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1.介绍我的朋友林涛 This is Lin Tao . He is a boy . He is thirteen years old. He is a student . His telephone number is 32641589. There are six people in his family . They are his grandparents , his parents , his elder brother and him. He has a happy family . He likes playing basketball and tennis with his classmates .

2.我和我的家人以及饮食习惯 Hello, I’m Lingling . There are three peop my family . My father likes potatoes , fish bananas . His favourite food is fish . But h doesn’t like carrots . My mother likes bea meat and apples . Her favourite food is be But she doesn’t like beef . I like chicken, and noodles . Cola is my favourite drink. B don’t like cheese.

3.有关我的饮食 Dear Jack, I eat healthy food every day . I have eggs , hamburgers and milk for breakfast . Hamburgers are not healthy food , but I like it very much . For lunch , l like chicken, rice and broccoli. They are delicious and they are my favourite food . For dinner , I like fish . Eating lots of fish is good for our health. I like tomatoes,too. l also like fruit very much. My favourite fruit is strawberries . Yours, Liu Hua

4.我上学的一天 Dear Mike , How are you? I’m in China now . Let me tell you about my school day . I go to school on weekdays . This is my schoo day. I get up at 6:30 in the morning and then g to school at 7:30 . Lessons start at 8:00 . We have four lessons in the morning . I have lunc at school at noon . We have three lessons in the afternoon .After school I go home . What about your school day ? Yours, John

5.My friend Kate I have a good friend. Her name is Kate . She has long black hair and black eyes. She come from England. She is thirteen years old. She does well in drawing . She likes swimming . Her mother is an English teacher at a school . Her father is a hotel manager. She is a good girl . Everyone likes her .

6.Betty’s school day I have a friend . Her name is Betty . This is her school day . She gets up at 6:00 am and then has breakfast at half past six . She goes to school by bike at 7:00am. She has four classe in the morning : English , Chinese , history an maths . She has a break and has lunch at 11:3 am . There are two classes in the afternoon : PE and science. After school , she plays basketball and then goes home at 17:00 pm . In the evening , she has dinner and does her homework . She goes to bed at 22:00pm.

7.介绍我和我的家人朋友。 My name is John. I live in Australia. I’m twelve years old . I like making friends . I have a friend in China. He often sends email to me. I like going to the cinema with my friends at weekends . I sometimes play football . I like animals very much, too. My parents often take us to the zoo. My mother doesn’t work . She looks after my sister and me at home. My father is a teacher at an international school in China. He thinks China is a great country .

8.动物园里来了一位新朋友——大熊猫,简单介绍 一下。 We have a ne

w friend from Sichuan today. He is a panda. His name is Tuantuan. He is three years old. His hometown is Sichuan,China. His favourite food is bamboo and he likes climbing trees. He is white and black. He is very lovely. I like him very much.

9.介绍你的家人晚上六点正在干什么。 It’s six o’clock in the evening . My grandpa and my father are playing chess. My grandma is watching TV , My mother is cooking dinner . My elder sister is talking to her friends on the phone . My elder brother is reading a book and listening to music in his room . I am doing my homework

10.对电脑的利弊自己的看法。 Now many people have computers at home . We can get information from the Internet. We can download music, read novels and watch films. We can also send emails to our friends and talk with them on the Internet. The computer is very useful. But many students spend too much time in playing computer games. It’s bad for their eyes and study. We should use the computer to help us study.

11.My grandma’s birthday My grandma is seventy years old. Every year my family has a big birthday party for her. Many of my family members come to the part They also bring some presents and flowers to my grandma. My mother and my aunts always cook a big dinner. After the dinner, children sing and dance happily. My grandma sits in sofa, looks at the children and chats with others. She is always very happy on that day.

12.My favourite festival My favourite festival is Spring Festival. Spring Festival is very important in China. It is in January or February. Before Spring Festival , we clean the hou and sweep away bad luck . We always buy a lot of food . We buy new clothes for ourselv We celebrate Spring Festival with a traditional family dinner on the evening bef Spring Festival . There’s so much delicious food . We eat dumplings . After the dinner , usually watch a special programme on TV.

We visit our relatives and friends the next day .We say “Happy New Year” to each other.I always get a hongbao . It means lucky money . I like the festival very much.

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