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pollution, prediction, future, environment, planet, earth,part,peace Sea, sky, astronaut, apartment,rocket, space, space station, human, factory, shape, side, holiday, word. pollute, plant, believe, disagree fall (fell),


dangerous, human, possible, impossible,

1.pollute v.---______________ n. pollution 2. predict v.--- __________n. prediction 3. peace n.---______________ adj. peaceful 4.human n.-- _______________pl. humans dangerous 5. danger n. ---__________adj. factories 6.factory n.-- ___________pl. 7.possible adj.-- __________反义 impossible 词.

1.在未来 in the future 2.参与(某事)play a part in the sky 3. 在天空 4.处于危险之中 be in danger 5.反复地,多次 over and over again hundreds of 6.许多,数百 7.突然到下,跌倒 fall down look for 8. 寻找 take a holiday 9. 度假 10. 免费 be free

11. 活到200岁

live to be 200 years old 12.100年后 in 100 years 13.拯救地球 save the earth 14. 更少的树 fewer trees 更少的水 less water 更少的污染 less pollution 更多的人 more people 更多的 污染 more pollution 15.在地球上 on the earth 16.在太空站 on a space station

human servants 17.人类的仆人 help with the housework 18. 帮着做家务 do simple jobs 19. 做简单的工作 get bored 20. 感到厌烦 look like… 21.看起来像… do the same things as 22.与我们一样做同样 的事情 we do 23.让某人干某事 make sb. do sth. 24. 醒来 wake up 把某人叫醒 wake sb. up

25. 不同的形状 different shapes 26.一些…其他的… some…others… 27. 似乎不可能 seem impossible

28. seem to do sth.似乎干… =It seems/seemed that…

定义: 表示将来某个时候将要发生的 动作 标志: next year (month, Monday…), tomorrow…, in the future the day after tomorrow 构成:

主语+ will+动词原形
robot in the future

People will use

People will use

robot in the future

否定句 People won’t use robot in the future. 疑问句 Will people use robot in the future?

Yes, they will./ No, they won’t.
将要有…. There will be…. There is going to be…

1.In the near future, there will be___ new buildings in my hometown. A.hundred of B. hundreds of C. two hundreds D. two hundreds of 2.He will __ go swimming when summer comes. A.can B. could C. be able to D. are able to 3.Scientist are now trying to make the robot__ like people A.to look B. looks C. look D. looking 4.How many players__in a footall team? A.there are B. are there C. there will be D. will there be

5. –Many people eat __meat and __vegetables. than they did before. - Yes, that is why they are getting fatter and fatter A.more, less B. less, more C. more, fewer D. fewer, more 6.Some students like singing. B __like dancing. A.Other B. Others C. Another D. The other 7.There are 40 students in our class. Some are playing games, ___are studying. the others 8.My sister ha

s two skirts. One is yellow, ___is black. the other 9.--Would you like ___cake? another --No, thanks. I’m full.

1.There are already robots______work) in the factory 2.Many people believe there will be less ______(pollute), but some people ____(agree). They think cities will be more crowed and the environment will be in great__________ (dangerous) 3.They ___(not go) to the park next week. 4. There ___(is) a long holiday next week. 5. ___you __ (have) a meeting tomorrow?

6. Will there be __(few) trees in the future?
7. Today he ___(be) a students. Three years ago he __(be ) a pupil. Next year he___ (be) in high school. 8. Three years ago, Sally__ soccer,but today she___. She___ basketball in three years. A.played, doesn’t play, will play B. plays, doesn’t play, played C. played, won’t play, will play
9.What will the weather be ___tomorrow? A. Of B. on C. in D. like

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