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Unit6 Section B

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1a.look at the pictures. Complete the chart.
Places Activities

1.at school
2. in a pool 3. in the library 4.In the supermarket

playing the basketball

swimming reading shopping

Then ask and answer questions according to the chart above like this:

-Is the man swimming in a river ? -No, he isn’t. He’s swimming in a pool

Dragon Boat Festival

the boat race

When do we often eat zongzi ?


Read the TV report and find out the answers to the following questions. 1.Why are ZhuHui’s family watching boat races and making zongzi ? Because today is the Dragon Boat Festival .
2.Does ZhuHui like his host family ? What does he think about his home in China ? He likes his host family a lot .,but there’s still “no place like home

Write “T” or “F” 1.The story is about Zhu Jun . F 2.ZhuHui is studying in the United States . T 3.Today is Spring Festival . F 4.ZhuHui’s father is watching a football game on TV. F 5.ZhuHui is also watching the boat races. F

6.ZhuHui misses his family very much. T

Read this report again and find out the following phrases. study in the United States 1.在美国学习_____________________ Dragon Boat Festival 2.端午节__________________ make zongzi 3.包粽子___________ watch the boat races 4.观看龙舟赛__________________ talk on the phone 5.打电话_______________ miss one’s family 6.想家_______________ wish to do something 7.希望做某事__________________ no place like home 8.没有哪个地方像家一样________________

2c.Match the verbs in column A with the words in column B. Then use the phrases to write sentences according to the TV report.
A living reading making food in the US a race B


with a family
on the phone


a story

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