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Unit 12 What’s the best radio station? Period 2

What does the cat look like?
bigger taller

The cat is

stronger heavier

than the mouse.

The first cinema
has a big screen. The second cinema has a bigger screen. The third cinema has the biggest screen.

cheap The first cinema

is cheap.

The second cinema

is cheaper.

The third cinema is the cheapest.

The first cinema has comfortable seats. The second cinema has more comfortable seats. The third cinema has the most comfortable seats.


The first cinema has friendly service.
The second cinema has friendlier service. The third cinema has the friendliest service.

The first cinema is popular.

The second cinema is more popular. The third cinema is the most popular.

3a Read silently and underline three kinds of places mentioned(被提到的)in the article .
What do young people think about places in town?We did a survey of our readers and this is what we learned. All the movie theaters are good, but the Screen City is the best in our ———————— town. It has the biggest screens and the most comfortable seats. However, Town Cinema is the cheapest, and it has the friendliest service. The most popular clothing store is Jason’s. ———————— It has the best quality clothing. It’s also the cheapest. Funky Fashions is the worst. It has really bad service. As for radio ——— stations, most people think Jazz 107.9 FM is really great. It ———— plays the most interesting music.

Read the article more slowly and fill in the chart:
The best
movie theater

Screen City

It has the biggest screens and the most comfortable seats. It has the best quality clothing and is also the cheapest. It plays the most interesting music.

clothing store
radio station


Jazz 107.9 FM

Pay attention to these useful expressions while you’re reading
1.think about 认为 2.did a survey of 做调查 3.what we learned 我们所了解到的 4.has the biggest screens 有最大的银幕 5.has the friendliest service 有最友好的服务 6.has the best quality clothing 有质量最好的衣物 7.plays the most interesting music 播放最有趣的音乐

Memory check
Say something about each place in the article. 1.Screen City 2.Jason’s 3.Jazz 107.9 FM

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

clothes store

shoe store

book shop


Best shopping guides
The group which gives the most ideas is the winner,if you’re the winners you can get a ¥ shopping ticket 50 from Datianyuan Supermarket. 给我最多主意的那一组可以得到一张50元的 大田园购物券.

Teen World Bargain House

Guessing game

Which supermarket I am not /am going to?Why not/Why?
---I think you aren’t going to …,because…

---I think you are going to …,because…

What do yo

u think of these fast food restaurants in Shangtang?

Changyun Restaurant

10 minutes on foot

Make a report
There are three fast food restaurants near our school . ..

Choose a topic and write an article according to the pictures given about the places in your town.

Topic 1

Topic 2

Welcome to Shangtang.It’s a good place to go shopping.All the supermarkets are good,but …… As for restaurants……

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