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深圳新版八年级英语chapter 7 memory

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1. Can you tell me how____________ (improve) my memory?

2. She ____________ (lose) her pen and had to buy a new one.

3. The film is wonderful. It is worth____________ (watch) twice.

4. How many ____________ (letter) are there in the long sentence?

5. Lily is very young and she has trouble ____________ (spell) the word.

6. Which joke is_____________ (silly), you or Tina?

7. Don’t be late again unless you (be) ill.

8. He was able to get A+ by (practice) hard.

9. Don’t worry. I will do it (good).

10. It’s good (do) morning exercise.

11. How was your (one) day at school?

12. Lily wants (play) chess with his father.

13. One basic way of _____________(improve) your memory is to use the link method.

14. Did Sally m_____________ her recent trip to Thailand to you? She has told many people about it.

15. I can’t remember the s_____________ of the word “experiment”. Can you spell it to me again?

16. How many s____________ do I need to follow to complete the task?

17. Simon’s office is about 4.5 m_____________ away from home, so he gets there by bus.

18. You will miss the early bus u____________ you start right now.

19. The link m______________ is a good way to remember new words.

20. All kinds of thoughts are running through my m_____________.

21. Water (turn) into ice if you cool it.

22. If the picture in your mind is silly, strange and _____________(color), you will remember it better. 选择题

1. --- What do you think of him?

--- I think he isn’t worth friends with.

A. to make B. making C. make D. made

2. --- you don’t get up now, you will be late for school.

--- All right, Mum.

A. If B. Unless C. Because D. Since

3. --- What is your plan?

--- My plan is these words.

A. to recite B. recite C. reciting D. having recited 1

4. My grandmother used to have a good and she could

A. memorize, remember B. memory, mind C. mind, remember D. memory, memorize

5. A. for example B. such as C. like D. but

6. --- Miss Chen, I have trouble the text.

--- Remember it three times at least.

A. to understand; reading B. understanding; reading

C. understanding; to read D. to understand; read

7. --- Do you know if she to visit us?

--- I think she will come if she free tomorrow.

A. comes, is B. will come, is C. comes, will be D. will come, will be

8. --- Could you help me this math problem? --- Let me see.

A. work out B. get out C. take out D. put out

9. You will not remember the facts you understand them well.

A. if B. unless C. if not D. because

10. He can’t see the words on the board unless he his glasses.

A. wear B. wears C. doesn’t wear D. to wear

11. I sleep with the window open it’s really cold.

A. if B. if not C. unless D. until

12. I shall telephone the police and complain about it the noise .

A. if, stops B. unless, stops C. if not, stops D. unless, stop

13. ---I want to know if you__________ to the party tomorrow. ---I will if I__________ free.

A. will come; am B. come; am C. will come; will be D. come; will be

14. There is going to__________ a sports meeting next week. If it ___________, we’ll have to cancel it..

A. be; will rain B. have; will rain C. be; rains D. give; is going to rain

15. If our government ________attention to controlling food safety now, our health ________in danger.

A. won’t pay, is B. doesn’t pay, is C. won’t pay, will be D. doesn’t pay, will be

16. __________ three years since I left school. Now I miss my classmate very much.

A. It was B. It have been C. It is D. It had been

17. English teachers often encourage the students _______ English aloud.

A. read B. reading C. to read D. readed

18. - ______he ever ______abroad ? -No, never.

A. Did, go


B. Is, been C. Has, been D. Has, gone

19. How long may I ______ the history books?

A. keep B. lend C. borrow D. return

20. She______ an English teacher.

A. uses to B. used to C. use to be D. used to be

21. Can you ______who has lost the watch?

A. look for B. look up C. find D. find out

22. When he saw a ticket on the ground, he stopped ____.

A. to pick it up B. pick it up C. to pick up it D. pick up it

23. Tom ______ there for 10 months since he ______ back to his hometown.

A. has lived, gets B. has lived, got C. lived, go D. lived, has got

24. ______ is one of the water sports.

A. Water-ski B. Water-skiing C. Water-sking D. Watering-skiing

25. Look! Mrs. Green is talking ____the students of Class I on the ground.

A. among



People play different games in winter and summer.is good for swimming. And in winter people often go skating. Some sports are very and people everywhere like them. For example, football is very popular. In China, most people, men, boys and girls, like to watch football games. They often talk about themand jumping began long, long ago. But basketball and volleyball are rather new sports or games all the time. Water skiing is one of . People different countries may not be able to understand each other, but after a game they often become friends.

( )1. A. health B. busy C. healthy D. lazy

( )2. A. long B. longer C. happy D. happily

( )3. A. Winter B. Summer C. Autumn D. Spring

( )4. A. boring B. difficult C. expensive D. interesting

( )5. A. woman B. women C. old D. young

( )6. A. Run B. Runs C. Running D. To run

( )7. A. new B. interesting C. popular D. old

( )8. A. start B. play C. playing D. starting

( )9. A. oldest B. newest C. the oldest D. the newest


B. in the middle of C. between D. at

( )10. A. in B. of C. from D. at


Yao Ming was born in China in 1980. In his last season with the Shanghai Sharks, he scored 32.4 points per game. Now the big man from China is helping the Houston Rockets in the NBA. He is the son of two great basketball players and learnt how to play basketball when he was young. Now, as one of the stars in the NBA, he is working hard to make his dream come true and show the world that Chinese basketball players love this game, too!

Pele was a football player that everyone knew. He was born in Brazil in 1940. He started playing for Santos when he was only 16 and he didn’t retire(退役)until 1977. He played for Brazil 111 times and he scored 97 international goals. Pele came from a poor family. He started playing football in the street, like many people around the world do. He was soon picked to play for Santos and quickly became an international person.

Steffi Graf was born in Germany in 1969. She won the tennis semi-final(半决赛)at Wimbledon in 1985 when she was only 16,but she lost the final to another great tennis player, Martina Navratilova. People were surprised by the strength and power of her game. She soon became a famous tennis player and she has won most of the main matches several times.

1.In the passage, A.Pele B.Yao Ming C.Steffi Graf D.Martina Navratilova

2.Comes from the South America and is very famous all over the world.

A.Pele B.Yao Ming C.Steffi Graf D.No one

3.In which year did Pele start playing for Santos?

A.In 1940. B.In 1956. C.In 1969. D.In 1977


A.Steffi Graf was born at Wimbledon in 1985

B.Steffi Graf won the tennis final when she was only 16

C.Martina Navratilova was also a tennis player

D.Steffi Graf has won few of the main matches since 1985

5.Which of the following is NOT true?

A.Yao Ming is on the Houston Rockets now.

B.Pele became famous soon after he was picked to play for Santos.

C.Steffi Graf was a famous tennis player.

D.Martina Navratilova lost the tennis final at Wimbledon in 1985.


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