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同学们,让我们一起复习一下 第八单元吧!

Review of Unit 8

1.我要学会表达月份的12个单词和序数词 第一 first到 第三十一thirty-first。 2.我会问答他人和自己的生日。

1. 一年12月份的英文名称和日期的英文表达 方式。 2. 掌握句型:When is your/his/her/bob’s birthday?来询问他人的生日


month 月_________
February January 1月_______(Jan.)2月_________(Feb.) March April 3月______(Mar.) 4月_____ (Apr.) June May July 5月_____6月_____7月_____ August 8月______(Aug.) September 9月________ (Sep.) October 10月_________(Oct.) November 11月_________(Nov.) December 12月_________(Dec.)

three four one two five 1____2_____3_____4______5_____ nine eight 8______9_______11_________ eleven twenty thirty--two 12________20________32________ twelve one hundred 100________ 102______ one hundred and two


first second third fourth fifth eighth ninth eleventh twelfth twentieth thirty--second

birthday party how old 生日快乐_________多大年纪______ see you 再见________ art festival 艺术节___________

have a good 这学期 this term 过的愉快________ ________ time on June 3 in January 在6月3日 ________ 在1月________
at three this afternoon 今天下午3点 __________ a busy term 一个繁忙的学期___________

school trip 学校旅行_________ basketball 篮球赛______ game

an English 一个英语晚会________ party Sports Day 运动日________
English speech contest 英语演讲比赛 ________

have a book sale 进行一次卖书活动__________
English test 英语测试______________

1.你什么时候生日? When is your birthday?

My birthday is (on) May 14th.


When is Liuping’s birthday? Her birthday is September 5th.

3.你多大了?我14岁了。 How old are you?=What’s your age? I’m 14 (years old).=My age is 14 . 4.在9月21日,我们下午有一个学校郊游 On September 21st,we have a school trip in the afternoon 5.这学期我们有一些有趣又好玩的事情

We have some interesing and fun things for you this term.

A: When is the basketball game? B: It’s on October 2nd.

A: Do have a school trip ? B: Yes I do.

NAME: John Smith DATE OF BIRTH: March 21st AGE: 15
A: When is your birthday,John? B: My birthday is on March 21st. A:How old are you? / What’s your age? B:I’m fifteen (years old).

NAME: Tom Brown DATE OF BIRTH: November 12th AGE: 13 A: When is your birthday, Tom? B: My birthday is on November 12th. A:How old are you? / What’s your age? B:I’m thirteen (years old).

one first(1st) three third(3rd) five fifth seven seventh nine ninth eleven eleventh thirteen thirteenth fifteen fifteenth two second(2nd) four fourth(4th) six sixth eight eighth ten tenth twelve

twelfth fourteen fourteenth

sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-one twenty-two

sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth nineteenth twentieth twenty-first(21st) twentysecond(22nd)

twenty-three twenty-four twenty-five twenty-six twenty-seven twenty-eight twenty-nine thirty thirty-one

twenty-third(23rd) twenty-fourth(24th) twenty-fifth twenty-sixth twenty-seventh twenty-eighth twenty-ninth thirtieth thirty-first

基变序,有规律, 一、二、三单独记。

-th ,四加起,八去t来、 九去 e 。
遇到ve, f 替,-ty变为 tie,


B 1. Today is Nick’s _______ birthday. A.twelve B. twelfth C. the twelve D. the twelfth 2. We live on the ______(5) floor . fifth fifty--six 3.There are _______(56)students in the class. ninth 4. September is the ______(9) month in a year. 5.This is my_________(20) birthday gift. twentieth twenty There are ________(20) birthday gifts.

1月15日 4月30日 7月8日 10月1日 5月29日 2月14日

January the fifteenth (15th)
April the thirtieth (30th)

July the eighth (8th)
October the first (1st)

May the twenty-ninth (29th)
February the fourteenth (14th)

用月份名词填空: 1. January 1st is New year’s Day. _______ March 2. ______ 12th is Planting Day(植树节) April 3. ______ 1st is Fool’s Day.(愚人节) May 4. ______ 1st is Labour’s Day.(劳动节) June 5. ______ 1st is Children’s Day. 6. December _______25th is Christmas Day。 March 7.________8th is Women’s Day. September 8.________10th is Teachers’ Day.

. Fill in the blanks with “in” or “on”. 1.My birthday is ___ June in 2.My birthday is ___ 1980 in 3.His sister was born __ May, 6th 1980. on on 4.We have four classes ___ the morning of October 10th. on 5.He has a piano lesson ____ Friday (afternoon). in 6.I often play baseball __ the morning.


busy My parents are ______ (繁忙的) every day.


with He is busy _____ his work all day. doing Tom is buys _____(do) his homework . 4. We have a good time in the park.(同义句)

=We have a great/wonderful time in the park. =We have fun in the park. =We enjoy ourselves in the park.

I.根据汉语或首字母提示完成句子。(10分) onth 1. January is the first m_______ of a year.

2. My friend’s b______ is in October. irthday eptember 3. Teachers’ Day is on S________10th. estival 4. We have an Art F______ each year. 5.Feburary ______(二月) is the second month of a year. 7. When is your _______(聚会) ? party 8. Women’s _______(妇女) Day is on March 8th. 9. The fourth month of a year is_______(四月). April contest 10. They have a speech _______(比赛).

II.单项选择。 ( A ) 1. My school trip is _______ May. A. In B. on C. at ( B )2. —When is his birthday? —It’s _______ A. February B. February the second C. 2008 ( C )3. His _______T—shirt is

white A. brother B. brothers C. brother’s ( A )4. —____ is your mother ? — She is fifty. A. How old B. How age C. How ( B )5. The baby is _______. A. ten month old B. ten months old C. ten month’s old

III.名词所有格 1.the___(child) books are interesting. child’s teacher’s 2.This is the ____ (teacher) room. 3. Tom and Jim’s ______(Tom and Jim) mother is a teacher. Tom’s and Jim’s 4. _______ (Tom and Jim) mothers are all teachers.


1.tests, October, the, in , English ,be The English tests are in October. _________________________ 2.time, at, have, party, good, a ,the _________________________ Have a good time at the party 3.parents,to, your, school, can, come,our ____________________________ Your parents can come to our school. 4.is, how, brother, old, your _______________________________? How old is your brother? 5.Liu Ping’s, is , when, birthday _______________________________? When is Liu Ping’s birthday?

假设下面是你们学校这学期的活动安排表,请根据表格 内容写一篇短文。 要求:50词左右

School trip

September 3rd

basketball games October 5th Art festival November 18th

English party December 20th

We have many activities in our school this term.On September 3rd, we have a school trip.It’s interesting .On October 5th,we have basketball games.I can’t play basketball,but I like to watch them on TV.The art festival is on November 18th. It’s fun.And we have an English party on December 20th.This is a really busy and fun term.

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