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(分数:120分 时间:90分钟)

姓名 得分 一、单项选择。(20分)

( )1. He is happy that he _____in a tall apartment next year.

A. live B. lives C. will live D. will living ( )2. —Will there be more people in 100 years, do you think?

—____, I hope.

A. No, there isn?t B. No, there aren?t C. No, there won?t D. No, they won?t.

( )3. I hope I have _____free time. I don?t like to keep busy.

A. more B. less C. many D. much ( )4. —Do you like the city life or the country life?

—It?s hard to say. In the city there is _____interesting, but in the country there is _____ pollution.

A. less; more B. more; less C. more; fewer D. much; much ( )5. My life will be _____better than it is now.

A. a lot B. a lot of C. a few D. more ( )6. I _____rockets to the moon when I grow up.

A. will put B. will fly C. will take D. will be fly ( )7. If there are _____trees, the air in our city will be ___ cleaner.

A. less; more B. more; more C. more; much D. much; more ( )8. I predict he will be an engineer _____ten years because he is

so interested in making things.

A. in B. after C. later D. for

( reading novels.

A. don?t take; on B. not to take; in C. not to spend; in D. don?t to spend; on ( )10. It ____ that everyone ______ to laugh.

A. seems; loves B. seem; love C. seems; love D. seem; loves ( will people have robots in their houses? ---In about 100 years.

A. How far B. How long C. How often D. How soon. ( )12. In ten years, John _______an astronaut.

A. is B. will be C. was D. will ( finish your homework this evening?

A. can B. may C . be able to D. are able to ( )14. There is___ bread but___ cakes on the plate. Please have one.

A. a little; a few B. few; a little C. few; a few D. little; a few

( )15. In the future, Kids won?t go to school. They will study ___

home ____ computers.

A. in, in B. at, on C. at , by D. at; from ( )16. Do you think ____ a football match tomorrow?

A. there will be B. will there be C. there will have D. there are going to be

( )17. ___ a basketball player he wants to be a person ___Yao Ming. A. Like, like B. As, as C. As, like D. Like, as

( )18. — Will people live to be 300 years old? —________.

A. No, they aren?t B. No, they won?t C. No, they don?t D. No, they can?t

( )19. This coat doesn?t fit him well, as he has ____ a huge body

and the coat is ___ small.

A. so; such B. so; so C. such; such D. such; so

( )20. —How many birds can you see in the trees?

—I can see _____ birds in them.

A. hundreds of B. five hundreds C. hundred of D. five hundreds of 三、阅读理解。(20分)


A kind of little cars may some day take the place of today?s cars. If everyone drives such cars in the future,there will be less pollution in the car. There will also be more space for parking cars in cities,and the streets will be less crowded(拥挤的). Three such cars can fit in the space now needed for one car of the usual size.

The little cars will cost much less to own and to drive. Driving will be safer, too, as these little cars can go only 65 kilometers an hour. The cars of the future will be fine for getting around a city, but they will not be useful for long trips. Little cars will go 450 kilometers before needing to stop for more gasoline(汽油).

If big cars are still used along with the small ones, two kinds of roads will be needed in the future. Some roads will be used for the big, fast cars and other roads will be needed for the slower(慢的), small ones.

( )41.There is much pollution in the car today because________.

A. people drive big cars B. people drive little cars C. the cars go 65 kilometers an hour

D. the cars can go 450 kilometers an hour

( that of future cars.

A. much smaller than B. much the same as C. three times as large as D. a little larger than ( )43. We can learn from the passage that________.

A. big cars cost less to own and to drive B. big cars are not useful for long trips

C. the cars of the future will be much smaller than today?s cars D. small cars are faster than big ones

( )44. The street will be less crowded because______.

A. there will be fewer cars in the future

B. there will be fewer passengers in the street C. driving future cars will be safe D. future cars will be much smaller

( )45.Two kinds of roads may be needed in the future because____.

A. there will be too many cars in the future

B. more and more people will get around a city

C. big cars and little cars may be used along with each other D. it looks more beautiful to have two sets of roads


Are you able to send a letter with pictures and sounds to someone somewhere in the world without a stamp on it? Using a computer you can send e-mails quickly and easily. The post is much slower than e-mail. E-mail can send its message to the other side of the world in seconds.

E-mail is easy to use and it saves time and money. The differences in time in different parts of the world do not matter when sending e-mail. It?s twenty-four-hour service that you can send e-mail at any time of the day or night. No one has to be there to get e-mail. It does not matter if your friends are in beds when you send e-mail to them, or you are seeing a movie at the movie theater when they send e-mail back.

( )46.We can use a to send e-mail.

A. robot B. video C. computer D. letter ( )47. E-mail is the post.

A. faster than B. as fast as C. much slower than D. not so fast as

( )48.It takes to send e-mail to the other side of the world. A. minutes B. seconds C. seven days D. hours ( A. in the daytime B. at night

C. on weekends D. of the day or night

( A. You can?t B. You must C. You can D. You shouldn?t 四、用所给动词的恰当形式填空。(20分) A. 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。

51. There ___________(not) be any paper books. Everyone will have books on computers.

52. We all want _____________(predict) the future of ourselves. 53. Where do you think Sally __________ (work) ten years from now? 54.The pilot ____________(fly) to New York two days ago, and he ?ll be back soon.

55. ________________(be) you at school yesterday evening? We had an exciting party.

56. Look at those clouds. It ___________ (rain), I think. 57.--- Where is Mr. Lu?

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---I?m not sure. __________ he __________ (write) in his office? 58.Could you please ___________ (buy) some snacks for me? 59.When I grow up, I _______________ (be) a famous pilot. 60.My friend Liz often___________(wash) her clothes on Wednesday. B. 按要求改写下列句子,每空一词。

61. They clean the classroom every day. (用tomorrow代替every day)

They _________ _________ the classroom tomorrow. 62. Will the flowers come out soon? (作肯定回答) _________, _________ _________. 63. We?ll go out for a walk with you. (改为否定句)

We _________ _________ out for a walk with you. 64. Nanjing will have a fine day. (改为一般疑问句)

_________ Nanjing _________ a fine day?


_________ _________ the students _________? 五、词汇。(10分)


不同意) with you. I think robots will not look like humans .

(污染)is harmful(伤害) to all the living things. 68. If I have lots of money, I?for my parents.

69. It?s i for me to be there before eight o?clock. (跌倒) off his bike yesterday, he hurt his legs.


你们班下周将召开一次班会,主题是“21世纪的生活”。请你写一份发言稿。 提示:

1. 人口迅速增长

2. 工作时间缩短,娱乐和旅游时间将更充裕 3. 机器人做工,很多人面临失业 要求:

1. 短文须包括所有提示内容,可适当发挥。 2. 不少于80词。

Life in the 21st Century

Life in the 21st century will be different from life in the 20th century, because changes… 八上英语单元检测题Unit7



1—5 CCABA 6—10 BCACA 11—15 DBCDB 16—20 ACBDA


41—45 ACCDC 46—50 CABDC


A. 用括号内所给动词的适当形式填空。

51. won?t 52. to predict 53. will work

54. flew 55. Were 56. will rain 57. Is, writing 58. buy 59. will be 60. washes

B. 按要求改写下列句子,每空一词。

61. will clean 62. Yes, they will 63. won?t go 64. Will, have 65. Where will work



66. disagree 67. pollution 68. apartment 69. impossible 70. fell


你们班下周将召开一次班会,主题是“21世纪的生活”。请你写一份发言稿。 提示:

1. 人口迅速增长

2. 工作时间缩短,娱乐和旅游时间将更充裕 3. 机器人做工,很多人面临失业 要求:

1. 短文须包括所有提示内容,可适当发挥。 2. 不少于80词。

Life in the 21st Century

Life in the 21st century will be different from life in the 20th century, because changes… 六、书面表达

Students? life in 50 years

I think the students? life in 50 years will be quite different from ours today. They won?t go to school to have classes. They will stay at home to study on computers. They will ask their teachers or classmates for help by chatting on the Internet. They won?t use paper, pens or exercise books. They will go to school to do sports together. For

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备课大师网------语、数、外、理、化:在线备课,全站免费!无需注册,天天更新! example, they will go to school to play ball games. I don?t like that

kind of life. I like to meet my teachers and classmates every day

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