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Module3 Unit1 People are healthier today课件1

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Module Three

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look at the picture and say:
1.What was life like in the past? 2.What is life like today?
at home education entertainment work medicine environment transport life
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和*** 一样 肯定句:as ... as 和*** 不一样 否定句:not as / so ... as 1.Lily和Lucy一样大。 Lily is ______ ______ ______ Lucy. as old as 2.Jim不如Tom重。 not as / so heavy as Jim is _____ ______ _______ ______ Tom. Tom is ________ _______ Jim. heavier than

Jim is ________ _______ Tom. lighter than
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advagtage composition environment free time homework illness law personal pollution prevent protect safety 1.What's for homework? A history composition.
Is life today better or worse than it was 2.What's the title? 50 years ago? Betty asks whether they can write about topics 3.What does Betty ask about? such as medicine and pollution. Daming asks if they can write about 4.What does Daming ask about? personal safety.
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5.Does Mr Jackson agree? Yes he does.

Everyday English:
Nearly finished!
That's true. 快完了。


I suppose ... Talking of ...
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do my best do one's best to do sth.


1. Nearly finished. 2. do my composition 3. in the past 4. That's true. 5. know more about medicine 6. prevent illness 7. take much exercise

8. I suppose ...
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9. use their bikes less little - less - least
10. make more pollution 11. too much free time 12. do one's best to do sth. good / well -- better -- best 13. Talking of *** 14. be more relaxed

Remember all the phrases, please.
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Complete the table:
Advantages Disvantages Personal better at preventing don't eat as well health illness, live longer take less exercise Medicine know more about

Transport Work
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much faster don't have to work as hard

walk or use bikes less don't have too much free time

1.Because it's late, Betty's mum thinks that Betty should _________________________ stop writing her composition / go to bed __________. 2.Betty is working late in order to _________ finish her history composition ______________________. 3.Betty's mum thinks we know more about medicine, although people don't eat as well ____________________ _________________________________. as in the past or take as much exercise
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she is going 4.Betty reminds her mum that ___________ on a trip and a theatre visit next month ____________________________________ 5.Betty's mum thinks that Betty's school make her more trip and theatre visit will _______________ relaxed and less nervous before her exams ____________________________________.

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