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1. --- Do you mind lending me some money?

--- _______. Here is one hundred yuan.

A. Never mind B. With pleasure C. Of course not. D. Yes, I do.

2. --- Do you often go to the cinema?

--- No, I often watch movies on TV. But _____ I go to the cinema with my friends.

A. sometime B. some time C. sometimes D. some times

3. This program is not suitable ____ children.

A. to B. for C. with D. from

4. --- I don’t think waste water should be put into the rivers or lakes.

--- ____ It will cause much water pollution.

A. Good luck. B. All right. C. I agree with you. D. The same to you.

5. When we speak to people, we should be ______.

A. as polite as possible B. as politely as possible C. as polite as possibly D. as politely as possibly

6. This is ____ interesting book and it is also _____ useful one.

A. an; an B. an; the C. an; a D. a; a

7. --- Is Li Ming in the classroom?

---- No, he ____ here. I saw him in the reading room just now.

A. can’t be B. mustn’t be C. needn’t be D. is

8. ---Who sings best in your class?

--- Mary _____.

A. does B. will C. is D. do

9. --- ____ will you finish your homework, Linda?

--- In an hour.

A. How often B. when C. How soon D. How long

10. Look at the signs. _____ means that this way is for a disabled person to go through.

A. B. C. D.

11. --- What would you like to drink?

--- It doesn’t matter. ___ will do.

A. Nothing B. None C. Something D. Anything

12. Red represents power ____ it is also the colour of heat and strong feelings.

A. so B. or C. but D. and

13. --- What about playing football this afternoon,Sam?

--- I would rather ____ at home than ____ football. It’s too hot outside.

A. stay; playing B. stay; play C. to stay; to play D. to stay; playing

14. Can you tell me ____?

A. what happened to him B. what did he happen C. what did he happen to D. what he happened

15. --- Could I speak to Mrs Black, please?

--- Sorry, she ____ to the library.


A. is going B. has gone C. has been D. will go

二. 完形填空(1’*15=15’)

You may think there is only sand in the desert(沙漠) f the world, but it is not true. In the desert, as we know, there is a little __16__ and it is not _17__ for most plants. Still we can see some plants live in the desert.

There is _18__ in some places in the deserts. We _19_ these places oases(绿洲). In the oases, there are villages and towns. People grow _20__ kinds of vegetables and rice in the fields there. People __21_ live outside the oases. They have camels(骆驼) , sheep and other animals. These animals live __22_ the deserts plants for their food and do not need any water. The __23_ are useful to the desert people in many ways. They eat the __24_ and drink the milk of the animals. They _25__ the camels for carrying water, food , and __26__.

The people of the desert have to keep __27__ from place to place. They must always look __28__ grass or desert plants for their animals. When there __29__ no more food for their animals, they move to another place. The desert people are __30__ . every one in the desert likes to help the people in trouble and give them food and water.

16. A. rain B. rains C. wind D. winds

17. A. good B.good enough C. enough good D. enough

18. A. earth B.plants C. wood D. water

19. A.say B.call C. tell D. find

20. A.every B.all C. a D. one

21. A. also B.too C. either D. still

22. A.on B.with C. of D. by

23. A.water B.plants C. animals D. food

24. A. meal B.meat C. body D. food

25. A. let B.make C. drive D. use

26. A.other something B. something other C. else something D. something else

27. A.Walking B.carrying C. moving D. going

28. A.up B.for C. after D. at

29. A.is B.are C. have D. has

30. A. carefully B.careful C. friendly D. friend



How much do you want to pay for a CD by yur favourite singer Jay Chou? Five yuan for a pirated(盗版的) one, or more for a real one?

Wang Ye,14, said she would like the real one although the pirated one is cheaper. “A real one is worth keeping for years.” Said the girl from No. 1 Middle School in Wu Han. “Rea CDs always sound better to me”.

What can we do

People want to do more to help those like Wang to get real CDs.

This week the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI, 国际唱片产业协会) asked many countries to act against piracy(盗版行为).

In many places in Chin, the government is checking audio and video products(音响产品)Pirated ones are broken into pieces.


Piracy is in your daily life. Don’t believe it? A study by 21st Century Teens found that more than 75 percent of juniors had listened to pirated music. They say this is because pirated products are usually much cheaper than the real ones.

Why are real CDs so expensive? When a music company makes music, it needs to pay the song writers and singers. It costs a lot of money! This makes the price of the CDs go up. Piracy like stealing. People wo make pirated copies of CDs take away the writers’ and singers’ work without paying them. Them even don’t ask them if they can.

So next time you’d better keep your eyes brightened when you see cheap CDs. Remember you’re helping someone to do something wrong if you buy them.

How do we know what’s real:

Already made up your mind to buy real ones? Well, you should get to know what real CDs look like.

A real CD has the mane and trademark(商标) of the music company on the cover(封面). The company’s address, telephone number and fax number are on it.

If you open the CD box you’ll see the singer’s name and the album title. most important of all, a real CD has a number of from the IFPI on it.

But eople who make pirated CDs only need the real CD and disks to copy them. That’s why some CDs are only five yuan, but real CDs sell for 150 yuan.

31. Real CDs are more expensive because _____.

A. it takes longer to make them B. more people are need to make them C. a lot of money is paid to singers and writers D. better ways are used to make them

32. Buying pirated CDs is just like _____.

A. stealing B. robbing C. helping someone to do something wrong D. helping someone

33. From the passage we ge to know that some pirated audio and products are _____

A. moved away B. destroyed C. broken D. made smaller

34. Which of the following is not true?

A. A real CD has the album title B. piracy is like stealing. C. piracy is in our daily life.

D. We should learn to save money and buy pirated Cds.


“No man is an island” is a well-known line from John Donne’s Devotion. It was written Without other people, life will become empty and sad. We all need to have friends.

For some of us, although making friends is not easy, feeling shy, we may not want to make the first move. It is also difficult at times to keep the friends we already have.

There are many books about friendship, but Dale Carnegie’s how to win friends and Influence people. Written in 1936, is the most famous. This “ how to” book about getting along with other people became a best seller. It was later put into 28 languages.

Dale Carnegie’s advice seems to be simple, but can his advice help you? Do you need to change the way you act? Here is the list of advice from his book:

Be friendly and polite.

Always greet with a smile. Begin with “Excuse me” or “would you please” when you want to ask somebody. Remember to say “thank you” and try to be as helpful as you can. 3

Go out of your way to be nice.

Find some time to do special things for other people. Making some soup for a sick neighbour may seem like a little thing to you, but it will make your neighbour feel a lot better.

Remember names.

They say that the sweets music to a person’s ears is the sound of his or her own name. Be open-minded.

Try to understand other people’s ways and ideas and learn something from them.

Listen patiently.

When someone is talking to you, look at him or her, listen carefully and say something when necessary. Means “____”.

A. No one can live a hard life. B. No one can live without difficulty. C. No one can live alone. D. No one can live on an island.

36. The best title for the passage should be ______.

A. How to Make Friends B. A Famous Book C. Friendship First D. John Donne and Dale Carnegie

37. We can learn from the passage that _____.

A. John Donne learned something from Dale Carnegie B. Friends are always friends

C. Few people bought Carnegie’s book D. The writer of this passage agrees with John Donne and Dale Carnegie

Mobile phone has become a problem for middle schools.Some middle schools in Australia have banned(禁止)students from carrying mobile phones during school hours.

Mobile phone use among children has become a problem for the school this year. Several children have got mobile phones as Christmas gifts.Teachers said mobile Phone use as a distraction(娱乐)to students during school hours and it also gives teachers much trouble in their classrooms.Teachers were also saying that sometimes students might use .

She said some schools had tried to ban mobile phones.Some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t get in touch with(与……联系)their children.

Many teachers said students should not have mobile phones at school,but if there was a good reason,they could leave their phones at school office.They also said there were many reasons why the students should not have mobile phones at school:they were easy to 1ose and were a distraction from studies.

Many people say that they understand why parents would want their children have phones,but they think schools should let the students know when they can use their mobile phones.

38.Some middle schools in Australia have banned students from carrying mobile phones ________.

A.because they are students B.when they are free

C.when they are at school D.because they are children

39.We know from the passage that some children get mobile phones from________

A. makers and sellers B.the passers-by and strange。

C.their parents and friends D.some mobile phones users


40. What does the underlined word cheat mean in the passage ? ________ .

A.聊天 B.核对 C. 查询 D. 作弊

41.Some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t ________during school hours.

A.use their mobile phones

B.1eave their mobile phones at school office

D.help the teachers with their work

D.get in touch with their children

42.The passage tells us that________.

A.students shouldn’t have mobile phones at school except for some special reasons

B.it is impossible to ban students from using mobile phones at school

C.some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t use their Phones at schoo1

D.parents should teach their children how to use mobile phones during school hours


四. 词汇(1’*16=16’)

A) 选用方框内的单词或词组填空,其中有一个单词或词组是多余的。(5’)

stressed out development attention fall asleep

happily traditional

43.There came a cry for help from the river, and it attracted my ______.

44. It's not easy for Linda to _____ at night.

45. Jim failed in the test because he was ____at the weekend.

46. Chinese___ medicine should be developed all over the world.

47. Rose won the first prize in the singing competition. So she went home ______.


48. Many Chinese have trouble using a knife and fork ____(correct).

49. They will lose ____ (they) if they go down the path.

50. Are you satisfied with these _____ (dancer) performances in the opera?

51. When you feel tired, you’d better wear ____ (energy) colour, such as green.

52.Don’t get ____ (patient) about your personal trouble.

C) 用括号内所给动词的正确形式填空,使短文/对话完整、通顺。(6’)

“Thank you” is widely (use) in a modern society. It is a very good manner.

You should say “Thank you” whenever others help you or say

something kind to you. For example: when someone (open) the door for you, a nice shirt, or your city is very beautiful, you should say “Thank you”. “Thank you” is

used not only between friends, but also between parents and children, brothers and sisters,

husbands and wives.

“Excuse me” is another short polite usage. We use it as the same as “Thank you”.

When you hear someone __56__(say) so behind you, you’d got to know that somebody

wants to walk past you without _57__ (touch) you. It is not polite to

interrupt (打断) others while they are ___58__(talk). If you want to have a word with one

of them, please say “Excuse me” first, and then begin to talk. You should also do so when

you want to cough or make any unpleasant noise before others. Let’s say “Thank you” and

“Excuse me” on the right occasion.


五. 任务型阅读(20’)

A) 阅读填词(1’*10=10’)

Did you sleep the day away on March 21st? well, you should have done because it was World Sleeping Day. This is the day of the year when people around the world care about their sleep anf ask themselves a lot of questions about sleep.

Why do you need sleep? Nobody can five a perfect answer to this question. However, tests have shown that lack(缺少) of sleep over about four weeks leads to a strong drop in body temperature, great weight loss and finally, sickness.

Different people need different amounts(数量)of sleep. Eight hours o night is considered the average(平均的) amount of sleep. For teenagers, the least number of sleeping hours advised by doctors are,ten hours for primary school students, nine for junior highs and eight for senior highs. Some people seem to get along just fine with little sleep at night, but some people need more sleep.

Here are some of the most useful suggestions for good night’s sleep:

Go to bed regularly.

Use your bed only to sleep.

Don’t exercise in the evening.

Keep the bedroom dark and quiet.

Drink a glass of milk before sleep.

Hi, dear boys and girls! Do you know how to be a healthy kid?

First, eat different foods, especially fruit and vegetables. if you eat different foods, you’ll probably get more nutrients (营养物质) your body needs.

Second, drink water and milk as often as possible. When you’re really thirsty, cold water is the No. 1 choice. Milk is a great drink that can give you more calcium(钙) your body needs to grow strong bones.

Third, listen to your body. How do you feel when you are full. (B) 且感觉不舒服。

Fourth, limit(限制) screen time. Screen time is the time you watch TV, DVDs and videos, or using computers. It is good to take more exercise such as basketball, bike riding and 6

swimming. You can’t watch TV for more than two hours a day.

Fifth, be active. One thing you’d like to do is to find out which activity you like best. Find ways to be active every day.

Follow these rules and you can be a healthy kid.

69. If you are really thirsty, what is your best choice?


70. How many rules should you follow if you want to be healthy?


71. 将短文中A处划线部分译成汉语。




73. 请给短文拟一个适当的标题。



为了交流学习经验, 提高学习效率,你们学校正在举办以”How to be a good learner?”


1. 必须用上所有的内容提示,书写规范;

2. 词数80左右,已给出的句子不计入总词数。

How to be a good learner?

As a good learner, we should _________________________




一. 1-5 CCBCA 6-10 CAACB 11-15 DDBAB

二. 16-20 ADDBB 21-25 AACBD 26-30 DCBAC

三. 31-35 CCBDC 36-40 A DCCD 41-42DA

四. 43. attention 44.fall asleep 45. stressed out 46 .traditional 47.happily 48. correctly

49. themselves 50. dancers’ 51. energetic 52. impatient 53. used 54. opens 55.have bought 56. say 57. touching

58. talking



59.answer 60. sickness 61. much 62. different 63. sleeping 64. two 65. How 66. regular 67.Exercising 68. help


69. cold water 70. Five 71. 你可能有最喜爱的食物, 但你最好吃些不同的食物。

72. Eating too much can make you fat and feel uncomfortable. 73. How to be a healthy kids?




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