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Unit 1 Playing Sports

Topic 3 Which sport will you take part in?

Section D

Europe Asia Africa Oceania America

The Olympic rings are a symbol of the Olympic Games. There are five rings, and they stand for the five parts of the world.

The colors of the rings are ______, yellow, blue red black ______, green and ______. You can find at least flag one of these colors in the ______ of each country in the world.

The modern Olympics started in 1896 Athens, Greece in _______. Its motto is “faster, higher, stronger”.
Start 起源于, 创建于 Motto 格言,座右铭,复数形式是mottos/mottoes “It’s never too old to learn.” is my motto.

U1 T3 SD


Work alone

Complete the reading notes according to 1a. The motto of the Olympic Games:
faster, higher, stronger.

A symbol of the Olympic Games:
the Olympic rings.

The five rings stand for:

the five parts of the world. blue, yellow, black, green and red.

The colors of the rings:

the mascot of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics


Sam 鹰

the mascots of the 2000 Sydney Olympics

鸭嘴兽“赛德” Syd, 针鼹“米利” Millie,食人鸟“奥利” O

the mascots of the 2004 Athens Olympics

娃娃 “雅典娜” Athena 和“费沃斯” Phevos

the mascots of the 2008 Beijing Olympics

U1 T3 SC



Los Angeles 1984

Sydney 2000



Athens 2004

Beijing 2008

Answers: 1—c , 2—a , 3—d , 4--b

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