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班级 姓名 得分

一、从A、B、C三个选项中选出划线部分读音与其它三个不同的选项,并将其标号填入提前括号内。(1×8=8分) ( )1、 A. car B. Bird C. star ( )2、A. bag B. baby C. snake ( )3、 A. shirt B. purse C. corn ( )4、A. shark B. hat C. heart ( )5、A. wheat B. whistle C.water ( )6、A. eggs B. bed C. zebra ( )7、A. nurse B. thirty C. skirt ( )8、A.five B. kite C. listen 二、单项选择。(2×10=20分)

1、Go straight and then________left . A. right B. go C. turn 2、----“Thank you very much.” ----“_________________.”

A. No thanks B. You are welcome C. Yes.Thank me. 3、-----______is your book ? ------It is ______to you.

A.What;front B.Where ;next C.How next 4、__________in your bag ?

A.How’s B. What’s C. Where’s 5、---______is the thief ? ---He’s at the bus stop.

A. Who B. Where C. What

6、The movie theater is _____the school ____the police station. A.between;and B. next;to C.on;in 7、---Where is the zoo ? ---It’s_______the park.

A.under B.next to C. between 8、---Where is Uncle Booky’s house ? ---It’s ____the tree.

A.in B. in front of C. near

9、Mocky ____like zoos.The animals in zoos are in cages. A. don’t B. doesn’t C. isn’t 10、He is ____the train station. A.on B. in C. at

三、根据句意在横线上填上适当的单词。 (一)规范写缺失字母。(1×4=4分)


1、Go stra__ght and then turn left.We’re in front of the zoo. 2、Where’s the m_______ theater?

3、Ann and Mocky go to the p_____on Saturday(星期六). 4、The thief has a cat’s p______(女用钱包)。 5、You must(必须)wait the bus at the bus s_____.

四、补全对话。永方框中的句子补全对话,并将其标号填在横线上。(2×5=10分) A: _______,Where’s the train station ?

B:______and turn left .It’s between the fire station and the post

office._________ A:__________ B:_______

1._______ 2._________ 3._______ 4._______ 5._______ 五、连句子,并翻译。(4×5=20分)

1、in zoos the animals are in cages

连句子: 翻译:

2、hospital the bank a between there’s and the school连句子: 翻译: 3、in front of he is police station the 连句子: 翻译: 4、turn left straight and go then 连句子: 翻译: 5、near house my is the park

连句子: 翻译:



Tom is a doctor, he works in comes to visit Tom,he is at the train station.Here is the way:Go straight, to library. Tom’s house police station and the swimming pool.


Sue has a new house,It’s near the park.There are beautiful trees and flowersin the park.She can walk to the library and the supermarket。 The town has a train station ,two bookstores and abig zoo.If(如果)you are at the train station,Walk straight to the fire station .turn right.Her house is between the library and the bookstore.

1、There’re beautiful trees in the park. ( ) 2、Sue can’t walk to the library and the supermarket. ( ) 3、Walk straight to the fire station and then turn right ,Sue’s house is near the park. ( ) 4、Sue’s house is between the school and the bookstore.( )

5、The town doesn’t have a zoo. ( )

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