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1据说在长江上正在一座新的大桥____________________another bridge is being build over the Changjiang River. 2在生活中我们怎样成功________ do we __________in life? 3今天早上我醒的很早 I ______________very early this morning 4在十八世纪二十年代,他想出这个想法 He

____________________this idea ____________ 5同学们在业余时间喜欢上网聊天 Students like to chat on the internet ____________________ 6郭晶晶被称为“跳水女皇” Guo Jingjing ____________________”the queen of diving” 7我的哥哥去年毕业于北京大学 My brother ____________________Peking university last year 8人类不同于动物Human beings______________________ animals 9海伦凯勒把她的一声献给了帮助全世界的聋哑人 Helen Keller __________________________helping the blind and deaf in the world 10 汤姆非常自私,他只关心他自己

Tom is selfish and he only ____________himself


Many people were ill _______________the cold weather

12 他的弟弟出生于2005年的夏天

His little brother __________the summer of 2005

13 他关了电视为的是让妈妈好好休息

He _______________the TV ______________his mother could have a rest 14 雷锋会被中国人民永远怀念的

Lei Feng _________________________by Chinese forever

15 每年都有许多人死于交通事故Many people _________the traffic accident every year.

16 我害怕在课堂上发言。 I am _______________________ in class. 17虽然数学很难,但他从未放弃过。

________ math is difficult, he never , ___________.

18她的父母正在自学英语Her parents are ______________________________. 19我们应该爱护动物,关爱地球。

We should ____________________ animals and ________________ the earth. 20那使我对自己很恼火。That _______ me _________________.


Do you know _______________________________________ ?

22他们把我看作是他们的家人。They __________me __________one of their family.


_________________your dream and one day they will _________________ 24你曾经去过长城吗?_________________________________


1 It;s said that 2 How succeed 3 woke up 4 come up with solved 5 in his spair time

6 is honoured with 7 graduated from 8 are different from 9 devoted herself to 10 cares for 11 because of 12 was born 13 turned off so that 14 will be missed forever 15 die from 16 afraid of talking 17 Though gives up 18 teaching themselves

19 take care of care for 20 made mad

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