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( )1. —Hello, Mike. How are you? —_____

A I’m Andy B I’m nine C Fine, thanks. D I’m tall

( ) 2. —Hi, Sally. _____ my twin sister, Sue. —Nice to meet you.

A They’re B He’s C It is D This is

( )3. —What is your father? —He’s _______.

A in the middle school B a worker C thirty-six D happy

( )4. —Hi, Jill. Are you from _____? —Yes, I am.

A America B American C English D Chinese

( )5. —Are you classmates, Peter? —______.

A Yes, I am B No, I’m not C Yes, we are D No, they aren’t

( )6. —How many _____ do these insects(昆虫) have? —Two.

A eye B ear C nose D feet

( )7. Mike is tall and slim. I sit _____ him. I can’t see the blackboard.

A behind B in front of C near D beside.

( )8. —It’s cold today, Amy. Here’s your coat(给你外套). —________

A Yes, I do B Thanks, Mum. C Here they are D That’s all right

( )9. — Your sweater is very beautiful. —_______

A No, not at all B Yes, it is. C Of course D Thank you

( )10. —Are these your books? —No, they aren’t. _____ are on the desk.

A Ours B We C our D Theirs

( )11. —My dream is to play basketball in _______

—I hope it can come true one day. A MBA B NBA C RMB D WHO

( )12. —Does Mary often ______ TV in the evening? —No, never.

A to watch B watching C watch D watches

( )13.The light is red. You ___ cross the road(过马路). You ____wait for the

green light.

A can, can B can’t, must C can, must(必须) D can’t, mustn’t(不准)

( )14. —Do you have a camera, Millie? —No, I don’t, but my cousin has ____

A it B that C one D ours.

( )15. —Is the basketball _____? —No, it’s not theirs. Theirs is green.

A Andy’s B Millie’s C Andy’s and Millie’s D Andy and Millie’s

( )16—Tomorrow is Kate’s birthday. What do you want to buy?

—I’d like ______ her a teddy bear.

A to buy B buying C buy D to buying

( )17 —In my free time, I like sitting in the sofa and enjoy ____ music.

— Me, too.


A listen B listen to C to listen D listening to

( )18 —Do you like playing computer games?

—No, I don’t. But my friend Nick_______ A does B has C likes D is ( )19 —Are there ______ reading rooms in your school? —Yes, there are. A some B any C a D an

( )20 — _____ do you walk your dog every day? —For about half an hour. A How B What time C How long D When 二.补全对话。从B栏中找出与A栏对应的答语。共10分. A B

( )1 Hello! What’s your name? A Oh, they are under the bed. ( )2 What’s it? B I like playing basketball ( )3 Hi, Jill. How are you today? C Oh, no! I’m late ( )4 Is there a swimming pool in your school?D No, I don’t ( )5 How many classes are there in the school? E Twenty

( )6 Where are my kites? F Millie

( )7 Do you have a model plane? G No, there isn’t

( )8 Hurry up, Lily. It’s 7:20 H I’m fine, thank you, Mum. ( )9 You’re happy today, Millie. I Yes, I am. It’s my birthday. ( )10 I like swimming. What about you? J It’s a photo of my family. 三.完形填空,每小题1分,共20分.

Today is Sunday. It’s Kate’s birthday. Now I’m Kate’s birthday party. Kate is in a new pink T-shirt and some food, drinks and fruit on the table. There are some flowers, too.

Kate’s friends and parents have a lot of presents for her—chocolate, hair clips, CDs, cards, some and comic books. She a big smile on her face. She feels very Everyone enjoys the party. Some interesting films. Some of sit beside the table and enjoy the nice food. Some sit on the sofa and chat with each other. At last all her friends walk to her and sing “Happy birthday” to her. Then they


四. 阅读理解,每小题2分,共30分. ( )1. On ______,Paula usually gets up at 7:10 a. m.

A. Thursdays B. Wednesdays C. weekdays D. weekends

( )2. Pizza is a kind of ______. A. drink B. fruit C. toy D. food

( )3. Paula's favorite sport is ___. A. volleyball B. table tennis C. yo-yo D. soccer

( )4. On Wednesday evenings Paula usually ______ .

A. watches TV

B. does her homework

C. washes her clothes D. goes to see her friends

( )5. Which is wrong(错误的)?

A. Paula goes to school from Monday to Friday.

B. Paula goes to bed after ten o'clock.

C. Paula has sports in the afternoon.

D. Paula usually has pizza for lunch.

6-10 根据对话内容,填写正确信息,共10分.

A: Hi, can I help you?

B: Yes, please. I want to join the art club. A: Good. May I know your name?

B: Jones Cindy..

A: How old are you? B: Twelve. A: Can you draw? B: Yes, a little. I want to learn about art. A: Do you have an e-mail address? B: Yes, it’s cindyj@qq.com.

A: Great. Thanks a lot. B: Thank you.

It’s five forty in the afternoon. It’s time to go home now. I’m in a bus. There are lots of people there because of the rain. A woman with a dog gets on the bus(上


车). It’s a big dog and its feet are not clean.

I don’t want the dog to sit near me, so I sit behind the woman. But the woman says to the driver “Oh, I pay for(付钱) my dog. Can he sit here like the other people?” The driver looks at the dog and says, “Yes, madam(夫人). But like the other people, he must not (不准)put his feet on the chair.”?

( )11 I go home by_______ on a rainy day. A bike B bus C car D ship

( )12 _______, I don’t want it to sit near me.

A The dog is ill B The dog is not clean

C The dog has no ticket D the dog is not mine

( )13 Why do the woman and the dog get on the bus?

A It is a rainy day B No one is on the bus

C The dog can sit like a people D The woman is the driver’s friend.

( )14 The meaning(意思)of the driver’s words is _______

A the dog’s feet are like the other people B the dog must like a man

C the dog must not sit on the chair D the dog can sit here.

( )15 What is the Chinese for “pay for”? A 让座 B 付钱 C弄干净 D喜欢


1 They have two music lessons every week.(改为否定句)

They ______ _______ two music lessons every week. 对划线部分提问) _______ do you often ________ basketball matches in the evening? 对划线部分提问) _____ _______ Jim feel today? 4 This is an English book.(改为复数句子) ________ are English ___________. 5 They have some nice cards and hair clips.(改为一般疑问句)

_________ they have ________ nice cards and hair clips?

六.根据首字母或汉语提示,完成单词的拼写. 每小题1分,共10分。 1 — Why do you want to go s___________?

— Tomorrow is Mary’s birthday. I want to buy her a present.

2 We usually sit at the table chatting after __________(晚饭)

3 —Does Mike play computer games too _______ at the weekend(太多)? —No, he doesn’t

4 —Do you get up at six thirty? —No, I don’t. I get up at six ________(五十) 5 She does some reading in the__________(图书馆)on Saturday.

6 —You can’t cross the road. —W_____ not? —A bus is coming.

7--Do you_________(锻炼)every day? ---Yes, in the evening.

8 The reading room is open b ________ 6:30 and 8:30 in the evening.

9 I love playing basketball. I think playing basketball is f___________.

10 — What do you do in your f_______ time? — Walk dog near the lake.


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