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1._____he is ill,______he goes to school.


C.Although,/ B./,/ D.But,although

2.Thanks a lot for ______me ______my English.

A.help;on B.helping;with C.to help;about D.helping;to

3.—How are you feeling today?

—Much________.I think I can go to school tomorrow.

A.good B.well C.better D.best

4.—_____do you have a speech contest? —Twice a year.

A.How long B.How much C.How many D.How often

5.I have volleyball ______with our school team.

A.training B.to train C.train D.trains

6.His lifestyle is different ______his mother, but the same ______his father.

A.from;as B.of;as C.as;from D.from;to

7.If you have a sore throat,you should drink some hot tea ______some honey.

A.with B.in C.on D.has

8.Laura has a toothache.She should see a ______

A.teacher B.dentist C.policeman D.sister

9.What do you plan ______this weekend?

A.do B.doing C.to do D.to doing

10.She looks ______because she has a _____vacation.

A.relaxed,relaxed B.relaxing,relaxing

C.relaxed,relaxing D.relaxing,relaxed

11.Dave and Bent are _____the beach for vacation.

A.going B.going to go C.go to D.going to

12.— I'm going to Xi'an to spend the holiday tomorrow.

A.Congratulations. B.Have a good time

D.I'm sorry to hear that. C.That's nothing.

13.I always go to school

A.by bike B.Ode a bike C.on bike D.takes a bike

14.It took me ______hour _____my homework yesterday.

A.a;to do B.an;to do C.the;do D./;doing

15.—_____does he get to school?

—He gets school on the bus.

A.How B.What C.Why D.When

16.It's about,_____walk from my house to school.

A.ten minutes B.ten-minutes C.ten minutes' D.ten minute's

17.The number of the students in our class _______fifty now,only a small number of students to school.

A.are;walk B.is;walk C.was;walks D.be;walks

18.Don't forget ______my birthday party.

A.coming B.to come to

19.—Would you like ______with me this weekend?

A.to go fish

C.to go fishing B.going to fish D.going to fishing C.to come D.coming to

20.He came back _____a windy evening.

A.in B.on




Mr. White works in an office.He?s very busy and has no time to have a good rest.Every evening,when he comes back from his office,he?s always tired and wants to go to bed early.But his wife often has a lot of interesting things to tell him after dinner.She doesn?t stop talking until she fails asleep (入睡).But it?s usually too late and Mr. White has to get up early in the miming when she is still sleeping. C.at D.to

One day Mr.White felt terrible and couldn?t go to work.He decided to go to see a doctor. Mrs. White went to the hospital with him.Before her husband said what was the matter with him.the womanly told the doctor all.ne doctor wrote out a prescription (处方).When Mrs. White took the medicine to the doctor?s room,the doctor said to her,The bottle of medicine is for your husband and the pills(药片)are for you.”

"For me?" the woman said in surprise."I'm fine.I don't need any medicine!"

"I don't think so,madam," said the doctor."They are sleeping pills.Your husband will be all fight soon if you take them."

21.Mr. White is busy but he can have a good sleep.

22.Mr. White's wife keeps talking late every evening.

23.Mr. White has to get up early in the morning because he has to go to work.

24.One day Mr. White couldn't go to work because his wife didn't let him go.

25.The sentence "Your husband will be all fight soon if you take them." means Mr. White will soon be all fight if Mrs.White stops talking too much at night.



26.Where is Kate going next month?

A.To the USA.

27.What's Libby like?

A.She?s as beautiful as Ditlady.

C.She?s as quiet as Milady. B.She?s more outgoing than Milady. D.She?s more athletic than Milady. B.To the UK. C.To Italy. D.To France.

28.What Was the matter with Harbinger last week?

A.He had a cold.

C.He had a fever. B.He had a headache. D.He had a toothache.

29.What kind of friends does Harbinger like to have?

A.Those who are different from him.

B.Those who are the same as him.

C.He doesn?t like to make friends.

D.He likes to have different kinds of friends.

30.What does the underlined word “?? mean?

A.一致的 B.相似的



After school Bill walked past the shop on the street comer.He stopped to look at the front row(排)of shoes,and he felt sorry for himself.He really wanted to have a pair for his birthday. He sadly walked away and thought of what to tell his mother.He knew she would give him C.友好的 D.简单的 anything if she could.But he also knew very well she had little money.He decided not to go home at once,as he looked worried and he didn't want to make his mother worry about it.So he went to the park and there he sat on the grass.Then he saw a girl in a wheel chair. He found that the girl moved the wheels with her hands.Bill looked at her carefully and was surprised to see that the girl had no feet. He looked down at his own feet. "It is much better to be without shoes than without feet, "he thought.It was not right for him to feel so sorry and sad.He went away and smiled, thinking he was luckier in life.

31.Bill was sorry that ______.

A.the shoes in the shop were not the right size for him

B.he forgot to bring any money with him

C.he couldn't have a pair of shoes for his birthday

D.he walked past the shoe shop every day

32.Which of the following is RIGHT?

A.Bill's mother had much money.

B.Bill's mother was a kind and hearted woman.

C.Bill's mother wouldn't buy him anything.

D.Bill's mother often bought presents for Bill's birthday.

33.Why didn't Bill go home at once?

A.Because his mother was at work.

B.Because his mother wouldn't give him any money-

C.Because he wanted to sit on the grass in the park.

D.Because he didn't want to give his mother any trouble.

34.In the park,Bill found a girl _______

A.without hands

B.without feet D.walking slowly C.with a pair of new shoes

35.At last Bill

A.decided to buy a new pair of shoes

B.left the park sadly

C.thought he was luckier than the girl

D.didn't know what to do with his shoes


A rich young man decided that he would like to do some diving(潜水)in the sea,so he bought a rubber(橡胶)suit and all the other things that he needed,and took some lessons at a diving school.Then one day he walked into the water by himself and began to explore the bottom of the sea.

He saw a lot of beautiful fish and other things, and then, after half an,hour, he suddenly saw a man waving(挥动)his arms and legs around wildly near the bottom of the sea.He was

wearing only a bathing suit.

The rich young man was very surprised to see him,so he took out a plastic(塑料的)

notebook and a special pencil,which could write under water,and wrote,?'What are you doing here?"

He showed the notebook to the man,who then took the pencil and wrote,“Drowning(溺水)!”

36.What did the rich young mall want to do?

A.To drive. B.To dive. C.To drown. D.To swim.

37.How did he prepare himself for this?

A.He bought all the things needed for diving.

B.He took a diving lesson.

C.He bought a rubber suit and a bathing suit.

D.Both A and B.

38.What did he first see at the bottom of the ocean?

A.Some fish. B.A woman with a bathing suit

C.A man with a bathing suit.

39.What did the rich young man do?

A.He talked with him.

B.He pulled the man out of water.

C.He communicated(交流)with the man by writing.

D.He gave his suit to the man.

40.What did the man write in the notebook?

A.Diving. B.Who are you?



Mr.and Mrs.Cooper are very forgetful (健忘的).For example,Mr.Cooper sometimes goes to his offi6e for work on Sunday morning,for he thinks it is Monday.And Mrs.Cooper sometimes forgets to cook supper for the family.

They got to the airport only ten minutes before the plane took off.So time was short.But suddenly Mrs.Cooper said she must tell C.How are you? D.Drowning! D.A man with a diving suit.

Alice,their daughter,not to forget lock(锁)the front door when she went to schoo1.As Alice was then at school,they couldn?t tell her about it by telephone.So they hurried(赶快)to the post office.Mrs.Cooper wrote a short note to Alice while Mr.Cooper bought a stamp and an envelope(信封).Soon the note was ready.They put the stamp on the envelope in a hurry and put it in the postbox.but suddenly Mrs.Cooper began to cry.The short note was still in her hand.She put the plane(飞机)tickets in the envelope!



41.Why does Mr. Cooper go to work on Sunday morning?


42.Why did the Coopers decide to write a note to Alice?


43.Do you think the Coopers could fly to New York that day?




45.Where did Mrs. Cooper put the plane tickets?


四、词型转换完成句子(每小题1分,计7分) 用所给词的适当形式填空。

46.Good food helps me to study _____(well)than before.

47.He shouldn't eat ______(something).

48.______(eat)Dangshen and Huangqi herbs is also good for your health.

49.—What are you doing for vacation?

—I'm going ______(hike)in the mountains.

50.He plans to have a ______(relax) vacation.

51.The bus ride usually______(take) about 5 hours.

52.I'm going to my _______(cousin) birthday party.

答案:46.______ 47._______48.________49.______50.______51.______52.______


The great ship Titanic set off for America in April,1912 on its first trip. It was carrying more than 2,000 people..People it was safe to be on the ship because it had compartments(防水船舱)with it.Even if 4 of those were broken,it would still be able to,stay on the sea.

Four days ,when Titanic was crossing the sea,the man on watch suddenly saw a very large iceberg(冰山)ahead.The great ship a sound from the bottom(底部).

The captain(船长)went down to see what was the To his , he found the ship was sinking(下沉) five compartments had been broken.

of people jumped,out into the water.Because there were not enough life boats, about 1,

答案:53._____54.______55.______56.________ 57.__________



63.He needs ________(drink) lots of water,he has a cold.

64.She's ________(leave) for Hong Kong on Tuesday.

65.Tom finished _______(make) the model plane two days ago.

66.The boys _______(take) the trains to Beijing yesterday.

67.He _____(have) a quick breakfast and goes to school.

68.It's necessary for us ______(speak) English every day.

69.—What are you doing for vacation?

—I ______(visit) my grandparents.

70.Please ______(write) to me soon.





I want do _________ _________this time.


_________________homework,he can finish it on time every day.


_____________________are they staying in Beijing?

74.I have two pencils.She has four pencils.(合并为一句)

She has two ___________pencils ________I.

75.Lucy went to bed after she read a story.(改为同义句)

Lucy _______go to bed ________she finished reading a story.







提示词:changeable adj.多变的 crowded adj.拥挤的

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