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A traveler came out of the airport. There were a lot of taxis(出租车). He asked every taxi-driver’s name. Then he took the third one. It cost 5 dollars from the airport to the hotel. “How much does it cost for the whole day?” the man asked. “100 dollars,” said the taxi-driver. This was very dear, but the man said it was OK. The taxi-driver took the man everywhere. He showed him all the parks and museums in the city. In the evening they went back to the hotel. The traveler gave the taxi-driver 100 dollars and said, “What about tomorrow?” The taxi-driver looked at the man and said, “Tomorrow? It’s another 100 dollars.” But the man said, “That’s OK! See you tomorrow.” The taxi-driver was very pleased.

The next day taxi-driver took the traveler everywhere again. They visited all the parks and museums again. And in the evening they went back to the hotel. The man gave the taxi-driver 100 dollars again and said, “I’m going home tomorrow.” The taxi-driver was sorry because he liked the traveler and, above all(最重要的是), 100 dollars a day was a lot of money. “So you’re going home. Where do you come from?” he asked. “I come from New York.” “New York!” said the taxi-driver.” I have a sister in New York. Her name is Susan. Do you know her?” “Of course I know her. She gave me 200 dollars for you!”

( )46. Where did the traveler come from?

A. England B. America C. Canada D. France

( )47. Why did the traveler take the third taxi? Because .

A. the other taxi-drivers asked for more money

B. the third taxi-drivers was a kind-hearted man

C. he didn’t want to spend his own money on he coming visit

D. the other drivers didn’t like him

( )48. Usually the cost of the traveling one day may be A. $100 B. $200 C. less than $100 D. more than $200

( )49. Who asked the traveler to give the money to the taxi-driver?

A. The traveller’s sister. B. The traveler himself. C. Nobody. D. The driver’s sister.

( )50. The driver was unhappy .

A. when he heard the traveller’s last words

B. when the traveler asked every taxi-driver’s name

C. when the traveler asked him for his sister’s name

D. during the two-day visit

If you go to Hong Kong by air, you will arrive at Hong Kong International Airport. Because there was not enough land,this was built out into the sea. It is in the part of Hong Kong called Kowloon. Kowloon is one of the two big cities in Hong Kong.

The other city is Hong Kong itself. It is on an island. You can get there by ship or through a tunnel(隧道) under the sea. Much of Hong Kong is farmland and mountains.

The population of Hong Kong is over six million. Chinese and English are spoken by many people. Clothes, computers,radios and TVs are made in Hong Kong.You can by all kinds of things,such as watches and computers there.

People from all over the world travel to Hong Kong every year. You can watch dog-racing or motor-racing. Some places are quiet and beautiful. When you are hot and tired,there are small cool gardens to rest in. There are also a lot of hotels to live in. Hong Kong is also a good place for wonderful Chinese food. You can enjoy many kinds of food, for example,fish,vegetables and the famous Beijing Duck. There is certainly a lot to see and to do in Hong Kong.

( )51.The airport was built out into the sea because ________.

A. it is near the sea. B. there was not enough land. C. planes arrive safely D. it would be good

( )52. Kowloon is ___________.

A the name of a country B the name of an airport

C one of the two big cities in Hong Kong D a big city under the sea

( )53. Most people in Hong Kong speak ___________

A neither Chinese nor English B Chinese only C English only D Chinese and English

( )54. There are ________ travels in Hong Kong every year.

A a lot of B few C several D some

( )55. The main idea (大意)of the third paragraph is “________”

A Dog-racing is interesting B Beijing Duck is famous

C Chinese food is famous D Hong Kong is a good place for traveling.


Almost every child in cities has the chance to go to school,but not all children in the

countryside are so lucky.

There is a girl called Xiao Juan. She is ten years old and lives in a small village. When she

was seven, she wanted to go to school. But she could not, because her family was too poor to

afford(支付) the school fees(学费) for her, so her parents had to keep her at home. Instead of(而

不是)studying. Xiao Juan looked after her brother and worked in the fields every day. Then Hope

Project heard about Xiao Juan. It agreed to help Xiao Juan to go to school. Her wish of study came

true, and now she is studying in a school.

Unluckily, there are many thousands of children who can not go to school. You can join in

Hope Project and help these children. You know all the good work needs money. Hope Project

needs your help.

If you give Hope Project ¥300 each year, it can pay for one child to go school for a whole

year. With more money, Hope Project can build new schools, buy good desks, chairs, blackboards

( )1.We have _______ rain this year, so the trees and grass don't grow well.

A. little B.a little C.few D.a few

( )2.He studied English and Japanese, but he had no interest in _______ subject.

A.both B.none C.all D.either

( )3.-______you wash your clothes? -No. But I _______ tommorrow.

A. Do; do B.Did; wash C.Did; will D.Are; will wash

( )4. Zhongshan Park is _____ than the people's Park.

A. much beautiful B. too beautiful C. more beautiful D. beautiful

( )5. This story is _____ long ____ that one.

A. as, as B. much, than C. as, so D. as, than

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