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5.动词人称与时态变化、名词复数特殊变化等,采用括号形式标注,如be (am, is, are),child (pl. children)。





a (an) big class

about bike =bicycle clean

afraid bird clever

after birthday clock

afternoon black close

again blackboard clothes

all blue cloudy

also boat coat

always body cold

and book colour (AmE color) angry box come

animal boy computer

answer bread cook

any breakfast cool

apple bring cousin

arm brother cow

crayon art brown

cry ask bus

at busy

D aunt but

dad (daddy) autumn buy

dance by

day bye B dear baby C desk back cake difficult bad call dinner bag can dirty ball candy do banana cap doctor basketball car dog be (is, am, are) card bear door cat beautiful down chair bed draw chicken before dress child (pl. children) begin drink China behind driver Chinese beside duck cinema between city

E ear early easy eat egg

elephant email English evening every exercise eye F face family fan far farm farmer fast father favourite feel film find fine fish floor flower fly food foot/feet football for friend from fruit G game get girl give go good goodbye

grandfather (grandpa) grandmother (grandma) grass great green

H hair half hand happy have he head healthy hear heavy hello help her here hi high him his holiday home horse hospital hot hour house how hungry I I

ice-cream idea ill in

interesting it its J juice jump K kid kind kitchen kite know L lake late left leg lesson let library light like listen little live long look love lunch M make

man (pl. men) many map

maths (AmE math) me meet milk minute Miss monkey month moon morning

mother (mom, mum) mouth Mr Mrs Ms much music my N name near new next nice night no noodle nose not now nurse O of


often old on open or orange our P panda pants parent park party

PE = physical education pen pencil people photo picture pig place plane plant play

playground please police potato pupil put R rain read red rice right river room ruler run S sad say school schoolbag science season see she sheep ship

shirt shoe shop short shorts sing

sister sit skirt sleep slow small snow sock some sometimes song sorry soup speak sport spring stand star stop story street strong study subject summer sun sunny

supermarket sweater swim T table take talk tall taxi tea teacher tell thank that the their them then there these they thin think this those tiger time tired to today toilet tomato tomorrow too toy train travel tree try turn TV U

umbrella uncle under up us use V

vegetable very visit W wait walk want warm wash watch water way we wear weather week

welcome well what when where white









woman (pl. women)

wonderful word work worker worry write wrong Y year yellow yes yesterday you young your Z zoo








5.动词人称与时态变化、名词复数特殊变化等,采用括号形式标注,如be (am, is, are),child (pl. children)。





a/an art ability n able a

about prep, ad above ad

abroad a & ad absent a accept v accident n according to achieve v across prep act v action n active a activity n actor n actress n add v

address n admire v advantage n advice n advise v afford v afraid a Africa n after ad afternoon n again ad against ad age n ago ad agree v

agreement n air n airport n alive a all pron allow v almost ad alone a along prep aloud ad already ad also ad

although conj always ad America n


American a, n among prep ancient a and conj angry a animal n another pron answer v, n. ant n any pron

anybody pron anyone pron anything pron anyway ad anywhere ad appear v apple n April n area n arm n army n around ad arrive v art n article n artist n as conj Asia n

Asian a, n ask v asleep a at prep

Atlantic n, a attend v attention n August n aunt n Australia n Australian a, n autumn n available a avoid v awake a away ad awful a


baby n back ad, n background n


bad a

bag n

ball n

balloon n

bamboo n

banana n

bank n

baseball n

basic a

basket n

basketball n

bathroom n

be (am, are, is, was, were, been) v beach n

bean n

bear n

beat (beat, beaten) v, n beautiful a

because conj

become (became, become) v bed n

bedroom n

beef n

before ad

begin (began, begun) v behind ad

believe v

bell n

below ad, prep

beside prep

best a, ad

better a, ad

between prep

big a

bike =bicycle n

bill n

bird n

birth n

birthday n

biscuit n

bit n

black a, n

blackboard n

blind a

block n & v

blood n

blouse n

blow (blew, blown) v

blue n, a


board n

boat n

body n

book n

bored a

boring a

born v, a

borrow v

boss n

both pron

bottle n

bottom n

bowl n

box n

boy n

brain n

brave a

bread n

break (broke, broken) v breakfast n

bridge n

bright a

bring (brought, brought) v Britain n

British a

brother n

brown n , a

brush n, v

build (built, built) v building n

burn (-ed, ed/burnt, burnt) v bus n

business n

busy a

but conj

butter n

buy (bought, bought) v by prep, ad

bye interj


cabbage n

cake n

calendar n

call v

camera n

camp n, v

can (can’t cannot) v Canada n

Canadian n, a

cancel v


candle n

candy n

cap n

capital n

car n

card n

care v, n

careful a

careless a

carrot n

carry v

cartoon n

cat n

catch (caught, caught) v cause n, v

celebrate v

cent n

central a

centre n

century n certain a

certainly ad chair n

chalk n

chance n

change v

cheap a

check v

cheer v, n

cheese n

chemistry n chess n

chicken n

child (pl. children) n China n

Chinese a, n chocolate n

choice n

choose (chose, chosen) v chopsticks n Christmas n church n

cinema n

circle n, v

city n

class n

classmate n classroom n


clean a

clear a

clever a

climb v

clock n

close v, a

clothes n cloud n

cloudy a club n

coach n

coal n

coast n

coat n

coffee n coin n

cold a, n collect v

college n

colour (AmE color) n, vcome (came, come) v comfortable a common a communicate v communication n community n company n compare v

competition n complete a, v computer n concert n condition n connect v

consider v

continue v

control v

conversation n cook v, n

cookie n

cool a

copy v, n

corn n

corner n correct v, a cost v, n

cotton n, a


cough n, v could v count v country n countryside n couple n courage n course n cousin n cover n, v cow n crayon n crazy a create v cross v, n cry v, n culture n cup n customer n cut (cut, cut) v cute a


dad (daddy) n daily a, ad dance v, n danger n dangerous a dark a date n

daughter n day n dead a deaf a deal v dear a December n decide v decision n deep a, ad degree n delicious a dentist n depend v describe v desk n develop v

development n


dialogue (AmE dialog) n diary n

dictionary n

die v

difference n

different a

difficult a

difficulty n

dig (dug, dug) v

dining n

dinner n

direct a

direction n

director n

dirty a

discover v

discovery n

discuss v

discussion n

disease n

dish n

district n

divide v

do v

doctor n

dog n

dollar n

door n

double n, v

doubt n, v

down ad

downstairs ad

draw (drew, drawn) v

dream (-ed, -ed/dreamt, dreamt) vdress n, v

drink (drank, drunk) v drive (drove, driven) v driver n

drop v, n

drum n

dry v, a

duck n

dumpling n

during prep

dust v, n


each pron

ear n


early a

Earth n earthquake n east n, a, ad eastern a easy a

eat (ate, eaten) v education n effort n egg n eight num eighteen num eighth num eighty num either pron elder a electricity n elephant n eleven num else a email n empty a encourage v end n, v enemy n energy n engineer n England n English a, n enjoy v enough ad enter v

environment n eraser n especially ad Europe n European a, n even ad evening n ever ad every a

everybody pron everyday a everyone pron everything pron everywhere ad exactly ad

exam =examination example n excellent a

n 13

except prep excited a exciting a excuse n, v exercise v, n exhibition n expect v

expensive a experience n experiment n explain v express v eye n


face n, v fact n

factory n fail v

fair a

fall v (fell, fallen), n family n famous a fan n

fantastic a far a

farm n

farmer n fast a, ad fat a, n

father n favourite a, n fear n

February n feed (fed, fed) v feel (felt, felt) v feeling n festival n fever n

few ad, n, pron field n

fifteen v

fifth num fifty num

fight (fought, fought ) vfill v

film n

finally ad

find (found, found) v


fine a

finger n finish v

fire n

first num

fish n

fisherman n fit a

five num

fix v

flag n

flat n

floor n

flower n

flu n

fly (flew, flown) v follow v

food n

foot (pl. feet) n football n for prep

force n, v

foreign a forest n

forget (forgot, forgot) v fork n

form n

forty num

forward ad four num

fourteen num fourth num France n

free a

freeze (froze, frozen) v French n, a fresh a

Friday n

fridge (=refrigerator) n friend n

friendly a

friendship n from prep

front n

fruit n

full a

fun n

funny a

furniture n

future n



game n

garden n gate n

general a

gentleman n geography n German n, a Germany n

get (got, got) v gift n

giraffe n

girl n

give (gave, given) v glad a

glass n

glove n

glue n

go (went, gone) v gold n, a

good a

goodbye interj government n grade n

grammar n

granddaughter n

grandfather (grandpa) n grandmother (grandma) ngrandparent n grandson n grape n

grass n

great a

green a, n

grey a

ground n

group n

grow (grew, grown) v guard n

guess v, n

guest n

guide n

guitar n

gun n

gym n



habit n

hair n

half n

hall n

ham n

hamburger n hand n handbag n handsome

hang (hung, hung) v happen v happy a hard ad

hardly ad harmful a hat n

hate v

have (has) v he pron

head n

headache n health n healthy a

hear (heard, heard) v heart n heat n

heavy a

height n hello interj help v, n

helpful a hen n

her pron here ad

hero n

hers pron herself pron hi interj

hide (hid, hidden) v high a, ad hill n

him pron himself pron his pron

history n hit (hit, hit ) v hobby n

hold (held, held) v hole n

holiday n


home n, ad hometown n homework n honest a hope v, n horse n hospital n hot a hotel n hour n house n

housework n how ad however ad huge a

human a, n humorous a hundred num hungry a hurry v

hurt (hurt, hurt) vhusband n


I pron ice n

ice-cream n idea n if conj ill a illness n imagine v

immediately ad important a impossible a improve v in prep, ad inch n include v increase v, n India n

Indian a, n industry n influence n information n insect n inside prep, ad instead ad


instruction n instrument n interest n interesting a international a Internet n interview n, v into prep

introduce v introduction n invent v invention n invite v iron n, v island n it pron its pron itself pron


jacket n jam n January n Japan n

Japanese n, a jeans n job n jog v join v joke n journey n juice n July n jump v June n just ad, a


keep (kept, kept)key n keyboard n kick v, n kid n kill v

kilo = kilogram kilometre n kind n king n

v n 19

kiss v, n

kitchen n kite n

knee n

knife (pl. knives) n knock v

know v

knowledge n


lab = laboratory n lady n

lake n

lamb n

lamp n land n, v

language n large a

last a, ad

late a

later ad laugh v

law n

lay (laid, laid) v lazy a

lead (led, led) v leader n

leaf (pl. leaves) n learn (learnt, learnt) v least ad, a

leave (left, left) v left a, n

leg n

lemon n

lend (lent, lent) v less ad, pron lesson n let (let, let) v letter n

level n

library n

license n lie (lay, lain) v life n

lift v, n

light a, n, v like v, prep line n

lion n


list n, v

listen v

litter v, n little a, n live v

lively a

local a

lock v, n

London n lonely a long a

look v, n

lose (lost, lost) v lot n

loud a, ad love v, n

lovely a

low a

luck n

lucky a

lunch n


machine n mad a

magazine n magic a mail n

main a

major a make v

man (pl. men) n manage v manager n many a

map n March n

mark n, v market n marriage n marry v

match v, n

math(s) = mathematics matter n may v

May n

maybe ad me pron meal n

n 21

mean (meant, meant) v meaning n meat n

medical a

medicine n

meet (met, met) v meeting n

member n

memory n

mention n, v menu n

mess n

message n

messy a

metal n, a

method n

metre (AmE meter) n middle n

might v

mile n

milk n

mind n, v

mine pron

minute n

mirror n

Miss1 n

miss2 v

missing a

mistake (mistook, mistaken) mix v

mobile phone n model n

modern a

moment n

Monday n

money n

monkey n

month n

moon n

moral a

more a, av

morning n

most a

mother (mom, mum) n motorcycle n mountain n

mouse (pl. mice) n

v 22

mouth n

move v

movie n

Mr. n

Mrs. n

Ms. n

much ad

museum n

music n

musician n

must v

my pron

myself pron


name n

national a

natural a

nature n

near prep, ad nearly ad

necessary a neck n

need v, n

neighbour (AmE neighbor)neither conj

nervous a

never ad

new a

news n newspaper n next a

nice a

night n

nine num

nineteen num ninety num

ninth num

no ad

nobody pron nod v

noise n

noisy adj

none pron

noodle n

noon n

nor conj

north a, n

northern a

nose n

not ad

n 23

note n, v notebook n nothing pron notice v, n November n now ad nor conj number n nurse n


o’clock ad object n ocean n October n of prep off ad, prep offer v, n office n officer n often ad oil n OK interj old a Olympics n on prep, ad once ad

one num, pron only a open a, v operation n opinion n

opposite prep or conj

orange a, n order v, n other pron our pron ours pron ourselves pron out ad

outside prep, ad over ad, prep own a owner n


Pacific n, a package n


page n

pain n, v

paint n, v

pair n

palace n

pale a

pancake n

panda n

pants n

paper n

pardon n

parent n park n, v

part n

party n

pass v, n

passage n

passenger n passport n

past ad

path n

patient a

pay (paid, paid) v

PE = physical education npeace n

pear n

pen n

pencil n

people n

percent n

perfect a

perhaps ad

period n

person n

personal a

pet n


photo = photograph n physics n

piano n

pick v

picnic n

picture n

pie n

piece n

pig n

pilot n

pink n, a

pioneer n


pity n

place n, v plan v, n

plane n

planet n

plant n, v

plastic n, a plate n

play v, n

player n playground n pleasant a

please v

pleasure n

plenty n

pocket n

poem n

point v, n

police n

policeman (policewoman) policy n

polite a

pollute v

pollution n pool n

poor a

pop = popular a popular a

population n pork n

position n

possible a

post n, v

postcard n postman n potato n pound n practice n

praise v, n

prepare v

present n

president n

pretty a , ad prevent v

price n

pride n

primary a

print v

prison n

n 26

prisoner n

private a

prize n

probably ad

problem n

produce v

product n

programme (AmE program) n progress n, v

project n

promise v

pronounce v

pronunciation n proper a

protect v

proud a

prove v

provide v

province n

public a, n

pull v

punish v

pupil n

purple a, n

purpose n

push v

put (put, put) v


quarter n

queen n

question n

quick a

quiet a

quite ad


rabbit n

race n

radio n

railway n

rain n, v

raincoat n

rainy a

raise v

rapid a

rather ad

reach v


read (read, read) v ready a real a

realise (AmE realize) v really ad reason n receive v

recently ad recite v

record v & n recorder n red a, n

refuse v

regard v

regret n, v regular a relationship n relative n relax v

remain v

remember v repair v

repeat v

reply v, n

report n,v require v

research n rest n, v

restaurant n result n

return v, n review v, n rice n

rich a

ride (rode, ridden) v right n, a

ring v (rang, rung), n rise v (rose, risen), n risk n

river n

road n

robot n

rock n

role n

room n

rope n

rose n

round a, prep


row n, v rubber n rubbish n rule n, v ruler n

run (ran, run) v rush v Russia n Russian n, a


sad a safe a safety n sail n, v salad n sale n salt n same a sand n sandwich n satisfy v Saturday n sausage n save v

say (said, said) v scarf n school n schoolbag n science n scientist n scissors n score n, v screen n

sea (saw, seen) v search n, v season n seat n second num secret n secretary n see v seem v seldom ad

sell (sold, sold) v send (sent, sent) v sense n sentence n


separate v, a September n serious a

serve v

service n

set v (set, set), n seven num

seventeen num seventh num seventy num several a

shake (shook, shaken) v shall v

shame n

shape n, v

share v

she prom

sheep (pl. sheep) n shelf (pl. shelves) n shine (shone, shone) v ship n

shirt n

shoe n

shop n

short a, n

should v

shoulder n

shout v, n

show (showed, shown) v shower n

shut (shut, shut) v shy a

sick a

side n

sight n

silence n

silent a

silk n

silly a

silver n

similar a

simple a

simply ad

since conj, pron sing (sang, sung) v single a

sir n

sister n

sit (sat, sat) v situation n

six num


sixteen num

sixth num

sixty num

size n

skate v

skill n

skirt n

sky n

sleep v (slept, slept), n sleepy a

slow a

small a

smart a

smell v (-ed, -ed/smelt, smelt), nsmile v, n

smoke v, n

smooth a

snake n

snow n, v

snowy a

so ad, conj

soap n

social a

society n

sock n

sofa n

soft a

solid a

solve v

some pron

somebody pron

someone pron

something pron

sometimes ad

somewhere ad

son n

song n

soon ad

sorry a

sort v, n

sound v, n

soup n

sour a

south n, a

southern a

space n

spare (time)

speak (spoke, spoken) v speaker n

special a


speech n

speed n & v

spell (-ed, -ed; spelt, spelt) v spend (spent, spent) v. spirit n

spoon n

sport n

spread (spread, spread) v spring n

square n

stairs n

stamp n

stand (stood, stood) standard n, a

star n

start v, n

state n

station n

stay v, n

steal (stole, stolen)

steel n

step n, v

stick (stuck, stuck)

still ad

stomach n

stomach-ache n stone n

stop v, n

store n, v

storm n

story n

straight a, ad

strange a

stranger n

strawberry n

stream n

street n

strict a

strong a

student n

study v, n

stupid a

subject n

succeed v

success n

successful a

such pron

sudden a

v v v 32

sugar n

suggest v

suggestion n summer n

sun n

Sunday n

sunny a

supermarket n support n, v suppose v

sure a, ad surface n

surprise n, v survey n

sweater n

sweep (swept, swept) v sweet n, a

swim (swam, swum) v swimming n swing n

symbol n


table n

tail n

take (took, taken) v talk v, n

tall a

tape n

task n

taste v, n

taxi n

tea n

teach (taught, taught) v teacher n

team n

technology n telephone n

television = TV n tell (told, told) v temperature n ten num

tennis n

tent n

tenth num

term n

terrible a

test n, v


text n

than conj

thank v, n

that pron

the art

theatre (AmE theatre) n their pron

them pron

themselves pron then ad

there ad

these pron

they pron

thick a

thin a

thing n

think (thought, thought) v third num

thirsty a

thirteen num

thirty num

this prep

those pron

though ad

thought n

thousand num three num

through conj

throw (threw, thrown) v Thursday n

ticket n

tidy a

tie v, n

tiger n

till ad, conj

time n

tiny a

tired a

to prep

today ad

together ad

toilet n

tomato n

tomorrow ad

ton n

tongue n

tonight n

too ad

tool n

tooth (pl. teeth) n toothache n


toothbrush n

toothpaste n

top n

total a, n

touch n, v

tour n

tourist n

toward(s) ad

towel n

tower n

town n

toy n

trade n

traditional a

traffic n

train n, v

training n

translate v

travel v

treasure n

treat n, v

tree n

trip n

trouble v, n

trousers n

truck n

true a

trust v

truth n

try v

T-shirt n

Tuesday n

turn v

twelfth num

twelve num

twentieth num

twenty num

twice num

two num

type n


ugly a

UK n

umbrella n

uncle n

under prep

underground a, n

understand (understood, understood)

v 35

unit n university n unless conj until (till) prep up ad

upon ad upstairs ad us pron US n

use v, n used ad useful a usual a usually ad


vacation n valuable a value n vegetable n very ad victory n video n village n violin n visit v visitor n voice n volleyball n


wait v

wake (woke, woken) walk v

wall n wallet n want v war n warm a warn v wash v waste n, v watch n, v water n

watermelon n way n we pron weak a wealth n

v 36

wear (wore, worn) v weather n website n Wednesday n week n

weekday n weekend n weigh v

weight n welcome v, a well a, ad west a, n western a wet a what pron whatever pron wheat n wheel n when ad whenever ad where ad whether ad which conj while ad

white a & n who pron whole a whom pron whose pron why ad

wide a

wife n wild a

will v

win (won, won) v wind n window n windy a wing n winner n winter n wise a

wish v

with prep without prep

woman (pl. women) wonder v wonderful a wood n word n work n, v

n 37

worker n world n worry v

worse a, ad worst a, ad worth a

would v

wound v, n

write (wrote, written) v writer n

wrong a


X-ray n


yard n

year n

yellow a, n yes ad

yesterday ad yet ad

you pron

young a

your pron yours pron

yourself (pl. yourselves)


zebra n

zero num

zoo n


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