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Module 7 Time off U2 Lingling's uncle told us not to worry.

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Module 7 Time off Unit 2 Lingling’s uncle told us not to worry. be famous for(p1,l3) shape(p1,l4) look like(p1,l4) as if(p2,l1) wake up(p2,l1) 【教学目标】

1. 掌握以下词汇和短语:rock, soldier, area, wake(woke, waken), tent, view, top, path, plant, pull, wake up, as if, pull off, hope for 2. 能读懂并介绍旅游景点和旅游经历;培养理解主旨和获取细节信息的能力。

3. 增强环保意识,培养对祖国大好河山的热爱。 【课前预习】

1. 查阅资料,简要了解武陵源风景区 2. 学生领读单词 【课内探究】

Step 1: Lead- in Show some pictures about Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area. Step 2: Reading 1. Skimming(略读): Para 1: A. A special experience at night. Para 2. B. Descriptions of Wulingyuan. Para 3. C. The story of their climbing Mount Tianzi. 2. Detail reading(细读): (1)Read the first paragraph and fill in the table.

(2)Read the second paragraph and answer: ①Where did they camp?

②Who made the noise?

(3) Read the third paragraph and answer: ①Did they have a wonderful view from the top?

② What did Sally do when they went back to their tent?

Step 3: Guess the meanings time off(p1,l1) square(p1,l3) magic(p1,l3) protect(p3,l6) hope for(p3,l2) pull…off(p3,l4) the second largest(p4) 用以上短语的适当形式填空 1. It looks ___________ it is going to rain. 2. The big rock in the park ___________ a camel. 3. Shanghai is ___________ city in China. 4. It’s nine o’clock Jack, please ___________ your sister. 5. Don’t _______ the paper ______ my notebook. 6. The students ___________ good weather this weekend so they will have a picnic. 7. I will have some ___________ next week. Step 4: Read again and try to retell their experiences Last night we _______ by a small lake. During the night, I heard a noise, _____ someone was laughing. I _______ Lingling and her uncle. He told me not to _____.And at last, we found that it was a monkey. This morning we _____________ up Mount Tianzi. From the top we __________ a wonderful view but we failed. Then we went back, and I ______ a leaf _____ a plant. Lingling’s uncle told me not to ____ it because it was __________. Tomorrow we will go to ______________ fresh water lake in China. Step 5: Group work(根据提示写小作文) Step 6: Summary 【课后提升】 1. 复习本课接触的单词及短语 2. 书面整理“Group work”中的短文 3. 寻找本课中的语言知识以备下节课学习讲解

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