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come back from 从…回来 work for 为…工作

feel sorry for 为…感到难过 take photos/pictures 照相

by the way 顺便说一下 improve one’s English 提高某人的英语水平 have gone to 去了某地(人还未回来) have been to 曾经去过某地(人已经回来) take part in 参加(活动) social activities 社会活动

learn from 向…学习 disabled children’s home 残疾儿童养育院 chat on line 网上聊天 have no time to do sth. 没有时间做某事 in detail 详细地 an article about 一篇关于…的文章

in the past 在过去 have a hard / happy life 过着艰苦的/幸福的生活 day and night 日日夜夜 can’t afford an education 不能提供教育的费用 child laborer 童工 in order to do sth. 目的是为了做

give support to sb. 给某人提供帮助 with the development of 随着…的发展 balanced diet 均衡饮食 what’s more 而且, 更重要的是 more than = over 多于, 超过 the living conditions 生活条件 see sth. oneself 亲眼见 keep in touch with 与…联系

friends and relatives 亲戚和朋友 not only …but also… 不但…而且… in the open air 在户外,在野外 play tug of war 拔河 play hide-and-seek draw up 拟定, 起草

check over 检查 consider doing sth. 考虑做某事 thanks to 因为, 由于 because of 因为

with the help of (=with one’s help) 在…的帮助下

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