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unit4 period 3

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Unit 12 What’s the best radio station?

Task 1
? New words:


radio station


Task 2
? How do you choose what movie theater
to go to? ___ comfortable seats ___ big screens ___ friendly service ___ cheap ___ new movies ___ close to home ___ in a fun part of town ___ popular

Task 3
? Listen and match the statements with the movie
theaters. Write in the names of the theaters. Qualities It has the biggest screens. It’s the most popular. Movie Theater

Screen City
Screen City Town Cinema Town Cinema Town Cinema Movie Palace

It’s the closest to home.
It’s the cheapest. It has the friendliest service. It has the most comfortable seats

Task 4
? Make a list of real movie theaters you
know, and answer the following questions: ? What is the biggest theaters/cinema in you city/ town?. ? What is the cheapest theaters /cinema in you city/ town? ? What is the most popular theaters/ cinema in you town?

Task 5
? Make a similar dialogue and talk about
real movie theaters that you know. ? Example : A: What’s the best movie theater? B: Showtime Cinema. It’s the cheapest. A: But I think Gold Theater has the most comfortable seats.

Task 6
Listen to a reporter interviewing a boy. How does the boy answer the questions? Circle the correct letters below. 1. What is the best clothing store? a. Jeans and Things b. Trendy Teens c. Jason’s d. Funky Fashions 2. What is the best radio station? a. Easy Listening 97.9 FM b. All Talk 970 AM b. Oldies 102.1 FM d. Jazz 107.9 FM

Task 7
? Listen the tape. How does the boy describe
the clothing stores in town? Jasper’s has good quality clothes
Jeans Corner and Trendy Teens Funky Fashions are good stores has better quality than Trendy Teens are bad are the best stores stores

has worse clothes than Jasper’s

has the worst clothes in town

Task 8
Role play the conversation. Student A is the reporter, Student B is the boy. A: Hello. I’m a reporter. Can I ask you some questions? B: Sure. A: What’s the best clothing store in town? B: I think Jason’s is the best. A: Why do you think so? B: Jason’s has…

Do some exersises
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
He is sitting on a_____ (comfort) chair What’s the____ (good) shop in the town The man looked me with a _____(friend) smill on his face Jinan is _____Beijing. A. close to B. close from C, closed to D closed to It has _____ _____ _____(最舒适座位) She is a movie fan, so she often goes to the_____ A, cinema B. theater C, hospital

(1) 一般在词尾加est tall----- tallest

(2) 以字母e结尾的词, 加st late---- latest

(3) 重读闭音节只有一个辅音字母时, 先双写辅音字母,再加est big ---- biggest
(4) 以 “辅音字母+y”结尾的双音节 词,改y为i,再加est funny --- funniest

二. 部

分双音节词以及多音节词, 在词前加most outgoing---- most outgoing beautiful ---- most beautiful

三. 不规则变化
good/well --- best bad --- worst

many/ much --- most

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