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Unit 8 Fashion Grammar

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Unit 8 Fashion
Present Continuous Tense

What is the man doing in the video?

He is driving in a car.(正在开

He is sailing on a ship.(正

He is write ing now.

The boy is swimming now.

Listen! The bird is singing.

She is walking now.

Look!The children are chatting .

They are watching TV now.

The boy is writing.

The bird is singing.

I’m not writing . You are not reading. She is not dancing.

They are dancing. The children are chatting.

Work in pairs, ask and answer






drinking What is he/she/it doing?

writing writing

fishing fishing


What is the man/girl doing?

playing computer games
riding a bike What are they doing? playing football

现在进行时: 阶段正在进行或发生的动作 句式结构: 主语+be + v-ing I You She am speaking English. are listening carefully. is reading now.


Listen! The bird


write ing now

Look! The children are chatting.

现在进行时(present continuous tense)的 用法和构成

现在进行表示正在发生的动作 。 sentence): 肯定句(affirmative
be +doing
I +


He/She/It +


We/You /They +

We are having a lesson now.

3.否定句(negative sentence):

not +doing

He is not playing football now.

4.疑问句(interrogative sentence): be + 主语 + doing…?
Is he playing football now?

Some exercises.

一、用现在进行时改写下列句子. 1.She sits under the tree.

She is sitting under the tree.
2.I eat a hamburger and some fruit.(not) I am not eating a hamburger and some


–3.They clean the classroom
– They are cleaning the classroom. 4. --Does Jim draw a picture? --Yes, he does. --Is Jim drawing a picture? --Yes,he is.

What are they doing? (Part A on p97)
? 1 Look! Simon is playing(play) football with his friends in the playground . ? 2 It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Daniel___________ is studying (study) in the classroom. ? 3 Millie is writing (write) a letter to her friend about the fashion show. ? 4 Sandy is a member of the basketball team. Now she is practising ____________(practise) with other team members. ? 5 Where is Amy? Oh, she is talking (talk) to her cousin Shirley. They are waiting (wait) for the school bus. ? 6 I have dancing lessons. I am looking (look) for my dancing shoes.

? Key words with present continuous tense: (关键词)
Look! now Where’s sb.? Listen! It’s … (点时间). *上下文提示

Work out the rule!
I We use ‘am’+‘-ing’ with the pronoun___. We use ‘are’+‘-ing’ with the you we they pronoun____,___and____. We use ‘is’ +‘-ing’ with the he she it pronoun____, ____and____.

一般在动词 原形后+ing 以不发音的e 结尾的,去e, +ing do ask write take dance doing asking writing taking dancing

重读闭音节 以一个辅音 字母结尾的, 双写

这一字 母+ing

get run swim put

getting running swimming putting

? watching looking

studying standing


? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

have --- haveing make --- makeing come --- comeing skate --- skateing dance --- danceing shopping cutting swimming running chatting lie--lying die--dying

拼写出下列动词的现在分词形式 read — reading play — playing dance — dancing write — writing

sit — sitting have — having

get— getting eat — eating

die — dying swim— swimming learn — learning put— putting

play playing
swim swimming

run running
make making



like liking
ski skiing

write writing

sing put buy

reading singing putting buying

have having
dance dancing see seeing love loving

现 在 进 操行 练时 句 式

What is he doing?

He is drinking water (now).
Is he drinking water (now)? Yes, he is.

现 在 进 操行 练时 句 式

What is she doing?

She is cleaning the house.
Is she doing her homework? No , she isn’t.

现 在 进 操行 练时 句 式

What are they doing? They are running.
Are they writing? e

No , they aren’t.

Please ask and answer in pairs A: Is the girl crying?
B: Yes, she is.

Is the boy crying?


A: No, he isn’t. He is swimming.









dance play computer games

Complete the conversation:
Sandy: Hello,Amy. Are you doing your homework now? Amy: No, I’m not. My cousin shirley is visiting(visit) me. ________

is Sandy: Oh, really? What _____ she doing _______(do) now?
Amy: Well, she is playing ________(play) a new computer game.

playing Sandy: ________ you __________(play) with her now? Are
Amy: No, I’m not. am lying (lie) on the bed and I _______

watching(watch) TV. _____ are doing Sandy: What______ your parents _______(do)? are cooking Amy: They ______________(cook) in the kitchen. .

Let’s play a guessing game!
Is he/she/it doing…?
Are they doing…?
Please stand up directly! If you ask it correctly one time, you will get 5 points.

Is he….?

Is it….?

Are they…?

Are they…?

Is she….?

Sum up(总结)
? 现在进行时由be (am/is/are)+动词-ing形式 构成的。 ? 肯定句结构:主语+be+动词-ing形式+其他. ? 否定句结构:主语+be (not) +动词-ing形式+ 其他 ? 一般疑问句结构和回答: Be+主语+动词-ing 形式+其他?Yes,主语+be. No,主语+be (not).

※ 大多数动词 + ing reading, drinking, eating, looking ※ 以不发音的e结尾的动词,去e + ing writing, making, dancing, taking ※ 以一个元音和一个辅音结尾的短动词要双写 结尾的辅音字母 + ing sitting swimming putting running getting cutting stopping beginning ※ 以ie结尾的动词,去ie + y + ing lie--lying die--dying


Please look at the picture and write about 5 sentences with the present continuous tense

Look! Three boys are…

★Please finish Part B on page 98 ★Make a dialogue in the present cont

inuous tense ? A: Hello… B: Hello!… ? A: This is my room. There is/are …in my room. ? B: Where is your …?What are they doing now? ? A: He/She is….

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