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A:Will you be free this Saturday?

B:Nothing much. __1__

A:We are going to Uncle Wang's farm. __2__

B:What are we going to do there?

A:There are a lot of orange trees on his farm. How about going there to help him pick oranges? B:__3__ I'd love to go with you.

A:Well. Let's have a discussion. When and where shall we meet?

B:__4__ OK?

A:OK! At the school gate?

B:Good! I'll wait for you there at half past two.

A:Well. __5__

B:See you!

A. Good idea.

B. See you then!

C. What's up?

D. He needs some help.

E. At half past two.

F. Yes, of course.





(1) What about this one? (A) Yes, really.

(2) Great party, isn't it? (B) Yes. Why?

(3) Would you like some beef? (C) Of course.

(4) Are you going to be free tomorrow? (D) Which one?

(5) Will you help me plant this tree, ( E) Do please.

please? (F) That sounds like fun.

(G) Yes, please.


(1) D (2) A (3) G (4) B (5) C




(1)What day is it today? A.This is Tom.

(2)Aren't you a student? B.That's a doll.

(3)Who's that,please? C.It's Saturday.

(4)It's really c01d today,isn't D.It's July 3rd.

it? E.Yes.Why?

(5)Are you free this Thursday F.Yes.I'm in NO.2 High School.

evening? G.Yes.I hope it'll get a 1ittle warmer 1ater on. 参考答案:

(1) C (2) F (3) A (4) G (5) E



1.Can you dance? A. Because he was in hospital yesday.

2.What can you do at a party? B. Sure.

3.Can I have a look at the box? C. Yes, I can.

4.Why he can't come to school today?

D. Yes, I do.

5.Do you want a present? E. I can perform ballet.



W:Let's join a club.

M:Oh...I don't know...

W:Well,what can you do? 

M:Nah.I can't play chess.

W:Do you like music?

M: and I can sing.

W:Great!Can you play the piano?

M:No,I can't. 

W:You can? 

M:Yes,I do.

A.Yes,I do.

B.I can play the drums.

C.But I can play the guitar.

D.What club do you want to join?

E.Can you play chess?


1.D 依据下文,此处应询问加入什么俱乐部。

2.E 下文"I can't play chess."以及题意,可知此处应选E项,即"你会下棋吗?"

3.A 回答上句的"Do you like music?"。

4.C 由下文"You can?"可知此处表示"会弹吉他"。

5.B 用排除可知应填B项,即"我会打鼓",然后邀请地参加音乐俱乐部。



( ) 1. What does he do? A. He's fifteen.

( ) 2. Can I help you? B. Olives and cheese, please.

( ) 3. What's the time? C. That sounds good.

( ) 4. What would you like on it? D. I'd like a pizza, please.

( ) 5. Let's go to the zoo. E. Because it's interesting.

( ) 6. Is that your new pen pal? F. Yes.

( ) 7. Where does she live? G. He's a bank clerk.

( ) 8. How old is your brother? H. It's seven o'clock.

I.New York



根据对话内容选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项, 有两项为多余选项。

Mr Black and his wife are talking about shopping.(M :Mr Black W :Mrs Black) W: 1

M:Shopping is always boring(烦人的).

W:Yes.But without you I can't decide what to buy. 2 I need your help. M:Last Sunday we spent a whole day shopping,but came back with nothing. W: 3 Sometimes I really don't know what to buy.

M:I'm really afraid to hear you say," 4 "

W:Don't laugh at me,please.

M:I think you'd better go by yourself this time. 5

A.I'm sorry I've changed my mind.


C.Would you please go shopping with me?

D.I prefer to watch TV at home.

E.There're always many things to choose from .

F. I believe you.

G. I can't go with you.


1-5. C E A D B



( )⒈ What are the monkeys doing? A. Sorry. I don't have a watch.

( )⒉ Are you free on Sunday? B. Sorry, I am not.

( )⒊ What does your father do? C. It's very kind of you.

( )⒋ Could you tell me the time, please? D. He's an office worker.

( )⒌ Let me help you. E. They're eating some bananas.



The English people like take-away food. The most popular food is fish and chips.They usually go to a fish and chip shop.They put the food in paper bags, and take it home, or to their work place. At lunch time, many people eat take-away food in the park.Chinese takeaways are also very popular in England. People in the USA and Australia like Chinese take-away food, too. But the most popular food in the USA is fried chicken.


1.Fish and chips are

2.The English people go to a fish and chip shop

3.People eat take-away food

4.People take the food home

5.The American people also like

A.in the park at lunch time.

B.Chinese take-away food.

C.the most popular take-away food in England.

D.or to their work place

E.to buy take-away food.


1.C 2.E 3.A 4.D 5.B




A:Hi, Zhou Wei. Where are you going to spend your summer holidays this year?

B:________ (91)

A:How are you going to get there?

B:We're going to get there by plane.

A:_________ (92)

B:The next Monday.


B:Thanks. What about you?

A:_______ (94) I'd like to go back to see all the villagers. I miss them very much.

B:________(95) I think you must have a good time in your home town.

a. That's wonderful.

b. Have you decided to go home for the holidays?

c. You know I'm from the country.

d. I'm sure you'll enjoy yourselves in Urumqi.

e. I'm going to travel in Urumqi with my family.

f. When are you going to start?

g. Please call me if you need some help.

答案:E F D C A



( ) 1. What's the time? a. I can swim.

( ) 2. Why do you like music? b. Under the bed.

( ) 3. What time do you go to work? c. Only one.

( ) 4. Do you have any oranges? d. At 8:30.

( ) 5. How many brothers do you have? e. Because it's relaxing.

( ) 6. What can you do? f. P.E.

( ) 7. Where is the baseball? g. It's seven o'clock.

( ) 8. What's your favorite subject? h. No, I can't.

i. Yes, I do.






Tom:You have a guitar, 1 .

Gina:Yes,I can.Music is my favourite lesson because I think it's interesting.

Tom: 2 .

Gina:I join the music club and 3 too.So I join the science club,too.What club do you join? Tom: 4 I am a good swimmer.So I join the swimming club.

Gina:When do you usually have swimming lessons?

Tom:Every Sunday afternoon.That's my favourite day. 5 .

Gina:Friday and Saturday.

A.What is your favourite day?

B.I like science,too.

C.Can you play it?

D.What club do you join?

E.I can swim.

答案:1-5 C、D、B、E、A

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