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D 1. “____! There’s a car coming!” “Oh, thanks.” A. Look over B. Look up C. Look for D. Look out look over:检查,复习; look up:查询 look for:寻找; look out:小心;从里往外看 C 2.The movie Batman and Joker is ___ one that I’ve ever seen. A.more exciting B. more excited C.the most exciting D. the most excited

3. He is as ____ in reading as his father. A A. interested B. interesting C. more interested D. more interesting

4. “ It’s so hot today. Let’s go swimming.” “____!” B A.Warm B. Cool C. Hot D. Cold
5.---I’ll buy some bread for supper now. ---Oh, you___. There’s still some in the D fridge. A. may not B. mustn’t C. can’t D. needn’t

B 6.I had invited everyone,___ only two people came to my party. A.or B. but C. and D. so

B 7.She __ beautiful in her new dress. A.smells B. looks C. sounds D. sees
8. “What would you like, Lucy?” C “ I’m so hungry. I’d like a large___.” A.coffee B. cup of tea C. hamburger

9.Could you lend me your dictionary? I want to ___ some new words. C A. look after B. look at C. look up D. look out

D 10. This coat ___ nice. Would you like to try it on? A.tastes B. smells C. sounds D. looks

C 11. I know it’ll __ me much time to practice it, but I’m sure I can learn a lot from it. A.spend B. use C. take
D 12.—___yourself to some tea after the hard work. ---Thanks a lot. A. Enjoy B. Drink C. Cook D. Help


1.They ___ (有) three balls. 2.We like___ (蔬菜 ) for lunch. vegetables 3. We all need ___(健康的) food. healthy Runners 4. ____(跑步的人)often eat well. dinner 5.What do you have for___(晚餐). people 6. There are three___(人) in my family. 7.My sister likes___(苹果) very much.apples us 8. Let___ (我们) play basketball. 9. The boy ____(看) TV every day.


10. The chair is_____(在…之间) the bed and the desk in the room. 14.They are my ____(父母). parents 15.Boys like playing ___(电脑)games.


多少钱 给你 不客气 看一看…

how much Here you are. You’re welcome. have a look at


Thank you. Thanks a lot. Thank you for…. I’m sorry.

You’re welcome. Not at all. That’s all right.

That’s all right. It doesn’t matter. That’s nothing. Never mind.
bag for sports two dollars seven yuan what color

运动包 两美元 七元人民币 什么颜色

one two three four five six seven eleven 11 twelve 12 twenty 20 twenty-one thirteen 13 thirty 30 thirty-one fourteen 14 forty 40 forty-one fifty 50 fifty-one fifteen 15 sixty 60 sixty-one sixteen 16 seventeen 17 seventy 70 seventy-one eighteen 18 eighty 80 eighty-one nineteen 19 ninety 90 ninety-one

eight nine ten … … … … … … … … twenty-nine thirty-nine forty-nine fifty-nine sixty-nine seventy-nine eighty-nine ninety-nine


小结: 1: 1---12: (记住每个单词)

2: 13---19: -teen (thir-, fif-, eigh-) 3: 20---90: -ty (twen-, thir-

, for-, fif-, eigh-) 4: 21---99: 5: 100---900: __



_______ hundred

6: 101---999: _______ hundred and


序数词 见第一册教材P96


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