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In Britain you are allowed to drive a car when you are seventeen. You have to get a special two-year driving license before you can start. When you are learning, someone with a full license always has to be in the car with you because you aren’t allowed to drive the car on the road alone. You don’t have to go to a driving school –--- a friend can teach you. The person with you isn’t allowed to take the money for the lesson unless he’s got a teacher’s license.Before you are allowed to have a full license, you have to take a driving test. You can take a test in your own car, but it has to be fit for the road. In the test you have to drive round for about half an hour and then answer a few questions. If you don’t pass the test, you are allowed to take it again a few weeks later if you want to. In 1970 a woman passed her fortieth test after 212 driving lessons. When you’ve passed your test, you don’t have to take it again, and you are allowed to go on driving as long as you like. Britain’s oldest driver was a man who drove in 1974 at the age of 100. Before 1904 everyone was allowed to drive, even children. Then from 1904 car drivers had to have a license. But they didn’t have to take a test until 1935. On the early days of car driving, before 1878, cars weren’t allowed to go faster than four miles an hour, and someone had to lead the car with a red flag.

1. Which of the following is not necessary for a young man who wants to drive a car alone?

A. He should reach the age of 17.

B. He should get a special two-year driving license.

C. He should learn to drive in a driving school.

D. He should pass a driving test to get a full license

2. A person can‘t take money for driving lessons unless he ________.

A. has learnt to drive in a driving school.

B. has a full driving license.

C. has a full license and a teacher‘s license.

D. is given a special two-year driving license

3. In the driving test, one _____________.

A. mustn‘t drive his car, even though

the car is fit for the road.

B. is usually asked to

drive on roads for some time.

C. has to be examined only in car driving skills

D. must drive round for more than an hour

) 4. Which of the following is not true?

A. There is no limit to the age of a man who drives a car.

B. One can take a driving

test again

and again until he passes it.

C. There was

a speed limit to cars before


D. A car driver didn‘t have to get a limit license until 1935.

5. The best title for the passage is ______________.

A. Driving licenses in Britain.

B. Tests for Britain people.

C. Driving cars.

D. Young Men‘s driving licenses 答案:

C, C, B, D, A

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