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The environment is becoming worse. The pollution of the ocean earth _____(地球)has become a big problem. The _____(海洋)is not as blue as before. The air in cities is not fresh any more. Even _____ (甚至)the water which we drink every day may bring us into trouble. Many people get illness because of the polluted environment. Many factories _______(工厂)make a lot of pollution, too. hundred And our planet is warmer than it was one _______(百) years danger ago. Our home is in ______(危机)now. So we should try to protect our environment. There fewer should be _____(更少) people driving cars. We should stop paper people wasting _______(纸). Turn off the lights when we leave a room. Everyone should take ______ a part (参加) in saving our home. I believe ______(相信)the world will be better if we try our best.

Over and over again,

be able to,




possible 1. Everything is ________ if you put heart into it.
like 2. I want to be a basketball player ________Yao Ming. scared 3. The girl was _______ when she saw the huge bird in the sky.

4. Don’t talk about it _______. Isn’t it good to say something Over and over again new?
Is able to 5. His brother ________ cook for the family when he was ten.

How to make a banana milk shake?

First, peel the banana. And cut up the banana.

put the banana Next, and ice cream into the blender.

Next, pour the milk into the blender.

(After that, turn off the blender.)

Then, turn on the blender.

Finally, drink the milk shake.

How to make a banana milk shake?

First, peel…

Next, cut up… Next, put … into …

Then, pour …into ...

Next, turn on…

Finally drink…

? 首先…

First,… And… Next,… Then,… Finally,…

? 并且… ? 接下来…
? 然后… ? 最后…


Yogurt 酸奶

Honey 蜂蜜

Teaspoon 茶匙


How many bananas do we need? ---- we need three bananas. How much yogurt do we need? ---- we need one cup of yogurt.

Circle the correct word in each question. 1. How (much/many) bananas do we need? 2. How (much/many) sugar do we need? 3. How (much/many) bread do we need? 4. How (much/many) tomatoes do we need?

5. How (much/many) cheese do we need?

Do you remember how to use “How many” and “How much”?
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. water do you put into the noodles? tomatoes does he put into salad? yogurt do we need? apples are there in the milk shake? fish do you want ? students are there in your classroom?

7. ________cups of honey do you put in the salad?
8. ________ are your new shoes? 9. _______ do you know about Chinese history?


bread 面包 some \much bread a piece of bread two slices of bread

Some\much relish a teaspoon of relish

three teaspoons of relish

lettuce Some\much lettuce a slice of lettuce

some slices of lettuce

cheese some cheese much cheese a slice of cheese some slices of cheese


B 1. It’s getting dark. Can you ______ the light?

A. turn off B. turn on C. turn over
2. — ________ yogurt do you need? B

— One teaspoon.
A. How many B. How much C. Which

3. The baby can eat ____ bread for C breakfast. A. two B. many of C. two slices of 4. I have _______ bananas in the fridge. B

B. many C. much C 5. Would you like ____ relish on the bread? A. many B. any C. some

A. a lot


Ask and answer questions about how to make fruit salad.

A: Let's make fruit salad. B: OK, good idea. How much yogurt do we need? A: One cup.

B: How many apples do we need?
A: Let me think... We need two apples.

B: OK, and how much... Let me see…

2d Role-play the conversation

Anna: Sam, I want to make Russian soup for a party on Saturday. Can you tell me how? Sam: Sure. First, buy some beef, one cabbage, four carrots, three potatoes, five tomatoes and one onion. Then, cut up the vegetables. Anna: what’s next? Sam: Next, put the beef, carrots and potatoes into a pot and add some water. After that, cook them for 30 minutes. Then, add the cabbage, tomatoes and onion and cook for another 10 minutes. Anna: OK, that’s it? Sam: No, one more thing. Finally , don’t forget to add some salt.

Cut up add Put…into

切碎 添加 把…放进…

After that 在这之后 Cook for another 10 minutes 再煮10分钟



1.Please p____ me an orange . eel lender 2.P____the bananas and ice cream into the b_____. ut

3.C____ up the vegetables and then put them in the ut bowl. 4.Please t_____ on the blender. urn

5.How do you make a banana milk s_______? hake

1 我们需要多少酸奶? How _____ _____ _____ much yogurt do we need? 2 让我们制作水果沙拉吧。 let’s make ______ salad _____ fruit ______.

3 你会做草莓奶昔吗?
Can you make______ ______ ____ shake ____ a strawberry milk ____?

C 1. I want to watch the ball game. Can you _______ the TV? A. open B. close A. them up A. Put C. turn on D. turn off D. up it

2. The meat is too big. Let’s cut ______. B
B. it up C. up them 3. _______ the books in the bookcase, Jerry. A B. To put C. Putting D. Puts D 4. Look! There are ________ on the desk.

A. four cup of tea

B. four cup of teas

C. four cups of teas D. four cups of tea A 5. —_______ are the mushrooms? —Two yuan a kilo. A. How much C. What B. How many D. How

B 6. —Would you like some yogurt? —_______.

A. Yes, I would
C. Thank you

B. No, thanks
D. It doesn’t matter

7. —How much yogurt do we need? —We need ______. C

B. two C. one cup D. two cups B 8. Here is a ______ for a great beef sandwich! A. way B. recipe C. idea D. bowl
9. _______, cut up two apples, then put them into the blender. C Finally turn on the blender.

A. one

A. And

B. Next C. First

D. Then D. needn’t

10. You _____ get up so early, but you must go to work on time. D

A. mustn’t

B. have to C. may

How many..,

How much…
过渡连词: First, then, after that, finally


数的表达 Some bread

Two pieces of bread

根据课本内容,完成下列句子。 1. 你怎样做香蕉奶昔? _____ do you _____ a banana milk shake? How make 2. 首先,将香蕉剥皮。 ______, _____ the bananas. First peel 3. 接下来,将香蕉放入果汁机中。 ____, _____ the bananas in the blender. Next put 4. 然后,将牛奶倒进果汁机中。 _____, pour Then _____ the milk ____ the blender. into

5. 最后,打开果汁机。 ______, _______ ___ the blender. Finally turn on 6. 我们需要多少香蕉? ______ many bananas do we need? How _____ 7. 我们需要三只香蕉。 We ______ three _________. need bananas 8. 我们需要多少酸奶? _____ _____ yogurt do we need? How much 9. 我们需要一茶杯。 We need ___ ____ ____ yogurt. one cup of

b 1.______do you make popcorn? How a 2.___________corn do you need? How much d 3.______ do we do next? What e 4.___________salt do we need? How much c 5.Now can we eat it?

a.Half a cup. b.______ , put the corn into the popcorn machine. First c. Yes, we can! d. Next, _____on the machine. ______, add the salt. turn Finally e. Just one spoon.

What can you cook?

Can you tell me how to cook it?

Let's see how to make a turkey sandwich.

a turkey sandwich.







In my sandwich I like bread, butter, tomato, lettuce, turkey ____________________________________ and onion ____________________________________




turkey turkey pieces




How do you make a sandwich?

How do you make a turkey sandwich? First

Put some butter on a piece of bread.


Cut up one tomato. Put the tomato on the bread.


Cut up an onion.


Add two pieces of turkey.


Put another piece of bread on the top.

Two eggs, a bowl of rice, some relish, some green onion Fry: 煎;炒

First: Whip up two eggs.
Whip up: 搅打

then: pour some oil into a hot pan.
then: Put eggs into the pan, and fry it. After that: Add a bowl of rice, and fry it with eggs, and also you should add some relish. finally: Put them in a bowl and add some green onion.

重排下列句子,成为一段完整 的对话。

A. First, put the water into the pot. 2 B. Next, put the noodles into the pot and cook for ten minutes. 6 C. How many noodles do we need? 7 D. How much water do we need? 3 E. How do we make egg noodles? 1 F. What do we do next? 5 G. Five bowls. 4 H. Half a kilo. 8 I. Finally, put the egg into the pot and cook for another five minutes. 9

Fill in the blanks.
1. --_______ _______ bananas do you buy? How many
--Three kilos. How much 2. -- _______ _______ bread do we need? --Three pieces.

3. _______ _______ (not play) computer Don’t play
games, Jack!

4. There is an orange on the table. (划线提问) _______ _______ oranges are there How many on the table? How much 5. _______ _______ tomato sauce is there in the bottle? A little.

2a What kind of traditional food do pe

ople eat on special holiday in China? dumplings moon cakes zong zi laba porridge yuan xiao

2b Read the article.

Thanksgiving 感恩节 也作: Thanksgiving Day 美国的感恩节一般在11月的第四个礼拜。

traditional adj. Thanksgiving in the United States 传统的;惯例的 In most countries, people usually eat traditional food on special tradition n. 惯例;传统 holidays. A special day in the United States is Thanksgiving. it remember v. the fourth Thursday in November , and is a is always on 回忆起;回想起;记起 time to give thanks for food in the autumn. At this time, people also remember the first travelers from England who came to live in America about 400 years ago. These travelers had a long, hard winter, and many of them died. traveler n.旅行者;旅客 In the next autumn, they gave thanks for life and food in travel v. 旅行 their new home.

celebrate v. 庆祝;赞美

These days, most Americans still celebrate this idea of giving thanks by having a big meal at home with their family. The main dish of this meal is almost always turkey, a large bird. Making a turkey dinner Here is one way to make turkey for a Thanksgiving dinner. fill…with… 装满;充满 ? First, mix together some bread pieces, onions, salt and pepper. ? Next, fill the turkey with this bread mix. ? Then, put the turkey in a hot oven and cook it for a few hours. When it is ready, place the turkey on a large plate and cover it with gravy. ? Finally, cut the turkey into thin pieces and eat the meat with vegetables like carrots and potatoes. cover…with…

First, mix together some bread pieces, onions, salt and pepper.

1 2

mix the turkey 把…… 混合在一起 Next, fill together with this bread mix. e.g. Mix the sugar with flour. 把糖和面粉搅和在一起。 Then,fill… with… in a bot oven and cook it put the turkey 用……把……装满 e.g. Please for a few hours. fill the bowl with water. 请把碗装满水。
When it is ready, place the turkey on a large plate and cover it with gravy.


cover … with … 用pieces and eat the Finally, cut the turkey into thin …… 遮盖/覆盖 meat Please cover the table with clothes. e.g. with vegetables like carrots and potatoes. 请用布将桌子盖起来。

2e What do you think is the most special day in China? Answer the following questions.
1.When is this special day? 2.What are the reasons for this special day? Do people give thanks for anything on this day? Do people remember anything or anybody on this day? 3.How do most people celebrate this day? 4.Is there any traditional food? What are the main dishes? 5.Can you make these dishes?



传统的 medicine


科学家 跌倒

能够做某事 apartment 身体健康 个人的 确保 太空 假期 disagree

计算机程序 编辑员 education 很可能

human 环境 能够做某事
relationship violinist



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