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Unit 9 单元检测题

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Unit 9 Can you come to my party?单元检测题

(满分100,每空1分 2013.12.18)


1.The news all of us.

A.surprised B. surprising C. was surprised D. was surprising

2.They are looking having a great day .

A. after B. for C. out D. forward to

3.The students can't finish the work the teacher's help.

A.with B.without C.has D.have

4.All the students are ________ the exam.

A. preparing B. preparing for C. prepared D. preparation

5.Thanks for ________ me to your party.

A. invite B. invitation C. inviting D. ask

6.I asked him where to go,but he didn't _____me.

A.repl y B.answer to C.reply to D.replied to

7.——you go to the music lesson?—Sorry ,I can’t

A. Do B. Can C.Must D.May

8.He doesn’t feel well,So hestop smoking.

A. has to B. must C.likes to D.would like to

A. much too B. too much C.many too D.too many

10.I’m glad to get yourto spend vacation with you.

A. invite B.invitation C.inviter D.inviting

11.I have to______for the math test.

A.study B.studying C.learning D.studied

12.My best friend often invites me ______ delicious food.

A.enjoy B.enjoying C.enjoyed D.to enjoy

13.I am going to ______ you on Sunday and go bike riding.

A.catch B.accept C.refuse D.delete

14.Do you know ______ I miss you?

A.how many B.how much C.how long D.how far

15.Please reply to the invitation ______ by next Tuesday.

A.call B.in call C.in calling D.for calling

16.Joe______go to the doctor.His leg is broken.

A.have to B.can C.has to D.may

17.—Sorry,but I have to look after my brother.

—That's too______.Maybe______time.

A.bad;another B.bad;other C.good;another D.good;other

18.—Would you like to visit the museum?—______

A.Yes,please. B.Sure,I'd love to.

C.Sorry,I wouldn't. D.Yes,I would.

19.Can you look at the ______ and tell me the date?

A.menu B.calendar C.clock D.phone

20.Sorry,I'm busy today.I have ______ housework to do. 1

A.much too B.too much C.too many D.many too

21.Can you play football ______ us this afternoon?

A.with B.at C.on D.around

22.Thanks a lot for______me______your house.

A.invite;for B.invite;to C.inviting;for D.inviting;to

23.—______I watch TV,Mum?

—Sure,but you______finish your homework first.

A.Must;needn't B.Can;may C.Can;must D.May;mustn't

24.The students are very ______ at the ______ news.

A.surprised;surprising B.surprising;surprised

C.surprised;surprised D.surprising;surprising

25.—My mother is ill.I have to look after her at home.—______.

A.Thank you B.Oh,I don't know

C.Bad luck D.I'm sorry to hear that


Some people in Britain or America like to invite friends to dinner at home.But this is more common in America _26__ in Britain.Don't worry __27__ your English friends don't invite you home.It doesn't mean that they __28__ you.

When you _29__ to an evening meal,ask your friends what time you should __30__.It is a good idea __31__ a small present when you arrive,and it is __32__ to say how much you like the house __33__ the room,or the pictures in the room.But don't ask how much these things __34__.

In this way,_35__ you and your friends will have a pleasant get-together.

26.A.that B.then C.than D.more than

27.A.what B.where C.who D.if

28.A.don't like B.unlike C.like D.doesn't like

29.A.asked B.are asked C.are asking D.were asked

30.A.arrive at B.get to C.arrive D.arrive in

31.A.takes B.to take C.taking D.to lend

32.A.polite B.worried C.sad D.afraid

33.A.or B.and C.but D.so

34.A.spend B.cost C.takes D.pay

35.A.both B.neither C.all D.none


Johnson is a young soldier(士兵)in a big camp.On weekdays he and the other soldiers are

always very busy.They can only have a good rest on weekends.It is Sunday.All the young soldiers are free,and their officer says to them,“You can go to the town this afternoon,but first I want to check(检查)all of you.”

When Johnson comes to the officer,the officer says to him,“Your hair is too long.Go to the barber's shop(理发店)and then come back to let me have a look.”

Johnson runs to the barber's shop,but it isn't open.Then he remembers it's Sunday.Johnson is very sad,but a moment later he gets happy and goes back to the officer.

“______”Johnson asks when he comes in front of the officer.

The officer doesn't look at John's hair.He looks at his shoes and says,“Yes,they are better now.You can go out.Remember,next week clean your shoes before coming to me.”

36.Before the soldiers go to the town,the officer ______.

A.asks them to have their hair cut(修剪) B.asks them to clean their shoes


C.wants to check them D.wants to clean their rooms

37.Why isn't the barber's shop open?

A.Because it's too early. B.Because it's too late.

C.Because it's Sunday. D.Because it's Saturday.

38.We can put“______”in the blank(空白处)of the passage.

A.Is my hair clean now,sir? B.Is my hair short now,sir?

C.Are my pants clean now,sir? D.Are my shoes clean now,sir?

39.From the passage,we know Johnson______.

A.doesn't like the officer B.is very fun

C.is very clever D.doesn't work hard

40.Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A.Johnson and the other soldiers are busy from Monday to Friday.

B.Johnson cleans his shoes before he comes back to the office.

C.The officer thinks Johnson's hair is too dirty.

D.Johnson can't go to the town that afternoon.


1.She didn’t accept the__________(invite)to the tea party.

2.He didn't do any __________(prepare) for this exam, so he failed.

3.Father often takes me to the countryside on__________(weekend).

4.Thank you for __________(ask) me to your party. I’ll be there on time.

5.This afternoon I have to __________(look after) my little sister.

6.I'm looking forward to ______(hear) from you soon.

7.Tom______(can)come to my party because he is ill.

8.Thank you for your______(invite).

9.Please keep quiet!My sister's trying______(study).

10.He would love______(have)a cup of tea.

六.根据句意,用所给词语的正确形式填空 join, play, take, get up, leave for, listen to, see a doctor, visit, spend, practice

1.They often __________ music in the classroom.

2.We’ll have a piano lesson on Saturday. The teacher asked us __________ the piano every day.

3.I __________the football club last month.

4.—What’s John doing? —He __________ basketball with his friends.

5.My friend is going to __________ me next week.

6.It__________ him fifty-five minutes to get to school every day.

7.He __________ at 6 every day, then, and has a quick breakfast.

8.He __________school at around 6:30. He gets to school at about 7:00.

9.I’m planning __________ time in the beautiful countryside.

10.She has a toothache. Maybe she should__________.


1.I have to take care of my grandmother. (改为同义句)

I have to 3

2.We often go to school from Monday to Friday.(改为同义句)

We often go to school .

3.I'm writing to answer your question(改为同义句)

I'm writing to your question。

4.Tom helps me to learn maths.(同义句)

Tom helps me maths.

5. I am going on a trip. (同义句)

I am going to ______

6.He got up early (改为同义句)

He got up early he can catch the early bus.

7.We hope to visit Beijing again.(同义句)

____ Beijing again.




I can’t go to your party.I .

3. 他起床很早,为了赶上早班车。

He got up early the early bus.


We often 5. 明天他想去乡下骑自行车兜风。

He wants to _______ _____ ______ in the countryside tomorrow.


I am __________ __________ __________ 5:00 pm.


I look forward to __________ __________ you all.


Bring Ms.Steen to the party __________telling her

__________ ________ she can be surprised.


My family is __________a trip to Wuhan at the end of this month

__________ __________my aunt and uncle.


假设你是Tom,下周你不能去看望Jim,请你写出你的一周安排并表示自己的抱歉。 (60词左右)



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