Betty’s class. 5.Betty’s first teacher was strict. √

Listen and read.
Tony: Hey, Lingling. Where were you born ? Lingling: I was born in a small village in Shanxi Province. Tony: What was the name of the village ? Lingling: Xucun. Where were you born, Tony? Tony: I was born in Cambridge. It’s a small city in England . Lingling: What was the name of your first school ? Tony: It was Darwin Primary School. Lingling: Who was your first teacher ? Tony: My first teacher was Mrs Lane. She was strict but very nice. Who was your first teacher? Lingling: Ms Yao. She was very friendly. Who were your first friends ? What were they like? Tony: Their names were Becky and Adam. Becky was very good in class but Adam wasn’t.He was quite difficult. Lingling: And what were you like ? Were you difficult in class too ? Tony: No, I wasn’t very good!.

Now choose the correct answer.
1 Was Lingling born in Xucun ? A. Yes, she was. B. No, she isn’t. 2 Was Tony’s first school called Darwin Primary School ? A. Yes, it was. B. No, it wasn’t. 3 Was his teacher’s name Mrs Smith? A. Yes, it was. B. No, it wasn’t. 4 Was Mrs Smith Lingling’s teacher ? A. Yes, she was. B. No, she wasn’t. 5 Was Ms Yao very friendly ? A. Yes, she was. B. No, she wasn’t. 6 Were Becky and Adam Tony’s friends ? A. Yes, they were. B. No, they weren’t. 7 Were Becky good at school ? A. Yes, she was. B. No, she wasn’t. 8 Was Tony difficult at school? A. Yes, he was. B. No, he wasn’t.

Activity 4.Complete the table
Born in First teacher First school
First friend(s)



Ms Yao
Darwin Primary School


Cambridge Mrs Lane

Becky and Adam

Listen read and retell. a small village Lingling was born in _________________in Shanxi Province The name of the village was ________. Xucun Ms Yao __________. Her first teacher was__________. friendly She was very________. Cambridge England Tony was born in ____________in ________. Darwin Primary School His first school was_______________________. Mrs Lane His first teacher was____________. She was nice Becky strict ______but______. His first friends were _____ Adam good and _______. Becky was_____________ and good difficult Adam was __________. And Tony was _______, too.

Activity 6


Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions about your past life.

1. Where were you born ? 2.What was the name of your Primary school? 3. Who was your first teacher? 4. What was he/ she like ? 5.Who were your first friends? 6. What were they like ? 7.What was your favourite subject? 8.How many students were there in your class?

Language Notes

1.Where were you born?你出生在哪里? 1)born 是动词bear“出生”的过去分词, be born是 出生 的意思,一般只用于 过去时态,通常在be born的后面接时间或 地点作状语: be born in + 年/月/地, be born on+某日。 翻译:a.他出生在1996年。 b.我出生在诸城。 c.妈妈出生生在

五月一日。 _______________________.

2)本句是由Where引导的特殊疑问句。询问某人出生在 何时/何地,用 一般过去 时态。 试翻译:你妈妈出生在哪里? 她是什么时候出生的? 2. What was the name of the village? = What was the village’s name? 可译为“这个村子的名字是什 么”。the name of是“ ----的名字 ”的意思。 3. first是序数词。序数词在修饰名词时一般在前面加 the, 但如果序数词前面有形容词性物主代词时,“the” 省略。如: the first a. He is ___________ student to come to the school. (第一个). b. My ___________ teacher is Ms Yao.(第一个) first 试翻译:你的第一个语文老师是谁? _______________________

4.What were they like? 他们是怎样的人? “What be sb. like?”句型用来询问某人的外貌 特征/性格特征(而What do/does /did+ 主语 + look like?是问一个人的外貌是什么样的)。 What 作为介词like 的宾语,be like 意为“像”。 回答时句中不用be like,而用“be + 形容词” 或“have + 名词”。 举例:a. What is he like ?他长得什么样? has He is tall and thin, and he ______ short black hair. 他又高又瘦,并留着短黑发。 b. What was he like? 他是怎样的人? is very friendly. He_________________.(很友好)

5.She was strict but nice.她很严厉但很和善。 strict 严格的,严厉的。对某人要求严格用be strict with sb, 对某方面要求严格用be strict in sth. 举例:1.我父亲对我要求很严格。 2.他对工作很严格。 3.她是一位严格的老师。 6. friendly “友好的”,与其对应的名词为friend。 friendly的反义词为 unfriendly“不友好的”。相关短 语有: make friends with…与某人交朋友;be friendly to sb 对某人友好 make some American friends eg:He wants to ________________________. (交一些美国朋友) be friendly to We should ____________________ each other. (彼此友好)


英汉词组互译 1. 1 小学 primary school _____________ 2. 在河北省______________________ in Hebei Province in England 3. 在英国_____________ 4. 回答此问题_______________________ answer the question 出生 5. be born__________ 6. the name of your first school _________________________ 你第一个学校的名字 7. be strict with sb.______________ 对某人要求严格 8. be friendly to sb.______________ 对某人友好

1 Jack was my first friend. ( 就划线部分提问) Who your _______ was ______ first friend? 2 What was your teacher’s name ? (改为同义句) What was ________ name _______ your teacher ? the of 3 Li Lei was very friendly. ( 该为一般疑问句并 作否定回答) Was wasn’t ________ Li Lei very friendly? No, he _______. 4 I was born in Shanghai. (就划线部分提问) ______ _______ you born ? Where were 5 The boy was very friend.(就划线部分提问) What _______ was the b

oy _______ ? like 6. I was born in a small village. (划线部分提 Where were 问)_____________ you born ?

1. Weweren’t (not) on the farm last week. _____ was 2. Where _____ Mary last Monday? was ---She ____ at home. Were 3. _____ you in Grade One last year? was ---Yes, I ____. / No, I wasn’t _____.

4. I ____ in the library yesterday afternoon. was
5.Yesterday there _____ lots of children were playing here.

Dear Betty: This is my family. My father is English, was He _____(be) born in London, was My mother _______(be) born in China, and she is Chinese. I have got 2 sisters were and they are twins. They _____(be) born in was 1999. I am 14 years old, and I _____(be) born in Beijing, China. were And where ____(be) you born, Betty? yours, Lingling



was born I ____ _____ in a small village in Fujian. 2. 你的爸爸出生在哪里? Where was born ______ _____ your father_______? 3. 他们是1989年出生的. were born in They ____ _____ _____ 1989

? ? ? ? ?

4. 她出生在中国的北京。 was born in She ________________ Beijing , China. 5. 我父亲对我们要求很严格 is strict with My father __________________ us. 6. 语文老师对我们很友好。 Our Chinese teacher is friendly __________________________. to us.

1. 一般过去时:常用来表示过去发生的动作或存在的状态,一般与 表示过去的时间状语连用。如: yesterday, last week, the day before yesterday, in1994 … eg: My teacher was in my home last night. 2. be动词对应的过去式:

am, is are

was (I he she it ) were (you we they)

3. eg: He was in Class 1 last year. He was not in Class 1 last year. Was he in Class 1 last year?
(由be构成的一般过去式的句子,变否定句时常在was/were后面 加not; 变一般疑问句时把was/were提前放于句首.肯定回答 是:Yes, +was/were. 否定回答是:No, +wasn’t/weren’t.)

My past life
I was born on…. I was born in…. My first school was…. My first teacher was….He/She was…. My first friends were…. They were….

Write a passage about your past life.


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