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冀教版英语九年级下Lesson 23

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Lesson 23

The knowledge points :

I. face to face 面对面

1.用作状语或表语,其前不加介词。表示“和?面对面 ”次短语后加with

Eg : We should discuss this problem face to face .

He came face to face with death.

2. face-to-face +n : 面对面的

Eg ; The reporter and the headmaster has a face-to-face interview.

3. hand in hand 手拉手 ,arm in arm 臂挽臂 shoulder to shoulder 肩并肩 neck and neck 势均力敌,并驾齐驱

II. trouble

1.trouble (n)困难,麻烦

1) The boy caused a lot of trouble to his parents ; he was always in trouble .

2)have trouble with ? 在某方面有麻烦

3) have trouble (in)doing sth

4)be in trouble

Eg : But I warn you ,if you do not want to be in trouble ,keep your telephone number a secret .

5)get into trouble 陷入困境

Eg : If he gets into trouble , it isn’t my responsibility .

2.trouble (v)使担心,使苦恼 ,麻烦

Eg : learning English doesn’t trouble me so much.

My I trouble you for the salt ?


1. invite sb to sp

Eg:Tom invited me to his house for dinner yesterday .

2.invite sb to do sth

Eg : We invited Lily to have dinner with us .

IV: at the end of ?, by the end of ?, in the end

1.at the end of +表示时间或地点的名词:一般用于表示具体事物或场所的末端、结尾。

Eg : The school is situated at the end of the street .

2.by the end of : 表示:直到??末为止, 在??结束时” ,有“不迟于”,常用于过去完成时和将来时。

Eg : We had finished reading this book by the end of last month .

3. in the end =finally =at last 强调最后的结果

Eg : he tried several times and in the end he succeeded .

Exx :



The twins are having a talk ____________________ .


They go to school ________________ ,singing .

3. 势均力敌

They are both _____________________ all the time .I fon’t tell who won the game.

4.The two leaders need a ___________________(face to face , face-to-face) talk .

5.I have some trouble in ______________(read) this book .

6. I’m sorry to give you so much ____________(trouble ).


We should help the people who are ________ ___________ .

8.His father invited his friend ________ with him .

A. go climbing B. to go climbing C. has climbed D. to have to climb

9. He invited me ________ his birthday party last Sunday.

A. in B. on C. to D. at

10. 用 in the end , at the end of 与by the end of 填空

1)Who won the table tennis match ________________ ?

2) Go straight ahead, and you’ll find the supermarket ________________ the street .

3) –When are the visitors from Australia arriving in our city ?

-___________ this month.

4) I had received more than 20 birthday cards ______________ last week.

5)All of us worked hard on the farm ____________ , we finished our task .

11. I had no trouble _________ the shop .

A. finding B. in finding C. to find D. both A and B

12. Tom si going to discuss this problem face to face _________ his parents .

A. and B. with C. to D. for

13. Let’s act the dialogue __________ .

A. face from face B. face to face C. face and face D. faces to faces

14. Do you have trouble __________ your English ?

A. in B. on C. with D. for

15. Jim invited five students _________ dinner .

A. in B. on C. for D. at


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