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一. 单项选择15%

1. Does she study_____ _working______ _her friends?

A. in, by B. on, with C. by, with D. by, on

2. What about ______spoken English after class?

A. practice B. practiced C. to practice D. praticing

3. I am very______ _in swimming, _______I am not good at it.

A. interested, but B. interested, and C. interesting, so

D. interesting, or

4. There used to be a boarding-school there, _________?

A. don’t there B. didn’t there C. isn’t there

D. doesn’t there

5. Do you think eighteen-year-olds_________?

A. should allow smoke B. should be allowed smoke

C. should be smoking D. should be allowed to smoke

6. Look! There’s________ football under the teacher’s desk. Let’s

play______ _football, OK?

A. /, / B. a, a C. a, / D. a, the

7. If I______ _you, I _______give it to Microsoft.

A. am, will B. am, would C. were, would D. was, would

8. My mum is very proud _______me.

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A. of B. for C. to D. with

9. By the time we_______ _there, the bus________.

A. get, left B. got, left C. got, had left D. got, has left

10. Where’s Linda? She_________ in the office. I saw

her there just now.

A. may be B. can be C. must be D. should be

11. She likes music________ she can sing along _______

A. who, with B. whom, to C. which, to D. that, with

12. Is she the girl________ you’re looking________?

A. which, for B. that, / C. whom, / D. who, for

13. Would you like some tea?

A. Give me a cup. B. Yes, please C. Thanks. But I’m not hungry

D. I don’t like it at all.

14. Where have you________? I have ______ the supermarket.

A. gone, been to B. gone, gone to C. been, gone to

D. been, been to

15. When_______ this stone bridge_______?

A. does, build B. did, build C. is, built D. was, built 二,完形填空15%

Everyone knows London is_______ _important city in England. London was once_______ _city in the world, but now there______ _many cities which are ________bigger than it. London______ _a 杭州提分教育文二校区. 锦绣校区 网址:www.tifenjiaoyu.com


population of about 7000,000 now. It is an old city and ________many things. Many tourists from all over the world come______ _its famous buildings and______ _the famous clock, Big Ben.

_________many big cities, London has problems with traffic and pollution. Over one million people use the London underground every day, ________there are still______ _cars in the streets. The air isn’t clean, but it is ______than it was 100 years ago.

Perhaps______ _things about London are the parks. There are five in the centre of the city. But ________the children, their favorite place is Hamleys , the biggest toy shop in the world. They can _______the good toys there.

1. A. a B. an C. the D. /

2. A. big B. bigger C. biggest D. the biggest

3. A. be B. am C. is D. are

4. A. many B. more C. much D. most

5. A. with B. there is C. has D. have

6. A. is famous as B. is famous for C. famous as D. famous

7. A. to visit B. visits C. visited D. visiting

8. A. hear B. hear from C. hear of D. hear about

9. A. As B. Take C. Like D. Is like

10. A. and B. of C. but D. for

11. A. too many B. too much C. many too D. much too

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12. A. clean B. cleaner C. cleanest D. the cleanest

13. A. good B. better C. best D. the best

14. A. for B. to C. at D. in

15. A. sell B. sold C. bought D. buy



One of Henry’s feet is bigger than the other. “I can’t find good shoes for my feet,” he says to his friend Dick. “Why not go to the shoemaker?” Dick says. “ A good one can make you the right shoes” “Good ides!” Henry said, “but where can I find a good shoemaker?” “ Oh, there is one in my town” Dick says

One day Henry goes to the shoemaker in Dick’s town and asks the shoemaker to make him right shoes. Henry goes to the shoemaker again a few days later and looks at the shoes. Then he says to the shoemaker angrily , “I tell you to make one bigger than the other. Why do you make one smaller than the other?

1. Henry’s feet are_______

A. very long B. very big C. the same D. different in size

2. His friend Dick_________

A. can make shoes B. has longer feet C. knows about a shoemaker D. always has good ideas

3. Henry and Dick lives________

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A. In the same town B. in the same building

C. in different towns D. with their parents

4. Why is Henry angry?

A. Because he thinks the shoemaker makes the wrong shoes.

B. Because he thinks Dick is not happy

C. Because he thinks he has different feet

D. Because he thinks the shoemaker doesn’t make any shoes for


5. Who do you think is wrong?

A. Dick B. Henry C. The shoemaker D. Henry’s friend B

Doherty was a policeman. He liked boiled eggs. He often had one for breakfast. One morning in December, he was on duty on the road in his police car. At ten o’clock, he went into a small café by the roadside for breakfast. He ordered a boiled egg, a drink and a sandwich. When the waiter brought them to him, he found that the egg was not cooked enough. He looked around the café and saw a microwave oven on the table beside the wall. He decided to cook his egg a little longer. He put the egg inside the microwave oven and turned on. One minute later, he took it out. He took the eggs back to his table, picked up his spoon and pushed it into the egg.

Suddenly there was a loud explosion. For a moment, all the other

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people rushed to hide under the table in the café as they thought someone had thrown a bomb into the building. But when they saw Doherty’s face, they all laughed because he had egg all over it. Doherty had made a big mistake as eggs must never be cooked in a microwave oven.

6. Doherty’s favorite food for breakfast was__________.

A. a sandwich B. a hotdog C. chips D. a boiled egg

7. Why did he cook the egg with a microwave oven?

A. He wanted to save time B. They didn’t cook the egg enough

C. They didn’t cook the egg with a microwave oven

D. He often cooked eggs with a microwave oven

8. Where was the explosion?

A. On his table B. In the microwave oven

C. In the kitchen D. In his car

9. Doherty had the egg all over__________

A. his feet B. his face C. the café D. the waiter

10. . People felt_______ _as soon as they heard the explosion.

A. excited B. funny C. frightened D. pleased


Stephen Hawking was born in Oxford, England 8th January, 1942. He went to school in St Albans—a small city near London. Although he did well, he was never top of his class. After leaving school, 杭州提分教育文二校区. 锦绣校区 网址:www.tifenjiaoyu.com


Hawking went to Oxford University where he studied physics, then he went to Cambridge University where he studied cosmology. As he himself admits, he didn’t work hard. He was a very lazy student, and did very little work. However, he still got good marks.

It was at the age of 20 that Hawking first noticed sth was wrong with him. He started to bump into things. When he visited his family at Christmas time, his mother was so worried that she made him see a doctor. Hawking was sent to hospital for tests. Finally, the results came out. Hawking had motor neurone disease, an illness which would make him unable to speak, breathe or more without the help of a machine. Doctors said they had no way to help him. He would die before he was 23.

At first, Hawking became very sad. After a while, though, he began to see his wife in a different way. As he later wrote, “ Before my illness was diagnosed(诊断), I had been very bored with life. There had not seemed to be anything worth doing. But shortly after I came out of hospital, I suddenly realized that there were a lot of worthwhile things I could do.” Hawking married, found a job at Cambridge University , and had three children. He also went on to do some of the most important scientific research.

Today, Hawking still works at Cambridge University as a professor. He strongly believes that his story shows that nobody, 杭州提分教育文二校区. 锦绣校区 网址:www.tifenjiaoyu.com


however had their situation is, should lose hope. “Life is not fair,” he once said, “You just have to do the best you can in your own situation.”

11. As a university student, Stephen Hawking________

A. worked very hard B. studied maths and physics

C. was the best student in his class

D. was lazy and did very little work

12. Hawking first noticed sth was wrong with him when_________

A. he was sent to hospital for tests B. his mother made him see a doctor C. he was twenty years old

D. he visited his family at Christmas time one year

13. .In this passage the underlined word” incurable” means________

A. 无法治愈的 B. 难以确诊的 C. 常见的 D. 可以治愈的

14. When Hawking was first diagnosed with motor neurone disease,


A. made up his mind to get married B. began to see his life in a different way C. thought that nothing in life was worth doing

D. became very sad

15. . What would be the best title for this passage?

A. Motor neurone disease B. Life is fair

C. Professor Stephen Hawking D. A lazy boy


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People all over the world________1_(庆祝)the new year in different ways. The new year doesn’t begin on the same date every year. It can_______2_(依靠)on the seasons, the moon or the sun.

On New_________3( 年 )Eve, many people go to celebrate in Times Square in New York. While they’re ________4(等待)for the New Year, they_________5(听)to music, sing ________6(传统的)songs. Then_________7(突然地)just before midnight, the music stops, everyone_________8(数)down from ten to zero. They_______9(看)the fireworks, but the noise makes them_________10(跳). They all say”

Happy New Year” to their friends.

五.任务型阅读5 %

Lin Tao is a student from Beijing. He was ill last night. He hurried to a hospital this evening. Now he is at the doctor’s……..

Good morning, Doctor.

1________What’s wrong with you, young man?

_2_______I’m afraid I’ll be dead.

Don’t worry. It’s nothing serious._3________

Yes, I have. But I haven’t got a fever.


Ever since last night.

Let me look over you. Open your mouth and say” Ah….”Oh, it’s 杭州提分教育文二校区. 锦绣校区 网址:www.tifenjiaoyu.com


nothing serious. Just a cold. Take this medicine three times a day and drink more water._5_________

Thank you, Doctor.

You’re welcome.

A. You’ll be better soon B. I’ve got a headache and a cough

C. Have you taken temperature? D. How long have you been like this? E. Good morning.

六.书面表达 20%

如何看待动物?知道哪些动物是濒危动物吗?你认为应该如何保护濒危动物?阐述一下你的观点,写篇80词的短文。 杭州提分教育文二校区. 锦绣校区 网址:www.tifenjiaoyu.com

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